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  1. Free Pay as you go Sim

    Thanks for the info. It seems that the Three 12gb is the one to go for because it lasts for 12 months. Although I would probably never use it up.
  2. Free Pay as you go Sim

    I know this topic has been thrashed out numerous times but I still find it very confusing. I have an EE WiFi unit (40VB) which it seems I can get unlocked on E bay for 99p. My data usage is very small, being e-mail checks and a little surfing, no videos or music etc. What I am looking for is a free Sim, on a Pay as you go basis with no monthly charge and either no time limit on usage or at least 6 months before the allowance expires. Does such an animal exist?
  3. About 3 years ago we went on a an extended (7 week) cruise to London and back from Worsley. After the first two weeks my Braun electric toothbrush needed charging. Iy has a wireless charger system. However this did not work with my Sterling inverter. After returning home my Braun would not recharge from the mains. Not questioning the reason, I decided that it was just worn out and I bought a new one. Recently we have been out for a 5 week trip and again I tried to charge my Braun toothbrush on the boat. It would not charge. Just returned home to find that the same scenario has been repeated, It will not charge from the mains. I can only assume that the Inverter has destroyed the wireless charger or the toothbrush or both, or is it just a coincidence?
  4. Starter motor

    I think what you need is a 5549-306D pinion (from a fallible memory) try Wood Auto sales@woodauto.co.uk about £25. If you need a workshop manual send me a pm.
  5. Stadium Island Loop

    Does anyone Know if the The stadium island loop (Old River Lea, City Mill River and St Thomas Creek) is open to boaters? I seem to remember it was supposed to open for navigation in June this year.
  6. Compressor needed for air horns

    You need one like this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-12V-Air-Compressor-For-Horn-Boat-Car-Truck-Auto-vehicle-Electric-Machine-PK-/222137553255?hash=item33b86e1167:g:B-sAAOSwVyRXTt8V
  7. Macclesfield Canal closed in Bollington

    Is the Macc still closed? On the CaRT website there appear to be no closures on this canal, only advice (!). North West & Pennine closures are listed as the Ashton, Rochdale and Irwell but not the Macclesfield
  8. Advice on oil and filters

    Which Isuzu engine is it? I researched Isuzu 25 and as far as I know 35 is the same. filters.xls
  9. Filming at Anderton

    We won't be back at Anderton until next week at the earliest. waiting for new boat spares. Also noticed many signs on the approaching roadways stating "Red Unit' and directing traffic to the area of the film shoot.
  10. Filming at Anderton

    Currently at Anderton Boat Lift there are a number of film location vehicles. Also some serious lighting kit, an aerial camera platform and two large luxury coaches. Does anyone know what the activity is?
  11. 100k house BBC2 now

    Or as Cyril J Wood states in the intro to his book. Let’s get one thing straight from the start… as the title of this eBook and website points out… a narrowboat is not a barge. A narrowboat, as its name suggests is narrow, having a beam (width) of 6 foot 10 inches to 7 feet. Canal barges are between 60 and 70 feet in length depending on the canal they were built for. However, they are at least 14 feet 6 inches beam, are usually used for carrying cargo and are made from steel, wood or even concrete. Neither is a narrowboat a longboat. Longboats were what the Vikings used to convey them on their raping and pillaging voyages of discovery in the Dark Ages. The unenlightened amongst us will quite often confuse the three terms, much to the annoyance of narrowboat owners, canal enthusiasts and boat anoraks in general.
  12. 100k house BBC2 now

    Also, it was not referred to as a narrowboat but a "less than 7ft wide barge"
  13. Runcorn locks petition

    Tried to sign but I just get 'ERROR 522' on the host website. Will try again later
  14. Funny vehicle signs

    One of our local Outdoor / Camping shops, about this time of year used to put a sign outside stating, 'Now Is The Season Of Our Discount Tents'