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  1. Can't handle this marina livin'

    I use it to steal the signal from innocent boaters in the vicinity.
  2. Can't handle this marina livin'

    We tried the free WiFi, but we have the option of a large data contract with EE. EE internet at Crick is slow compared to almost anywhere else, but it's still a lot faster than the marina WiFi. It has been mentioned that the marina system is due to be upgraded. MP.
  3. Can't handle this marina livin'

    Yeahbut, this year we have the Leicester Line on our doorstep to cruise whenever we want. I confidently predict that we'll go out far more often than we did when the local waterways were the back end of the Middle Level. MP
  4. Can't handle this marina livin'

    I shall try it, and see if I'm disapproved of...... Cheers, MP.
  5. Hard aground

    How did this thread get on to Hosiery? Our experience is higher, as it were. A couple of bikini tops from the North Stratford and a very nice black lacy camisole number from the winding hole at Cambrian Wharf. MP.
  6. Arrived in Crick Marina for our winter stay yesterday. Infinite electricity and our own water tap and parking space - luxury! It's all dead posh: problem is it was far too hot inside the boat last night. Could be that the weather has warmed up (it was pretty chilly out on the Leicester Line summit) , Or maybe the marina is so posh they heat the water: I shall be looking out for giant immersion heaters install under the pontoons. MP.
  7. We went down Foxton locks yesterday and moored for the night just beyond bridge 64. Set off this morning and did the half-mile to Debdale past a fishing match, used the winding hole (with three very grumpy fishermen ranged around it) and then did the half mile back past the same fishermen. I almost wished I'd tried the trip boat winding hole, but it didn't look wide enough for our 60' and a day with a howling cold side-wind would not have been a good one to find that it wasn't. If you don't want your swim disturbed, why fish in a winding hole? And who is daft enough to set pegs for a match around a winding hole? MP.
  8. Most crossed road ?

    I don't think the M6 crosses the Weaver. Certainly not the navigable bit. The only motorway crossing of the Weaver is the M56. Add the Manchester ship canal to the list, on the famed Thelwall fireduck. MP. ETA Birmingham and Fazeley is the M6 Toll, does that count? ETAA The M6 also crosses the Bridgewater.
  9. No More(co)

    I know nothing more than is stated in the Ebay page. I guess it depends on whether the sparks can be trusted to light the main burners at full gas rate or if there has to be spark lighting a pilot burner which is proved alight before the main gas flows. How would you do gas cutoff on flame failure with only battery power (and therefore no power guzzling motorised valve or solenoid?) I can't believe they can get away with allowing gas to flow indefinitely whilst water is flowing without some method to prove that it's lit and not flowing into the boat because of muck on the electrodes or a flat battery. MP. ETA. I certainly wouldn't take gas installation tips from this plonker, but the video does show that the burner lights within a second or so of water flow. (around 2:50)
  10. No More(co)

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Static-Caravan-Cointra-Optima-5L-LPG-Water-Heater-Morco-D51-D61B-E-Replacement/302515714975 looks like a possible replacement, with the huge advantage of not needing a gas-guzzling pilot light. MP.
  11. Merry Hill

    https://www.tfwm.org.uk/development/midland-metro-extensions/wednesbury-brierley-hill/ It's all in here. The plan seems to be to share the corridor, but not the tracks. In some places. there will be two tram lines and two heavy rail lines. In most, the track bed will be widened within the existing railway land with retaining walls to cuttings and embankments and it will be two tram lines and one heavy rail. Where the formation is constrained (passing under the WCML and the BCN new mainline, Parkhead viaduct) there will be one heavy rail line and one bidirectional tram line. I assume because the tracks are not shared, tram-trains are not required, though that might be a bit of a problem if a tram ever comes around a curve to be confronted with a derailed steel train strewn across the formation..... MP. ETA The above applies to the trackbed from Brierley Hill to Wednesbury, which is currently not in use by Network Rail. I guess NR want to keep the option of reopening it for freight. I don't think that the tram route uses any mileage of the track which is currently open to the steel terminal.
  12. Merry Hill

    The Midland Metro (trams) are going to get a new line to Brierley Hill from Wednesbury. Built mainly on the old railway alignment, including over Parkhead viaduct,, which will need a major rebuild. MP.
  13. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    It does seem to be getting more popular, judging by the piles of rusted bikes and other detritus appearing on towpaths, mainly next to bridge-'oles. MP.
  14. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    Trevor basin has always been such a peaceful mooring. 'Magnet' fishing hobby hooks WW2 bomb on canal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-41805764
  15. Boating pitfalls - no 134

    I thought that the general arrangement is for individual pumps around each lock, which reduces required pump delivery head and length of pipe runs and balances out pound levels. Tend to agree. I'd planned to be at Norton junction, but got delayed and the early dark caught up with me, Haven't really got used to winter and the time shift yet.....