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  1. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    A local tells me the sewer struggled to cope before, and now the new houses have been built on the wharf, the sewer cannot cope at all and blocks frequently. The house owners blame the boaters !!!!
  2. Budweisser

    It could have been the tin at fault - actually its aluminium with a plastic layer on the beer side. A fault in the plastic skin would allow the acidic beer to attack the ally, and ally residue is not reccommended for human consumption.
  3. Budweisser

    I've certainly found that the alcy-free drinks give me headaches - ie Kaliber. Tho Swan light wasn't so bad.
  4. Old pictures in a box

    Ah yes, Sandiacre lock looks right.
  5. Old pictures in a box

    How about Stockers Lock, Ricky ? I think the second old picture shows the porch - or does it ?
  6. Progress on dock

    Looks very smart. And Alan, I for one read your blog.
  7. trailer with surge brakes

    I certainly agree that the original post sounds American. I imagine the laws about towing are different in the USA to here in the UK, so best to check wherever you live Theodon. However, the usual reccomendation that the towing vehicle shuld be significantly heavier than the trailer & boat seems like very good Universal Physics & Engineering to me.
  8. Bottom Road

    Yes just been reading it. They certainly had bad luck and bad weather on that trip as well as bowhauling the butty.
  9. Blisworth Festival

    I was there today. A lovely event very much centred on the canal, but with stalls and displays scattered all over the village. A short video here :-- https://youtu.be/-2VICO_3Nxc
  10. 1970's Rock

    My videos of the "Fiinal Bow" Stackridge tour at Barnet and Guildford here :-
  11. 1970's Rock

    You should have all been at Cambridge Rock festival last weekend. Headlined by Atomic Rooster, 4 days of classic and contempry rock, prog & blues on 3 stages. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqGHqimQWdABp2iJpjqoEQ55Z9QQX7ppb Heaven.
  12. 1970's Rock

    Words are not enough ...........
  13. Canal Events Calendar 2016

    The events on page 1 of this thread are generally regular, annual shows, but I guess cannot be guaranteed for next year yet. As always, they are organised by volunteers and evolve over the Winter.
  14. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Epic thread resurrection I know but ..... Elsewhere in webland its been suggested that " It is illegal to drive a hired n/b after dark ". It may be aginst the hire company's T's & C's, but illegal ? What law is that I wonder ?
  15. Volockies

    Lower Dagnall St, St Albans ?