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  1. Not read the whole thread so not sure if already mentioned., but boxing the combi isn't good, the air is sucked in from the bottom exits from the top sides and they are now basically covered and will reduce performance and maybe lifetime of the device. I'm also guessing the Outback will suffer as well.
  2. You need to double your voltage settings for the Victron settings that you stated as you are reading the Trojan 6v figures where you are 12v.
  3. But I presume you agree with the limited time on visitor moorings as they do make sense in busy areas. So how would you suggest CRT deal with the over stayers for the boaters that are not playing fair?
  4. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    Would you go sterling or peltier tho next time?
  5. What powers has it given it self that you don’t a actually agree with?
  6. Do you actually think it is OK for a minority of boaters to take the piss even tho they may legal be able to do so? Would you accept that in other areas of your life?
  7. New batteries - problem

    Relion do 24v batteries by the looks of it... http://batterystore.co.uk/relion-lithium-rb24v100.html.
  8. You get put on the naughty step. If you are on the naughty step a lot they look to expel you.
  9. New batteries - problem

    Depends.. here is Relions charging guide.. You can parallel, I think it’s series that’s the issue. I’m planning on two 200ah Relions. BMS, the likes of Victron have external BMS systems. If you have the Victron charging equipment it prob better going down that line.
  10. New batteries - problem

    Quick and rough figures. Usually lithium is around £100 per 10ah, so a 200ah battery is around £2000. 3 leisure battery’s is roughly around £200 and roughly around 300 cycles. The lithiums would be around 4000 cycles. The lithiums come into there own when charging as they are more efficient and can except the bulk charge to around 98% charge. They also don’t suffer if you don’t charge them which is prob the biggest issue for us off-grid boaters. The drop in replacement batteries have BMS in them so you can’t overcharge or over discharge them so you can use 100% of the rated capacity.
  11. New batteries - problem

    I think you’ll be fooling yourself if you think they will be 1/10th the cost. The Lithium in the battery is only roughly 40% the cost of the battery itself.
  12. New batteries - problem

    What would you like me to compare it too?
  13. New batteries - problem

    LiCoO2, they were the only type available at the time. They provide their own oxygen that’s why they are hard to put out.
  14. New batteries - problem

    Tesla use LiCoO2 batteries. You would use LiFiPO4 batteries in boats which are one of the safest lithium batteries you can get even when misused.
  15. Induction hobs

    Heating anything using electric will require a generator of some sort if off-grid. Microwave’s are prob the exception if you have a decent charging regime.