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  1. Cruising down the Tring cutting this weekend and saw lots of floating pumpkins. Have they replaced coconuts as the votive offering of choice? Or is there some other explanation? and yes I do know we just had Halloween, but why chuck them in the canal?
  2. Doxin 1500 watt inverter

    Thank you Paul. Yes that is the item I was asking about. All your reservations about safety duly noted.
  3. Doxin 1500 watt inverter

    I didn't know they did a pure sine wave model!
  4. Doxin 1500 watt inverter

    Thanks Matty but I was really interested in their cheaper modified sine wave version.
  5. Doxin 1500 watt inverter

    Anyone had experience of this product?

    Just had my grandson and his friend spend the day with us. What did 11 year old boys talk about before Pokemon ? All bloody day ! Aaaaagh !
  7. Water Connections ?

    I finally got to talk to Bradtech yesterday and they were able to clear up the problem. The correct pipe-tail to connect to the toilet is plastic with an internal conical section which goes up inside the water valve fitting. The locking nut tightens up on the outside of the fitting as normal. I now understand that the brass fitting employed by the original boat builder/fitter was never going to work, trying to make the seal by butting a square brass edge up against a sharp edge section on the nylon water valve. That's why they employed lots of silicon to bodge the resultant weeping joint, having stripped the thread on the fitting. I can already see that this new pipe tail (supplied gratis by Bradtech) is going to sort my problem. Whilst talking of Bradtech I cannot praise them enough. They seem to have a comprehensive range of Thetford spares (unlike Thetford themselves!), they are very competitive price-wise, and my goods arrived by courier within 24hours of my last 'phone call. Their tech-support department (Bill!) is very knowledgeable and friendly. Altogether a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to all who contributed. Guess what I'm doing this weekend? David
  8. Water Connections ?

    Bump ! Thank you both for your replies - any other offers?
  9. I have to replace the fresh water supply unit on my Thetford Aquamagic V toilet. The nylon thread on the unit is stripped - probably badly installed from new. I have a new unit on order from Bradtech who seem best able to supply parts for this product, but I am not sure of how the actual connection is made to the flexible water supply pipe and its brass hex nut. Should there be a fibre/rubber washer up inside the brass nut? See this PDF file for details, I am talking about the joint with the fat arrow pointing at it.:- http://www.bradtech.ltd.uk/products/SK_AM5_31705A_012908.pdf Can't ask Bradtech 'cos their office is shut till later this week. Thanks David
  10. Are the canals getting crowded?

    Just spent 2 days (Sun and Mon) moored near Dudswell locks on the GU whilst I sanded and painted our roof. Don't want to use power tools in our marina and disturb the neighbours. Beautiful weather, in August, and yet we only saw 10-12 boats pass each day, that's 5-6 in each direction. Don't get why it's so quiet in middle of school holidays when I would have expected lots of traffic, even if only from the rental companies.
  11. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    Cholmondeston surely ? Especially if it's near Venetian
  12. All male hire party

    Getting too hard for me now. In brief the boat turned over in the rapids and they all got very wet! David
  13. All male hire party

    Yeah it works on mine but only if I'm logged in to facebook at same time as CWDF
  14. All male hire party

    Sorry, works on mine, but then I am facebook user. Suggestions anyone?