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  1. Paint workshop

    Last summer I saw an advert in Towpath Talk for a paint workshop where you could take your boat and paint it yourself under supervision. I havent seen the advert again and cant find it by means of google. I think it was out East somewhere, maybe on the Ouse. Anyone know what I am taliking about?
  2. Abandoning bricks altogether

    I'm normally irritated by single handers who expect you to do everything for them, but this was an exception. I know it's off topic but I see this sort of remark quite often. I am a single handed 70 yr old female. I prefer to go through locks on my own when I can take my time and be careful. If I insist on doing my share when I go through with another boat then they have to wait whilst I go up or down the ladder etc - this is embarrassing and can make me take risks. It therefore seems to be the politer and more sensible option to concur when they tell me to stay on my boat, but I can assure you there is no "expect" about it. With regard to the main question, I do have the rented-out property that I could return to option but have no intention of doing so, when I can no longer cc I will get a permanent mooring.
  3. most beautiful canal

    I am so excited to see that most of the canals voted for are ones that I haven't cruised yet. My favourite so far is the Shroppie. (coincidentally it is the one I am on at the moment).
  4. When does cheeky become insulting?

    I have an almost identical Liverpool boat also built in 2006. I bought it in 2008 for £45k (asking price was £52k) and it only had 200 hrs on it - hardly used. Some people are very scathing about Liverpool boats but I have been very pleased with mine. As everyone has said, you are in a very strong negotiating position and should get that price down quite a bit.
  5. Car registration and insurance

    Thanks, that's what I thought might happen, nobody can cope with anything slightly out of the normal these days. I got a load of quotes online and thought I'd put the marina address and discuss the situation when I rang the company I chose. Did this about 1 pm today, they took details and "someone would ring me back in an hour". Well they didnt so I rang again at 2.30 and was told I would be contacted shortly. I then received a call from my credit card company to check that it was kosher and of course during that time the insurance company called back and left a voicemail message for me to call. I have been calling ever since and just keep getting held in a queue. As I have to outside to get a signal this is miserable as well as frustrating. I am rapidly losing the will to live. As they have put my credit card through I assume they are insuring me but cant collect the car without confirmation. aaaaaaaaaagghhhhh. I hate insurance companies even more than bankers wish I'd seen this and Jakes reply before I'd committed.
  6. Car registration and insurance

    Thanks for these replies, I have been getting quotes online, difficult to speak to insurance companies on the phone because have to go outside to get a signal and in anycase most call centres workers cant handle anything a bit different to the norm. The SP30's seem to count with insurance companies for 5 years even though they are off your license in 3 - I get loaded 20% for having 2 of them.
  7. I have come into a fairly remote marina on the Shroppie for the winter and have decided to get a cheap little car which I will sell again when I set off in the spring. Trouble is that the insurance is costing nearly as much as the car as not having had one for 2 yrs I have lost the right to no claim discount (even after 50 years driving with very few claims) and I have 2 x SP30's from 2008. I generally use my son's central London address for official stuff so would normally register the car there. I don't want to insure the car at that address because if I do the price will go up even more. The car will be kept at the marina whilst I own it (when I travel to London during that time I will still go by train) so have given the marina address to the insurers. However, not sure if the marina owners will be happy for me to register the car here. Does anyone know if it matters if the insurance address is different to the registration address?
  8. I've never liked the smell of nappies soaking before washing. Reminds me of sibling rivalry when I was a kid. Fortunately I love my kid sister to bits these days but there's a lot of water and years under the bridge. After all she is 40 now!!!!! Oh bugger, that means I now old D Ah that explains it. I was wondering how you knew about soaking nappies in these disposable days
  9. Funeral Music

    here's mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TnfKmNRfLYU
  10. RIP Windfola

    This is very sad news. Catherine spent a day with me on the GU in May. She was very enthusiastic and good company. We tried to arrange further dates whilst I was still in reasonable reach of her home but somehow never got it together. I wish now that I had persevered and got to know her better.
  11. Engine Maintenance Course.

    I am a similiar ancient female who had absolutely no knowledge of engines when I bought my boat 3 years ago (never even looked under the bonnet on my car). I did the one day course on my own boat offered by RCR. I chose this as I knew that I had to be taught on my own engine to have any chance of remembering. I have been happily doing my own basic servicing ever since and havent had any problems - except when during a senior moment I poured water into the engine instead of the radiator - rang RCR and they told me how to fix it - soon sorted.
  12. Is there a diesel fairy?

    Thanks for the suggestions. After 4 hours cruising yesterday and 6 hrs today, I dipped the tank this evening and the surface of the diesel is still only 4" down, not sure if it is even below the bottom of the filler tube ( sorry about the technical language). Something else has just occurred to me, I changed the fuel filter and the water seperator since my last fill up so that will have used a bit of diesel as well. Could that have let some air into the system? Engine seems to be running very well.
  13. Is there a diesel fairy?

    I last filled up on 7th April (19 days ago) Have only travelled about 18 miles since but have run my engine 2hrs a day to charge batteries. I wanted to avail myself of Elsan and waste disposal facilities at a boatyard so thought Id top up my diesel whilst there. Unscrewed the cap and lo and behold, tank absolutely full! I have definitely not been anywhere during the last 19 days that I could have filled up and forgotten. Any ideas?
  14. Help Offered

    Hi I am currently at Croxley and will be travelling on through Cassiobury during the next week. pm me if this suits you
  15. it's curtains for me!

    Got an old singer under the bed(not jim Reeves) going to have a go Happy to give you some help might even offer to make them if you have some good boat fixing skills to offer in exchange. It sounds like you are at Brentford and thats where I am at the moment although due off at the weekend (Hanwell locks permitting).