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  1. Engine won't start!

    But you are going through a connected starter battery to do it, the bulk of the amps is still via the starter battery.
  2. Life jackets or buoyancy aids

    And one with a crotch strap (or two) as well. Ones without just “ride up” when you need it!
  3. Life jackets or buoyancy aids

    Buoyancy aids are for water sports where you are more likely to end up in the water. Life jackets are for when you should not be in the water but may be. A life jacket is designed to safe your life even if unconscious by keeping your head out of the water, buoyancy aids just help you keep afloat.
  4. Removing Ballast

    A mini circular saw and multi tool would make short work to make bigger hatches. my guess is that you will need to remove as much ballast as the new baseplate weighs if you want to keep the same draft.
  5. Gas Locker Lock

    You could just chain the bottles if need be.
  6. 57feet ?

    Here’s the full list from CRT, That site you linked to is IWA which is incorrect. . https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf
  7. Aluminium ion batteries are chargeable tho and could have 4 times the capacity of lithium and a very high cycle count. Wonder why these haven’t been the future lithium killer as they sound a lot better than sodium which suffers in the cycle count area.
  8. Abnormal data usage

    One of the reasons I like the password padding is that I can use a simple word that’s related to the site so each site is different and I’ve no need to write them down or keep them in a password wallet.
  9. Abnormal data usage

    The podcast that the guy does that runs the site is where I got the password padding bit from.
  10. Abnormal data usage

    Not quite as easy, as there are only a fine amount of characters, where there is quite a lot more words to use.
  11. They have been saying sodium would be the next battery technology for years (and it’s prob been investigated for battery use since lithium as well), but I think we are still a long way off before anything comes to market. I think lithium still has a long future, and if your waiting for the “next big thing” before getting some batteries, you will always be waiting.
  12. Abnormal data usage

    I agree, using common words even if they make no sense strung together is like using 1 character per word. However if you use password padding any word can be used. And you can just write the word down and remember the padding. So let’s say my padding is 12dots............ and my password for this site could be canalworld followed by my padding, so my full password would be canalworld12dots............, this makes it easy to remember but very hard to crack.
  13. Engine won't start!

    Crocodile clips won’t really give you a good contact for the amount of amps needed to start the engine, and the cable in jump leads are thinner than thin. Reason why I suggested above that a quick test is to use proper cables directly to/from the battery.
  14. I think it will be a lot more than two years before sodium batteries become available on mass, more like 5-10 years.
  15. Apparently the cost of lithium batteries may drop next year due to more competition. They are already pretty comparable on overall price with semi traction batteries like Trojans. I agree tho they are the best technology batteries (so far) for off-grid use. Wouldn’t recommend them for someone on shore power a lot tho.