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  1. Installing an inverter

    Not with a insulating spanner tho.
  2. Porthole holders

    As previously mentioned get yourself a screw extraction kit. They basically work as they have a reverse thread that tries to drill in to the screw head as you remove it.
  3. inbuilt marine generators

    If all you are after is to charge batteries then there is a couple of options. The whispergen (the Stirling engine one from New Zealand that’s sadly no longer in production). The other option is the Efoy fuel cell, but running costs are high.
  4. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    You’ll find the eyelets are too small. Most batteries and bolts are 8mm. 10mm2 cable is really too thin as well in most cases.
  5. inbuilt marine generators

    Prob due to bad battery management/monitoring. I run mine from around 6pm-7pm weekdays roughly every 3rd day with a good 5hrs run on a weekend day. Not really in at other times but I try to run when I can use more load on the genny. (ie. when using power tools at the weekend for refitting the boat, etc.).
  6. inbuilt marine generators

    You will struggle to hear my genny from around 4 meters away from the exhaust. It's a wet exhaust which gets split before the outlet so the water outlet is under water level. Fumes is a different matter ofcourse so having the exhaust outlet on the side is prob best so it's away from other boats.
  7. inbuilt marine generators

    When sizing a suitable genny, don't go large unless it's for a specific item you need it for. If it's just mainly for charging batteries then the 4kw ones are more than enough! I don't think you'll find anything to go under 44cm although there is a Fischer Panda that is around 41cm high, but how will you do oil changes, etc? Good access is key to these are they are an engine after all, and you'll be more likely be getting more hours on it than your main engine. Most are raw water cooled (via a heat exchanger), make sure you have a decent inlet that is more designed for canals rather than sea going. Mine sucks up alot of plant life that I need to regularly remove from the inlet hose in the summer months.
  8. CRT disgruntled staff

    Reading those comments and combine them it seems that over payed long term staff sit in the vans doing nothing bar look at the nice view whilst getting the under payed newbies to do all the work and complaining about been bullied by the management that don't actually exist. :-/
  9. Finrad suppliers

    Oh that’s a shame, was going to get mine there. if you find a supplier please update us!
  10. Finrad suppliers

  11. Inverter remote control

    The manual should say what they mean. What make/model do you have?
  12. I'm struggling too see where the money was spent? It looks like they have done a lot of the work themselves and it's a bog standard shell with a few extras like steps to the roof and windows.
  13. It's a floating flat, where the buyers/owners have no real interest in the canals, rivers or boating. Many of the design "features" are flaws unless you just wanted a static floating house.
  14. Looking at the photos of the interior it looks like they have smoothed the walls by filling in between the panels. Unless someone can tell me how to do this successfully I’m guessing it won’t be smooth for long?
  15. Solar dropping out

    As the panels are connected in series it could be a broken panel, doesn't take much to break them especially the flexible ones. If it half works and half doesn't, connect one up at a time to see which one is causing the issue and check for broken circuits. (it may be just a hairline crack on the circuit that works when it's warm as it's expanded and touched together, etc.