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  1. Historic Boats for sale online

    Thanks for your answer. It was the most logical-and best way to do a job like that. Peter.
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    After having sheated the hull in steel, the wooden inside has been removed, so if they wanted it to be narrower, they could then have easily enough have pulled the sides a bit closer together before the continued with the fitout. I don't say that it has been done that way, but if it hasn't been, it could have been done without too much effort. Peter.
  3. Belgium or Holland?

    Here's a link to another Belgian based company : http://www.canalboatingholidays.be/ No idea about their actual prices but enquiring doesn't cost anything. There are many boat rental companies in the Netherlands, if Belgium doesqn't work out. Peter.
  4. Water Wanderer

    I would really like to see your photos of the "Water Wanderer" too, if you can find them. When she was operating in France she was booked through Continental Waterways and often cruised together with a smaller barge that was named "Water Wanderer 2" this was to enable them to accept slightly bigger groups. Peter.
  5. Pulling/Towing a boat

    Thanks for this posting captain birdseye, it's all nostalgia for me, I haven't been back there for ages. There used to be a world famous boatyard in Medemblik (Jongert) were they built mega yachts, sail and motor for the people with too much money. Enkhuizen, where my mother and sister were born, and Hoorn are both very picturesque harbour places where you can see lots of sailing charter barges during the season. I remember more of the trainride that I always enjoyed, even while sitting on the hard wooden benches, than of my grand parent that we went to see when using this steam train, my granddad died when I was 2 and my grandma when I was 5. Peter.
  6. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    My sincere condolence Dave, it's so hard to lose someone you've dearly loved, even kowing that this very sad moment is arriving, it's hard to accept, and I feel terribly sorry for you, life can be (and often is) very hard, I wish you the strenght to carry this heavy loss. I'm happy to read that you managed to give Bev one last cruise on your boat, she must have appreciated that. All the very best to you and your family, Peter.
  7. 60 x 10 engine size

    That is a sure thing Mike, as with the 44Hp's you've available now (since the prop adaptations) you can do more than with the max power you had before. Peter.
  8. Peppers the widebeam

    Hi Peppers, I wish lots of success with this BIG job, it will be really nice do build the boat (inside) the way you want it, and not having to live and adapt to someone else's work. I may be a bit too late with this warning as the thing is surely installed already, but if I were you, I would replace your VENUS B.T. for a VETUS one, as these are much more common in case you need it repaired at some stage . Peter.
  9. Narrowboats on the Thames

    I can easily imagine that that was quite a bit different than a relaxed fun cruise to the pub on a lovely summer day. Myself I've had more then my share of very hairy moments on rivers in flood in France, since the "real" weir-keepers don't exist anymore, and have been replaced already a good 40 years by a lazy bunch of people that are more interested in their pay, than in the work they have to do for that pay, and they start with opening the sections of the weirs closest to the locks, which can create a VERY strong pull, which means you have to try to get in fast, to keep some steerage, and not be pulled in the weir, and then hope that you can stop before you hit the gates. My worst souvenir of one of these downstream trips in strong floods was on the Marne, where they closed the lock right after I'd been through it, and opened the weir to pass over there which was much easier and very much safer too. Still it's nice to remember these happenings of the past, when it ended up alright, and the only damage done was easy to repair just by washing the underpants . Peter.
  10. Narrowboats on the Thames

    That must have been an "interesting" cruise with some "fresh" helping you along, probably quite reassuring to have that Conservancy man on board, but still a good idea to carry some spare underpants . Peter.
  11. Narrowboats on the Thames

    "Jaju" must have been rather big for some of the bridges there. Peter.
  12. Lost my keys

    Gefeliciteerd, blij te lezen dat jullie nu weer rustig zullen kunnen slapen. Veel vaarplezier, Peter.
  13. boat electrician needed

    Yes, Tony surely is a good and helpful man, this is far from the first time he's offering his help to anyone in difficulties, and I'm sure it won't be the last time either. His kind of person is getting rare. Peter.
  14. Volvo To Cease Production Of Petrol Engined Cars

    There have been quite a few experiences with cars driven on compreesed air too, but like electricity, it's not easy to store, but much quicker to fill the airtank than to recharge the batteries. However that will change in the future too, with extremely fast charging batteries, or battery exchange places, a 5 minute job. But that's not for tomorrow, and not even for next week, month, year. Peter.
  15. Volvo To Cease Production Of Petrol Engined Cars

    I was just reading that Peugeot, Citroën (PSA) will have their new 3 cylinder petrol engines made for them in China. That's a French car for you, who knows what other parts for our European cars are manufactured in China, or Taiwan ? Peter.