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  1. 60 x 10 engine size

    That is a sure thing Mike, as with the 44Hp's you've available now (since the prop adaptations) you can do more than with the max power you had before. Peter.
  2. Peppers the widebeam

    Hi Peppers, I wish lots of success with this BIG job, it will be really nice do build the boat (inside) the way you want it, and not having to live and adapt to someone else's work. I may be a bit too late with this warning as the thing is surely installed already, but if I were you, I would replace your VENUS B.T. for a VETUS one, as these are much more common in case you need it repaired at some stage . Peter.
  3. Narrowboats on the Thames

    I can easily imagine that that was quite a bit different than a relaxed fun cruise to the pub on a lovely summer day. Myself I've had more then my share of very hairy moments on rivers in flood in France, since the "real" weir-keepers don't exist anymore, and have been replaced already a good 40 years by a lazy bunch of people that are more interested in their pay, than in the work they have to do for that pay, and they start with opening the sections of the weirs closest to the locks, which can create a VERY strong pull, which means you have to try to get in fast, to keep some steerage, and not be pulled in the weir, and then hope that you can stop before you hit the gates. My worst souvenir of one of these downstream trips in strong floods was on the Marne, where they closed the lock right after I'd been through it, and opened the weir to pass over there which was much easier and very much safer too. Still it's nice to remember these happenings of the past, when it ended up alright, and the only damage done was easy to repair just by washing the underpants . Peter.
  4. Narrowboats on the Thames

    That must have been an "interesting" cruise with some "fresh" helping you along, probably quite reassuring to have that Conservancy man on board, but still a good idea to carry some spare underpants . Peter.
  5. Narrowboats on the Thames

    "Jaju" must have been rather big for some of the bridges there. Peter.
  6. Lost my keys

    Gefeliciteerd, blij te lezen dat jullie nu weer rustig zullen kunnen slapen. Veel vaarplezier, Peter.
  7. boat electrician needed

    Yes, Tony surely is a good and helpful man, this is far from the first time he's offering his help to anyone in difficulties, and I'm sure it won't be the last time either. His kind of person is getting rare. Peter.
  8. Volvo To Cease Production Of Petrol Engined Cars

    There have been quite a few experiences with cars driven on compreesed air too, but like electricity, it's not easy to store, but much quicker to fill the airtank than to recharge the batteries. However that will change in the future too, with extremely fast charging batteries, or battery exchange places, a 5 minute job. But that's not for tomorrow, and not even for next week, month, year. Peter.
  9. Volvo To Cease Production Of Petrol Engined Cars

    I was just reading that Peugeot, Citroën (PSA) will have their new 3 cylinder petrol engines made for them in China. That's a French car for you, who knows what other parts for our European cars are manufactured in China, or Taiwan ? Peter.
  10. Hi Col, I'm happy for you to see that Tony made you such a beautiful skylight, that man surely knows how to work with wood. Now it's up to you, to keep it as beautiful for the next (at least) 20 years. Peter.
  11. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    I think that my second paragraph is valid if the first paragraph wouldn't be valid for all boats that are the sole residence, and not only the ones that messure over the 15 Tonnes limit. If that's not the case, then only commercially used boats should be entitled the zero rate VAT, is should be everybody or nobody, as a boat as sole residence doesn't change purpose being 6 tonnes or 60 tonnes. As I said, those are just my thoughts about this matter. Peter.
  12. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    I'm happy with that, as I don't think that they make a difference in the fact that it's a small or a big house, do they ? Some people that have a VAT zero rated Dutch barge live in a house, so it's not even their sole residence, but supposedly when they say that at sometime it will become their sole residence it's good enough for HMRC to allow them the zero rated VAT. Colin Stone is as far as I can see using his barge for 'pleasure or recreational purposes' as he's exploring the countries on this side of the Channel, that makes it pleasure and recreation for me, but I've got nothing to do with HMRC, so it's not my problem. But as I wrote before, I think that it's unfair for people that have a boat that doesn't reach the 15 Tonnes calculations, for which their boat is their only residence and who aren't entitled to the zero rated VAT. As soon as the boat isn't a commercial entreprise it shouldn't be zero rated (that is what I think,and that's just my thoughts). Peter.
  13. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    I think that this VAT at zero rate is a fiddle anyway, why would people that easily can afford to have a big boat (barge) built, be exempt of having to pay their VAT. While many people that are a lot less well-off have to pay this VAT, even if their boat is their only residence, it doesn't sound fair to me. There was also some talking about the Dutch Barges and the VAT at zero rate, that as long as the owner had intention to live on the boat in the future, they could be bought at the zero rate, all pretty confusing. Peter.
  14. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    It would indeed be interesting to know if they are allowed to calculate to the top of the boat (roof-height) instead of gunnel height. Peter.
  15. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    That's why I wrote in post 116 (how nice we can quote post numbers again) : "unless HMRC is willing to supply you with a paper proof that they're happy for this boat to be VAT zero-rated". Peter.