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  1. 1970's Rock

    They are still touring! https://www.ents24.com/uk/tour-dates/focus-3 Tim
  2. What features drives boat prices

    If it is the same as ours (Towergate) it is every 5 years Tim
  3. Music in Pubs

    Wetherspoons do not have piped music (Unless it is branded as a Lloyds No 1) Tim
  4. Day time Tv

    Get the free months Netflix subscription then cancel when you get back to work: https://www.netflix.com/gb/ Tim
  5. When I bought my Ford Focus I took it on complete trust that I got the engine as advertised. I have absolutely no interest in opening the bonnet except to fill the washer bottle. Tim
  6. Stonebridge Lock

    Lots of pictures on Facebook, it was going uphill. Tim
  7. HS2 - Wormleighton loop maintenance yard

    More importantly it involves the demolition of the Breee Louise at Euston, one of the best selection of real ales in London! Tim
  8. 1970's Rock

    Was at college one Friday in (in 1978) when friend offered me a ticket to see a band in the Student Union that night, being told that it was for a band Dire Straits who I had not heard of so I declined and went to the oub. Two weeks later Sultans of Swing hit the charts and the rest as they say is history. Tim
  9. The best waterside pubs

    Best (Only) pub for miles! An enjoyable experience Note that it is shut in the winter and on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tim
  10. Mobile Chat Bubble Removal

    I'm still seeing it on my phone! (Iphone 7)
  11. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    We are back in Newark now, moored opposite the Castle, after an out and back weekend trip to Lincoln. Tim
  12. Speeding boats, Fossdyke and Witham

    We went through Saxilby on Fulbourne yesterday afternoon and again this morning but I believe that we slowed down passed all moored boats! Tim
  13. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    Or a different lock!
  14. list of yards with cranes

    From the P & S Facebook page
  15. Tidal Thames to Teddington?

    Sheer co-incidence, if we hadn't been sheltering from the rain under the trees in Victoria Tower Gardens we would have missed you! Didn't realise that you could buy photo's off the site! If you want the original files let me know your e-mail address and I will send them. We had been on a Rib trip in the morning, don't know if any passed you but they dont half knock up a bow wave! We were also fortunate to see Tower Bridge being listed for a sailing barge during the trip. Tim