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  1. Cratch cover

    We called in at AJ Canopies at Braunston when we were passing through. Nice product but too far away from you. They offered a plastic leathercloth, an acrylic canvas and, best of all, a mohair which is like the hood on my Mazda and really nice.
  2. Boat Share Shows

    And Carefree Cruising are holding an open day on 17th and 18th March. I was going to take our share boat there (but stoppages prevent a sensible route) as we have our sahrtes for sale. This will be at Elton Moss Cottage at Sandbach on the T&M
  3. AC energy monitor

    I have just chucked our eon one in the bin. We ended up with two of these devices an nPower one and the eon one. They read completely differently though the clamps were within inches on same wire. A check with a clamp meter gave more credance to the nPower one.
  4. Will you still come to Cambridge by boat

    I used to live there and was never more glad to leave the place.
  5. Cambridge has always been up its own back passage, I know, used to live there and was glad to leave it.
  6. Table for small NB

    You could try a caravan accessory shop. Though NB seats can tend to be a bit high for them. I made up a small table for one caravan with a Desmo leg, a surface female mount for under the table top and a recessed female mount in the floor.
  7. Tring Summit closure

    When we get our new boat in 2013 will there be any canals left with water?
  8. My Hifi set up.....May be useful to others!!

    Cambridge Audio do some small cube type speakers and a sub about 8" cube. Pricey though.
  9. My Hifi set up.....May be useful to others!!

    Slightly related, when we were having our caravan built the standard fit was a JVC DAB car radio unit with some lithle speakers. I went for a £500 Alpine set up and then added a sub when we got the caravan. We have a new-build slot for next year and am pondering on audio-visual setup. At the moment I fancy a Teac unit that does FM, CDs, DVDs, has a iPod dock. Teac do A 2.1 speaker system to go with this. Hook it up to a 22" flat screen TV and job done!! Not a DAB fan or Sat TV fan and have included a Status 540 aerial. FM aerial is a bit of a worry but am thinking of an amplified extending rod aerial like the caravan has.
  10. lock cottage for sale

    That's a similar price to a good bespoke nb!!
  11. Pub in Church Minshill

    First time we did the Middlewich we believed Nicholson's and took our life in our hands and walked from the road bridge along what seemed to be a motorway rat-run only to find it closed. We never tried the walk across the fields as we assumed it was still closed. Hope it succeeds this time around. The smoking ban was blamed for pub closures for a while but I didn't really believe that The "pubco" explanation sounds more believable.
  12. PETS travel scheme...

    If you want a vet near the Chunnel we use CLINIQUE VETERINAIRE DU CAMP DU DRAP D'OR [veto.ardres@wanadoo.fr] at Ardres. You can make an appointment by e-mail or just turn up in the afternoon. They are very used to Brits and their dogs. We stay with our caravan at La Bien Assise at Guines.
  13. Which canal goes near Meriden

    I was born in Meriden!! Not that this adds anything to the query LOL
  14. Brunel's Three Bridges

    Years since seen that bridge structure. It was on a walk from my hostel in Ealing when I was at Uni (except they weren't called that then, they were universities!) in South Kensington around 1970. Wasn't the AEC lorry/engine factory near there?
  15. 'New' type of Battery Charger

    "new" is often a marketing tool....