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  1. FAO Carlt

    The funicular railway (Fløibanen) in Bergen, Norway is a great one to ride to the top of Mount Fløyen. The only one that I come across with five stations on the route. Takes about 8 minuites to travel the 2,769 ft t to the top (1,050 ft) station. .
  2. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    While shepherds washed their socks by night, While watching ITV, The Angel of the Lord came down, And switched to BBC, The shepherds shouted, "Switch that Back!" But the Angel tripped and fell, It landed on the aerial, And the shepherds shouted "Bl**dy Hell!
  3. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    The volice of the Daily Fail reader, glow up little boy. The number of Launderette's have dropped by three quarters since the peak (12000) in 1980's, More are closing each week.
  4. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    That's if you can find one, Launderette's across the country are closing down, The local one in March is closing for good, as is the one in Wisbech.
  5. Icy dawn

    Snowing here in the fens
  6. Galley work top.

    Liverpool had them manufactured to their own requirements by a worktop and kitchen cabinet manufacturer.
  7. Under Foot Insulation / Carpeting

    I used 10mm Wool Insulation Felt Carpet Underlay fixed in place with double sided tape, with carpet tiles on top. The insulation rating is 3.4 tog. Wool Heat Insulation Felt Carpet Underlay One roll will cover 15 sqm, The added advanage of using carpet tiles is that you can remove and jet wash them.
  8. benefits /housing benefit /tax credits etc

    Actual I had dealing with both left wing and right councils over the past 35 years, On the whole the left-wing councils were far more helpful and quick than right wing councils. One of the worst right wing ones being Bournemouth.
  9. weight

    The bridge was for access to the old London North Western Oxford Rewley Road station which was the termius of the Varsity Line from Cambridge. The station closed in 1951 since then the building has been moved and relocated at the Buckingham Railway Centre. The bridge was last used for rail traffic in 1994. The deck cannot turn 180 degrees, the deck ends at angle.
  10. benefits /housing benefit /tax credits etc

    Depends who has control of the council, If it is a right wing party expect very long delays just to get a reply and it will be very unhelpful when it does arrive. They will be pushing you to move on out of their area. I just e-mailed Fenland Council concerning why I been sent two diffent council tax bills for the same mooring, One sent to my home address in Dorset with one ref number the other direct to the mooring with another ref number. The auto e-mail reply states eight to ten weeks for a reply.
  11. I perfer to use compressed sawdust logs in my stove, One burns for about 4 hours, As I buy a pallet (96 10 kg bags it's only £2.59 per bag), the pallet is spit between three boats.
  12. LED Headlight too bright

    I never fitted a tunnel light, I just use the nav lights (20watts) thats all I need.
  13. There is no hard and fast rule where a stove should be placed as long as it correctly installed. At the front by the door is not where I would place it. In effect you only heat one end of the boat with uneven spread of heat where even with a fan will have its work cut out to heat the back of the boat. Most stoves are installed as a after throught as to where to place it. With a stove installed towards the middle, you get a even spread of heat. In this case the stove has not been installed correctly, had it been you would have a even spread of heat along with no risk of falling against it when steping down through the doors. I know a number of people who have been burn this way. My own stove is towards the middle of the boat
  14. Water filter

    Mains water, I can taste the difference. As for leaving in a jug for a hour or two, I don't want to wait to have a drink. Part from that you can never be to sure of the water from the water point tap down to the state of the pipework it runs through. We have have come across taps where the water has come out discoloured.
  15. Water filter

    You like the taste of chlorine? You can taste the difference between non-filtered and filtered.