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  1. Klaxon Klaxet 12v

    I'd be wary of taking it to bits - I find the adjustment quite sensitive. Google shows some pictures of one with the rear cover off, but the horn seems integral. I find Nitromors fairly mild nowadays since sodium gluconate and methylene chloride have been banned for DIY use. How about elbow grease and wet-n-dry ?
  2. Missed opportunity

    Its the same in my world of classic cars. The question seems to be "How much would you have to pay to get another one identical". Of course, the higher the valued insured, the more premium you pay !
  3. Diesel Bug - Ensure You Fill Your Tank

    I know that my diesel car has heaters etc in the fuel plumbing, but I also know that my boat engines definitely don't have heaters !
  4. Diesel Bug - Ensure You Fill Your Tank

    That does look like wax ie yellow, whereas I'd expect diesel bug to be black. Waxing of diesel fuels can start at as high as zero ('C) at whats called the cloud point - when the fuel starts to go cloudy due to tiny crystals of wax forming. As the temperature falls the crystals get bigger until they clog the filters etc. Mineral diesel has more predictable low temperature behaviour, but bio-diesel has an unknown formulation of vegetable oils all of which have different cloud point temperatures, and all diesel fuel sold now is a blend bio and mineral. The effect is reversible so when the weather warms the fuel will clear, except that you have go well above the cloud point temp to re-liquefy everything.
  5. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    The trouble with many of these shoes is that they don't detail what the slippery surface is that they are proof against. And "safety" tends to mean a reinforced toe-cap and maybe heel guard - nothing to do with the sole type. My industrial s/shoes (Dickies) are fine on oily floors in machine shops, but once oily, are lethal on wet surfaces. Thanks to Ditchcrawler I now know what to ask for ..... though I'll not hold my breath.
  6. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    Steaming Bats available here ( in Lincoln) - http://www.cetomilitaria.co.uk/ourshop/prod_5369324-Boots-RN-Safety-New-Various.html
  7. Olives that aren't

    Interesting, 40+ years since I last heard it, I recognised that quote straight away !
  8. Olives that aren't

    Copper hardens with age - so new parts are softer, more malleable, and easier to tighten to get a seal. In the case of tube, new tube is much easier and more reliable to bend for this reason. Perhpas the o/p is using older parts.
  9. The Big Freeze of 1963

    And 16 is near enough 61
  10. Mr Malcolm Young.

    Several AC/DC numbers played in tribute to him at my rock club last night. For example :- https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=30p0m4DK-2Q
  11. Old Lister ammeters

    La Velo - you have private mail.
  12. Help with this location please

    With some school chums, we hired Plover from WFB Co at Braunston bottom lock after A levels in '73. I've just looked at the slides - aaahhhhhh. Two girls shared the back cabin, with about 8 lads in the hold. When I can convert them, I'll upload a few pictures if anyone is interested.
  13. I remember Fernie Steel Fabrications being linked to Harbro' Marine, making the hulls, for HM to fit-out and Anglo Welsh to hire.
  14. Any Thoughts

    For £600 with a years MOT (I hope) you can't go too far wrong. Except that diesels tend to have a dual mass flywheel (DMF) which have a limited life (say 5 years / 50k miles). If these break up its an expensive job (mine cost £1000). I can't be sure whether this car has a DMF - but my experience would make me wary. But it sounds like your Liam is doing some useful research
  15. TV ALERT - Remembrance Countryfile - Idle Women

    I thought the same - especially as they said the Luftwaffe followed the Oxford Canal (must have been a tight turn round Wormleighton Hill ! ) I assumed they were most black as they were creosoted, with white ends to show up in the dark.