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  1. Selling my body

    I disagree. Being "in" with the historical group is not about engine position. Being "in" with the historical group is about preserving historical craft, and their history, both distant and recent. Too much sterilisation of historic craft means their middle history is being lost to "authentic" cabins and the like and the need to put craft into "original trim". There is of course the issue of accommodation, but that can be overcome! If members of the "historical group" have an issue with the position of the engine, they are probably not worth being "in" with. Kind Regards Dan
  2. Modern "old" engines

    You should see the other sheds.....full they are.....
  3. Modern "old" engines

    This is what in looking at doing with our Beta 75! Dan
  4. Historic Boats for sale online

    Jim we seemed to have missed each other this year at the various gatherings but if Owl is anything to go by the restoration of Hampton will be first class and I look forward to seeing her, and you both very soon. Kind regards Dan
  5. Pair of ex-working boats

  6. Pair of ex-working boats

    Did we ever find out which pair this was?
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    Having seen a stagnated butty market for a couple of years now, I would question her selling at that price as butties less than half that didn't sell. I wish them luck. Dan
  8. River Nene Mooring

    Hi Colin No we left last March as we now run a Boatyard in the Midlands so relocated. Be careful with the wording residential..... We took our mooring as it was advertised as residential. What they mean is 12 month liveaboard. There is no residential address. Everyone uses the manor over the road. They tried to not accept it as an address at which point I mentioned the fact they had mis-sold a residential mooring and explained the subtle yet important differences. The moorers there are fantastic. There's a great community which we felt part of. I can't comment on management as that has changed but ultimately you are living on a holiday park with a pub balcony and entertainment complex overlooking the marina which some like and some don't. Our mooring backed into the pub balcony which got loud at times. Hope this helps! Dan
  9. Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    We visited Ilkeston this year. As we run the Boatyard closest to the site it was a good opportunity to get out and talk to people. The stalls were good and the boats looked great. But. With the exception of Primrose Engineering who have a good stall, and the stove supplier, there was no other stands for boaters supplies. Not everyone who visited was obviously a boater but they were a large demographic who were. I feel for a waterways festival there should have been more stalls for "bits and bobs" and basic chandlery. Dan
  10. Pair of ex-working boats

    Having seen Mabel and Forget me Not advertised in several groups on Facebook I have put an open offer on the table of heavily discounted dry docking should anyone be able to take them on and get them to Langley Mill. I feel a tad more than a Sunday afternoon job though. Dan
  11. Classic Range smokebox

    Speak to Norton Canes Boatbuilders at Glascote Basin, Sarah has some Epping ones which I think fit. Kind regards Dan
  12. Vintage Engines

    There is that, having said that, spares become readily available through the medium of baler engines and stationaries coming on the market. because of that, they are better for obsolete spares than most, as long as you're willing to get your hand dirty. And yes, we have 5. and a 3 pot. and a 1 pot........ Dan
  13. Vintage Engines

    There's also the AS2
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    yes they are! Here you go, these are a set made for my BCN day boat, including one for a mast, and one for a stove pipe.......just in case! Originally we were going to have an undercloth fit out..... until we bought Oak and Ash. Kind Regards Dan
  15. Vintage Engines

    Engine beds are easy to add in at the build stage, there are several craft with the K2 in, and they certainly turn heads, but as mentioned above, with most vintage engines, it's all about the swim, and stern post depth. It would be good to know how far in the build is, who's building it, and max swingable prop. Kind Regards Dan