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  1. Electrics set up inc. incinerator toilet!

    10 minuites for a number one 30 minuites for a number two
  2. Electrics set up inc. incinerator toilet!

    You soon kill your batteres, if you use the AC electric version. I have used these loo's in Norway, this is one loo you don't want to drop your wallet in. For caravan or boat use, there is 12 volt version which uses LPG for the burner Cinderella Motion (Caravan and boat) Stand-by power requirements 0.5 Amp Incineration Electrical Power Requirement 1.3 Amp Gas consumption about 110 gr. Per combustion Fan 12V DC Gas propane (30 mbar) Power supply 12V DC / 4 Amp (11-14.4V)
  3. Network Rail are to replace the rail bridge over the Briggate River below Ashline over the Bank Hoilday weekend (26th-28th August). The river will remain open throughout. But do not proceed until given the all clear to move through the working area by the Network Rail Safety Officer.
  4. Many have their stoves burning yet?

    Fancied a pizza last night, so chucked a heatlog in stove to heat the oven, Pizza very tasty, just the thing after a long damp day.
  5. Ely area moorings?

    A number of us at Foxes have been doing the daily commute to Cambridge for years. The first direct train arrives in Cambridge just after 8am. For Cambridge North change at Ely, The Science Park is only ten minutes walk from Cambridge North. There is a earlier train at 6.43am with a change at Ely, which would get you to Cambridge North at 7.27am and Cambridge at 7.32am.
  6. Ely area moorings?

    Two years late, 100 million pound cost overrun, Now needs 130 million pounds of repairs, Incident and accident prone.
  7. Favourite Smartphone Apps 2017

    On Windows Phone, Next Bus UK (trafficandtravel.net; £1.49) locates the nearest bus stops to your location and times of the next bus
  8. Who has more than one boat?

    Narrowboat moored in the Fens. 3rd share in a pilot cutter moored in Poole Harbour.
  9. The Cash Economy

    Totnes Pound in Devon, still in use today, also Lewes, Bristol and Brixton have their own currency.
  10. Pointless features on boats

    The helmsman wearing a blazer and peaked officer cap on a posh narrowboat or gin palace. Boats flying the jolly roger
  11. The Cash Economy

    Not any longer, card payments have over taken cash payments https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/12/cash-contactless-payments-uk-stores-cards-british-retail-consortium http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/shopping/2017/07/card-overtake-cash-payments-for-the-time- http://uk.businessinsider.com/uk-card-payments-overtake-cash-credit-2017-7
  12. The Cash Economy

    Very common in Sweden, including street market traders only taking card payments.
  13. Best place to buy diesel

    These two sites should help Coal and Diesel boats Inland Waterways Diesel & Pumpout Price Survey
  14. OK to empty cassette in towpath hedge?

    The one odd thing about this. Is that the 'Flying Fox' being a ex hire-boat from the Foxes fleet was fitted with a pump-out toilet which was still installed when sold by the Coward's.
  15. All time worst ever movies

    Two come to mind as complete turkeys. First Battlefield Earth 3000 and the Hollywood remake of The Avengers