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  1. Visitor mooring at Keadby

    I think you will have to enter the Stainforth and Keadby. I believe you might be able to moor near the Sanitary Station there. Failing that, you will have to go to Thorne.
  2. Where to moor?

    The part of the world you are referring to is very expensive for moorings. I think you are being unrealistic in your cost expectations. Residential moorings are very hard to find. The best way to find moorings is to short list all the marinas in the area and visit them in person. Try calling your local BW office but I would look for a non-residential mooring first.
  3. Does size matter (widebeam)

    Yes with a 12ft beam, you would be excluded from cruising on the narrow canals. I've seen a map somewhere on the net showing where you would and wouldn't be able to cruise.
  4. Why is this forum becoming a joke !!!

    I like a lot of members, have membership of several forums. CWF is good for technical content because it has a lot of members as it has been running for a lot longer and therefore, I suspect, a greater depth of technical experience amongst its following. However, I find the other forums less argumentative/negative and a bit more positive and fresh. I believe all the canal forums have different strengths and weaknesses - I guess its a bit like deciding whether to watch ITV or BBC !! P.S my signature link is because that was my first introduction to canal forums and first loves always last the longest .
  5. Hit & Run

    Hi BSP. Its all gone a bit quiet. Hope he is now firmly on the mend.
  6. New Boat

    The BW registration number stays with the boat - its really the main way BW have of identifying the hull with names being very secondary.
  7. Solar Panels

    Thanks everybody for your contributions. Mixed reviews huh. I think I'll defer it for a bit longer to see what happens with the technology.
  8. broadband on the move?

    Does it support an external aerial ??
  9. Solar Panels

    For some time now, I have been considering solar panels. Since the rain stopped and the sun came out, I've been thinking about it again. I've surfed the tinternet but there are so many types out there and so many different prices, its all a bit confusing. Any advice ??
  10. The perfect way to say "Sorry"

    You're American aren't you ?? Yes well I've been to New Orleans and judging by the way American women lift their tops for coloured beads - well I rest my case.
  11. The perfect way to say "Sorry"

    stupid woman - she knows not what she doth
  12. New Boat

    I've been following the build of this boat for a while. Mike has a very interesting website. Congratulations Mike.
  13. buying a nb

    Its quite possible he just wants to do some long overdue jobs before the boat is surveyed because he knows it will be picked up by the surveyor. I think all boats have jobs that need doing and often never get done until something like this jolts us out of our lethargy.
  14. Canoists - can we moan about them?

    We all have a right to be on the water. The control of canoes varies depending on the attitude/experience of the instructor. Like people on forums, some are muppets. Most instructors will shepherd the group to the side and let the narrowboat pass, to ensure the safety of his group, which has already been said, he has a duty of care for. Many of these kids are the future users of our canals.
  15. Why is this forum becoming a joke !!!

    At least by excluding everybody but me, I offend all or none - there are no individual victims.