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  1. Modern "old" engines

    That sounds possible I'm off to search Ebay for WW1 aero engines Richard
  2. Modern "old" engines

    Don't know. I do wonder if it is a party trick involving spilling petrol into the exhaust. Or maybe the carb is useless at such low speeds Richard
  3. Modern "old" engines

    It's not going to do their Lycra any good at all This would be worse I'll help you with that - and give you £20 for those dusty old engines cluttering up your shed Richard
  4. Modern "old" engines

    Or this Richard
  5. Modern "old" engines

    Sounds like a lot of faff. Easier to totally silence the exhaust then use an MP3 player and a speaker. You can have any engine sound you want Richard
  6. Modern "old" engines

    I believe (which means I'm probably wrong) that the 3 cylinder for the Beta JD3 was an old John Deere design, which is why it was chosen for the job. One of the last slow revving diesels Richard
  7. Modern "old" engines

    Where would you buy one of them then? Richard
  8. Sailaway

    If you want a boat, buy a boat. If you want a boat building project, buy a sailaway How much time do you have to commit to this? Richard
  9. Modern "old" engines

    From memory, it hinges around who is the constructor (the boat builder or the buyer) and the RCD. Richard
  10. Modern "old" engines

    There are ways of doing this even into a clonecraft. And before you ask, I can't remember the details, I heard it from a boatbuilder. Richard
  11. Modern "old" engines

    And yet, there are still new boats being built that are having ancient engines fitted in them I'm biased of course, being a purveyor of 2 pot Listers Richard
  12. Going through tunnels

    Well, yes - but Vulpes roof is only three foot wide Richard
  13. Going through tunnels

    There are hundreds of Liverpool boats on the cut that don't seem to have the problem you are trying to solve Richard
  14. Going through tunnels

    If you are really having trouble in tunnels. your best bet is invest in some proper lighting. Holding the front of the cabin in the middle of the light up tunnel at the front helps a lot. We often stick a light on the cabin slide at the back pointing upwards. That helps too. So does the rear light that illuminates the deck and the tunnel sides Richard