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  1. Then theres the 50 million tons of particulates, CO2 and NOx from all the diesel powered equipment cutting the Crossrail tunnels. Who to blame for that.
  2. BBC last night

    Barry Argent gets a few minutes coverage the the BBC film "Golden Age of Canals" from about 2011 as seen in this Youtube clip :- by Available Light productions. Only 7 minutes of an hour here annoyingly, as the whole 60 minutes is well worth seeing.
  3. Very enjoyable. I ddin't realise it was possible to walk around the rotting boats at Harefield, I'd always assumed they would be sunk. Is it private land there ?
  4. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    Is this the type of gearbox that needs the thrust of the prop in fwd gear to work properly ?
  5. Repayment of Debt

    AFAIK amognst others we owe the Saudi Princes ? The national debt currently stands at 1.9 million million pounds.
  6. Pair of ex-working boats

    Now then peeps, reign in on the banter, Aleister is a newbie and wants support. There is a wealth of knowledge on here so you should be able to call on us for help. As said, which boats, where are they now and where are you taking them ? You could read up on the Idle Women from the war who were able to learn very quickly from the old boater families how to handle a pair, but were also able to write it down. Things like exploiting the butty's weight to push the backend of a motor round a tight bend.
  7. Ah-ha, that explains why Mary-Ann Ochota was with a film crew at Braunston in June, as seen 4;15 mins in on this video. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=G5LQzbIDzzg
  8. Yes Kedian does this work as his business. He's based at Stockton near the GU. Assuming a narrow boat, I'd suggest a price of £500 to £1000 per metre of length. IIRC Kedian is near but not on the canal so your boat would have to be transported by road anyway.
  9. Towy

    Back in January I took this one of her at Marsworth.
  10. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    A local tells me the sewer struggled to cope before, and now the new houses have been built on the wharf, the sewer cannot cope at all and blocks frequently. The house owners blame the boaters !!!!
  11. Budweisser

    It could have been the tin at fault - actually its aluminium with a plastic layer on the beer side. A fault in the plastic skin would allow the acidic beer to attack the ally, and ally residue is not reccommended for human consumption.
  12. Budweisser

    I've certainly found that the alcy-free drinks give me headaches - ie Kaliber. Tho Swan light wasn't so bad.
  13. Old pictures in a box

    Ah yes, Sandiacre lock looks right.
  14. Old pictures in a box

    How about Stockers Lock, Ricky ? I think the second old picture shows the porch - or does it ?
  15. Progress on dock

    Looks very smart. And Alan, I for one read your blog.