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  1. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    Well, after to speaking with Trevor this weekend about the incident, it went like this. His mate, Nick got off at the junction and went ahead to get the lock ready, Trevor found the top gates still closed, but as he was about to pull in they opened. He navigated in, but had more pace than he had thought (mentioned it's not always easy to judge speed by looking forwards, and looking sideways might be a better way). The boat didn't stop in time, and as I suspected he was wanting to trap the fore-end in the gates so as not to loose it, hence the late breaking. Nothing unusual, just one of them day to day mistakes people make when boating. Cheers, Mike
  2. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    I've done it with my Dad's 50ft boat before now, but it's not so problematic to stop it where you want!
  3. Out on the Thames from the air!

    The audio was recorded from the Ipad I was using to control the drone on top of my slide - the video from the drone is silence. Careful editing adjusting volume level has made it sound like it's at distance when the drone view was. The original audio sounds just like this video for example: Cheers, Mike
  4. Out on the Thames from the air!

    Hours of my JP on my other videos - please enjoy to hearts content.
  5. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    It appears people driving historic boats can't now make mistakes. I occasionally (some might say often) make a mistake, misjudge the stopping distance, or have problems with stuff around the blade or shallow water. It happens to everybody, young or old. When it comes to hitting infrastructure, you will notice that in places where it might happen (or even designed to happen) there are metal plates which spread the load across the gate. The gates in this instance are under several tonnes of pressure already, so a shock load of a boat hitting doesn't do any damage other than perhaps superficial. When entering a lock with a full length working boat, it is usually advisable to place the fore-end on the gates to hold it in place while a second boat joins. Where it is windy, with an unloaded boat it can be difficult, and might result in the need to bring the boat in faster. A light touch of the gate is preferred as then it doesn't spring the back end out again, but this isn't always easy to do. Strapping in with ropes is not always possible due to removal of correct lock infrastructure, so we have to do our best with what is available. I've been through several lines because of poor positioning of ladders, bollards, and getting it trapped on concrete and wooden posts. Using the engine to stop the boat usually results in being in the middle of the lock due to the amount of water needing to be moved. A problem not normally found with modern light and highly responsive and powerful vessels, now found on the canal. Trevor has run his boat commercially since the late 1960's first delivering loose coal (bagging on the way), and then once full time coal boaters appeared providing bulk moving services. He had a commercial licence until recently where it was un-economic to continue. In the picture above he was carrying a load up to Braunston for Hills and Sons for transfer to a coal boat, I believe he didn't charge for it. If it wasn't Trevor steering, then someone unfamiliar with the boat made a mistake, if it was Trevor, then he just made a mistake. Case closed.
  6. A trip from Bourne End, to just shy of Marlow from the air. Cheers, Mike
  7. River Weaver boat sizes

    It is possible that the bottom end of the river is a free navigation, and there is free access from the Mersey to the river, but I haven't found any information online about it yet. I do know that the Manchester Ship Canal is responsible for keeping at navigable depth on the river (after it removed the tides that would have kept it clear), but have reneged on this.
  8. History from the air

    Hi Guys, Some videos from the air of boats on the Weaver:
  9. Goole Docks Charges

    I'm not sure they can do this as I believe the Aire and Calder Navigation have a right to access to the river - presumably written into the Act of Parliament. Mike
  10. Nb Tay and the dream!

    Been done - Dusty and Merchant both modern boats. Both look like new boats, and not historic ones, and presumably drive like new boats too. Where would be the fun in that.
  11. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    I'll be that way on the 12/13th August if it helps.
  12. Driffield canal

    Note it's not really a journey to be taken lightly - you need to know the tides - as the River Hull dries out completely at low water, and have your boat properly prepared. Also the Humber takes some navigation especially on a falling tide, as if you run aground you are stuck until the next tide. Mike
  13. Wansford Lock

    Yep, and no in that order. I believe the tap at Bethells Bridge is private use only these days. If just visiting, I'm sure water could be supplied from the boat club.
  14. Boats with 3ft draft often go up there, so you'll have no bother.