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  1. Water in bilge.

    Right. I'm ready to repair my shower waste. I've been thinking that the hose from the waste running to the gulper will always be full of water. I can use the shower and not use the pump and the bilge stays dry. I can see the end of the hose that comes out from the floor and it's dry when the pump is used. So has anyone got any ideas on whether the suction created when the pump is used could force water through a split int the hose, even if it's small enough to hold water when the pump is running?
  2. Numax X31 MF

    Setting no 1
  3. Numax X31 MF

    I should do. I'll try tomorrow. I'm just a bit concerned that the charger is playing up.
  4. Numax X31 MF

    No. Yes
  5. Numax X31 MF

    I've just switched the charger off for a couple of minutes, switched it back on and it's charging at 14.4
  6. Numax X31 MF

    It's showing 13.35-13.4 Ok. Thanks.
  7. Water in bilge.

    I think I've found the problem. I'm using an inline pump placed in the waste from inside the cubicle so I'm not using the original pump. The bilge is bone dry. I'm really surprised how clean the water looks It look like drinking water when it comes out of the hose. Now it's only a complete rip out of the shower!! thanks for the help.
  8. I've recently fitted four of these on my boat. I've set my Victron charger to the lead acid setting and I've got the smartgauge 03 overload come up on the display. I originally set the charger to the gel cell setting and it took two whole days to get from 75% to 90%. I am currently on a land line. I have done a factory re-set on the smartgauge. Any advice is welcome. Regards Steve P
  9. Aldi middle-aisle alert!

    I bought a satellite dish with all sorts of stuff for £65 (odd). Satellite finder, free view box and loads of wonderful things.
  10. Water in bilge.

    I think I'll wait till it gets warmer. It's a very big tank, so it could hopefully be condensation. Thanks all. Steve P
  11. Water in bilge.

    It isn't insulated, but thinking about it, if it is empty then it wouldn't be as prone to condensation. Now I still don't know if it leaks.
  12. Water in bilge.

    Thank you.
  13. Water in bilge.

    A friend has just told me that I could get some sort of bladder to line it with.
  14. Water in bilge.

    That's what I was hoping. I'll have a look at the weekend. I could probably get my head in the inspection hatch.
  15. Water in bilge.

    Morning. I think I've found the problem. The stainless water tank could have a leak. Is there any way of lining it? There's an inspection hatch with reasonable access. I think it would be a bit of a mare to replace it.