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  1. Brexit 2017

    I'd be interested in the explanation as to how a marine insurance scheme is non-profit. If the voyage was successful and the ship arrived at it destination did the ship owner get his premium back?
  2. Brexit 2017

    Your analogy with insurance has to be probably the worst comparison that anyone has ever come up with to compare to the EU. It may have been prudent to look up the history of insurance before making the comparison. The earliest reference I can find is following the Great Fire of London in 1666 where the city was devastated by fire and it was a Dr Barbon who set up the first insurance company as he was concerned that his property holdings could suffer another similar fate should another fire occur. This led to the creation of insurance company fire brigades whose role was to extinguish any fires in properties that were covered by Dr Barbon's insurance, any others were left to burn, hardly the philanthropic approach you seem to imply. Most of the initial insurance schemes were exclusively for the protection of the brick and mortar properties of the wealthy. Some of the first life insurance was taken out by slave owners to insure the lives of their slaves so that they were reimbursed in cash should they die, again hardly some philanthropic enterprise. By 1686 Edward Lloyd founded what was to become Lloyds of London, once again the principal purpose was to make money, the method was largely incidental. For what I think you were possibly trying to say, perhaps Pension Schemes may have been a better choice since they were set up for philanthropic purposes to care for injured seamen (the Chatham Chest) however they generally remain a philanthropic service (notwithstanding the efforts of Robert Maxwell and Philip Green!). When I earlier said that I would have some sympathy for anyone who had been inconvenienced by something that the EU has imposed, perhaps I should qualify this. I would have little sympathy with South West Water whose business model of dumping untreated sh*t into our bathing waters was indeed inconvenienced by the EU. Likewise I would have little sympathy with the business owner who complains that the EU (WTD) stops him from telling his workforce that they are going to have to work 60 hour weeks leading up to Christmas. The low pay that another poster blames on the EU doesn't offer any explanation as to why France, Germany,Italy,Spain and a whole host of other countries don't have this problem. The culture of the UK has been to cut wages as much as possible, and then express surprise that people don't want to work for poor wages. Fake self employment, zero hours contracts and a variety of other scams to cut wages are largely UK constructs.
  3. Brexit 2017

    I don't quite see how being unable to find any way in which the EU has inconvenienced me falls under any heading of selfishness, merely self-experience. If others, like you, can come up with genuine ways in which it has inconvenienced them, then I will show empathy for the view, but no-one has come up with any yet.
  4. Brexit 2017

    It's also quite revealing just how the party of government intend to use this sovereignty once they get it (if the report in the Sunday Times, a Brexit supporter, of Michael Goves plans is to be believed). It would seem that the first directive in the cross hairs will be the Working Time Directive (you know, the one that stops your employer from forcing you to work all the hours that you have). This, after they expressly said that they weren't going to attack worker rights. The Sun apparently backs this up with a celebration that workers will get an 'overtime bonanza' how about a pay bonanza so that they don't have to work so much overtime, but of course that would be anti-business wouldn't it. And those at the bottom of the employment pile voted for Brexit in the belief/hope that it was going to make their lives better If I recall, Robin Cook, resigned his position as Leader of the House in protest, he certainly didn't vote for the war.
  5. Brexit 2017

    I don't see that because someone lies in the Commons it proves that democracy doesn't work, any more that someone lying in court leading to a conviction/acquittal proves that the criminal justice system doesn't work. Perhaps we should do away with courts and decide on the toss of a coin
  6. Brexit 2017

    He lied to the commons during two votes on 18th March 2003 when MP's were fooled into supported the vote.
  7. Jeremy Corbyn struggles with numbers?

    This sounds suspiciously like,'most workers prefer zero hours contracts for the flexibility it gives them'. A percentage of tenants who are likely to be moving around a lot would clearly prefer a shorter tenancy but, since home ownership is now becoming purely for the affluent, renting a home is becoming the new normal and how many average people want to keep on having to move every six months because their landlord has found someone who will pay even more in rent than they are doing?
  8. Brexit 2017

    What has that got to do with anything? many things effect our national interests, several of them we have no control over.
  9. Brexit 2017

    Our national interests are effected by many foreign powers, the principal one being the US over whom we have no say whatsoever. At least with the EU we had a representation, when the US decides it is going to do something this so called 'special relationship' means that 99% of the time we go along with it because if the US decided to play hardball with us we would suffer economically.
  10. Brexit 2017

    So tell me then, this 'Sovereignty' that we handed to Brussels, what part did Brussels play in our declaration of war on Iraq? our invasion of of Afghanistan? and a variety of other follies that the UK Government has chosen to participate in. If, as you claim, Brussels had this 'sovereignty' over us none of these things would have happened, would they? As I have repeatedly said I cannot think of a single thing that the EU has done that has even marginally inconvenienced me. What you seem to be saying is that you want Parliament to have this Sovereignty provided they never use it against something that you believe in, under those circumstances this 'sovereignty' needs to be taken away from them and handed to the party of Government, the first steps on the road to dictatorship.
  11. Messing with the polis

    Oh I don't know, we had a similar idea to the above called a Stinger, although a bit risky to have to throw out, but having 4 flat tyres (or on some occasions driving on wheel rims) made driving like a prat a lot less attractive
  12. Messing with the polis

    Have to say the Police didn't give much thought to how they were going to stop them. For my money, trail a long rope behind the police boats and cut across the bow of the stolen boat letting him then run over the line should work. It looked as though they just chased them until they ran out of fuel. Alternatively they could travel in front of them throwing out plastic bags and saris (that seems to work on the BCN!)
  13. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    At the moment I've disabled it by marking my Wi-fi option as metered, that seems to stop the updates but allows the virus definition stuff to come through (I think). It seems to me that the longer that I disable the Windows updates for the less chance of ever updating there will be. My understanding is that Microsoft intend to put out 2 of these crap updates every year and since it seems that the current one is about 4Gb, if I leave it until the next one comes out I will have to update to the earlier one before I could update to the later (so 8Gb), since it took one and a half hours in the library to download 67% of the latest crap, I really have no inclination to sit in the library (Weatherspoons,McDonalds or wherever) for hours and hours updating to something that I don't really want anyway, I think I'd rather be boating
  14. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    Nah, Windows 10 infected my computer from the Window 7 that I had with the computer (and was happy with). It repeatedly kept asking me if I wanted to update to this crap system and I repeatedly declined, then it just updated itself without any say-so from me (and also without any cost). That was the first part of my annoyance with Windows 10, and it has continued ever since.
  15. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    Much the same happened to me when I got my computer back from repair when that Windows update fried my old hard drive. I fired up the computer (the store had told me that they had installed all the necessary updates, they lied) and Microsoft promptly 'ate' 6Gb of my months allowance. It was fortunate that this happened in the middle of the month whilst I could moderate internet usage until my new allowance came up. If it had happened at the end of the month and I'd used up all of my allowance 6Gb outside of my allowance = £60, and this for a so called 'free' operating system.