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  1. That may be so, but a name and index number would be a starting point of a paper trail and make the witness statement more useful. After all there will be some record of who brought it. The old owners would in most cases make sure that the reg details were updated or end up getting the blame for any wrong doing, if they did not. The same as you would do with a car.
  2. You find that people who don't have insurance tend not to stop to exchange insurance details. All I received instead from her was a load of foul language. I was unable to give chase, as she had shoved me on to the sandbank that forms between the main channel and the lock channel. The two witnesses on the north bank were only able to state that it was a red boat with no name and what she looked like. Which is not a lot to work with. Only that it can be clearly read from the bank-side while the boat is in mid channel. The fine for not displaying is still only 40 shillings (£2) which in 1862 was a great amount.
  3. It has long be a requirement for boats to display a name on the Middle Level. It is also in the vested interest of everyone that all boats display a name and where required a valid index number. They who don't have something to hide, be it no insurance, BSSC or licence. They want to make it harder to be traced. It is not just on the Middle Level that I'am seeing a increasing number of boats with no index number or name. If your boat gets damage or you are injured by one of these boats with no name or index number. You are going to have a hard time with chasing them for costs. Any witnesses can read a name or index number, but most are unlikely to describe in any great detail the boat other than its colour. Last year I was T-boned by a Red Springer as I come out of the upper gate on to the Northampton Washlands, No name or index number which had been painted out. I was unable track the owner, which caused a dent in my own insurance to repair the damage. As for the March town moorings (36 hours) 2/3 now taking up with long term over stayer's which the council are having a hard time removing them.
  4. It does seem that the number of boats not displaying a name or index number are on the increase, To night moored on March Town moorings are nine boats, only one with a name and index number displayed, Two of the others with just Gold licences on display, the rest are Bargee Travellers who have been here for months. It seems to be the same elsewhere.
  5. Parcel sending

    Sounds like either Hermes or Yodal, both concede the bin to be a safe place. Or the roof in the case of some Yodal drivers.
  6. Canal Boat Magazine

    The Archant Group are known for being slow payers, I did some IT work for them some years ago, it was over six months before I was paid. Did you get anything in writing, with the agreed terms and payment for your work.
  7. Fitting an immersion heater

    Did you remember to dipresureise the calorifier first?. limescale does buld up over, so lightly tap around the edge of the blanking plate to losein it, 30mm socket is best to use to remove it. A length of pipe on the socket wrench will give more leverage. As a last resort take the calorifier out and blank off the outlet pipe, turn upside down and pour in a few pints of cheap vinegar. give a good shake and leave for a few hours, by which time the vinegar will have soften the limescale, once the blanking plate is off, give the inside a good rinse out. It may take a few hours, but it is still better than paying for a replacment calorifier.
  8. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Amstrad was sold to BSkyB in 2007, Now mainly knocks out sky box's and dish's. The computers that were made by this company were a pain to repair, thanks to non standard design and parts used.
  9. 100ah lead acid starter battery

    It is not just the size that varies between manufacturers, the amp/hours and Cold cranking amps also varies between makes. As does the weight of the battery.
  10. Has it been a busy summer?

    Are they all heading to London?
  11. Has it been a busy summer?

    This is the IWA claim, But then this is all part of the IWA’s demands the EA navigations are transferred to CRT https://www.waterways.org.uk/news_campaigns/bulletins/iwa_bulletin_20170124 Have a look through this thread https://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/89462-ea-to-close-some-navigations/&
  12. 100ah lead acid starter battery

    The average price for a 020 is a £100, The company has reduced the price to £70 from £100, which may mean that the company is wanting to shift old stock.
  13. Calorifier

    Under the bed means it will lose heat more slowley than one fitted in the engine room. My one is located in engine room with an extral jacket fitted, Yet the water is stll pipeing hot the next morning. The 1kw immersion heater on my boat will heat the 11 gallion Calorifier from cold in about three hours on average in the winter. Don't forget to turn it off when you switch to the inverter, not a problem if your change over switch is wired so the immersion heater is disconneted when in inverter mode.
  14. 100ah lead acid starter battery

    I use a type 019 starter battery 100ah 850 CCA for my old beta 1505. Lasts about ten years https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/heavy-duty-019/
  15. Has it been a busy summer?

    Boaters taking a last chance to travel the Nene and Ouse before it is closed until further notice. As claimed by the IWA in the Waterways press that both rivers were in a poor state and were in high-risk of being closed for an indefinite time.