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  1. Go on - why do you ask? Richard
  2. Find yourself a Kemble Minx A reasonably common upright piano that is very overstrung so it is very compact The strings are the same length as a much taller piano so it has a good sound. There are several on Ebay at the moment My Mum has one she used to play Chopin on Richard
  3. Sort of. They make up a vee bottom and partial sides. The boat is floated onto this in a dry dock, then sits on the new 'hull' as thwe water is emptied out This 'hull' is then welded in No idea what happens at the back where the propeller comes out, and I don't think this repair comes above the waterline £3000 sounds a bargain for that kind of repair, I was expecting over twice that Richard
  4. Moored in the wrong place.

    Between lock 8 and 9 Richard
  5. Moored in the wrong place.

    The Lapworth flight was a particularly poor choice for overnight mooring for one hire boat we found. We had to move the boat so we could enter the next lock Richard
  6. Are you planning to take a mooring in summer and cruise in the winter? You had better start learning about this if you are: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/winter/ Richard
  7. I'm wondering if that is a steel hull/GRP topped boat. The front edge of the cabin roof looks that way Richard
  8. Burton narrowboats

    I understand that. Firstly, if they built about a dozen, they must have been moderately successful. They didn't build one then go bust. Secondly, there are 33,000 canal boats in the UK. You are looking for the owners of twelve of these on a forum that is only a small fraction of the boat owning population. You might get lucky, certainly worth a try Richard
  9. It looks like the port window hinges up Richard
  10. Burton narrowboats

    If you check here: https://canalplan.eu/boats/boats.php There are about a dozen boats built by 'Burton Narrowboats' Richard
  11. Single Alternator

    We have a single alternator that charges both the starter and leisure batteries. It's a pretty common setup on boats I'm struggling to remember the last boat I worked on with two Richard
  12. No, I don't. The market for boats like that has been absorbed by folk buying them and going to live in the south east. Boats in that range now are going to need work doing to them no matter what If you end up having to get hull work done on a Springer it can get quite expensive. The hull shape means you have to have special bostocks to support it. The most effective repair seems top be to make a new hull vee bottom and partial sides, sail the boat onto that and then weld the whole thing in place. That's a lot of money, probably half your budget Best value for money in that price range is probably a GRP boat Richard Old hull, dodgy welding on well deck cover, curious modification to front windows... Nice colour Richard
  13. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    It doesn't Richard
  14. I would look for a different boat. This is a bit like 'classic' cars. It's relatively easy to buy one that needs restoring, it takes about a weekend to fully strip down. Then it takes between five and ten years to put back together, or get fed up with it and sell as a project If you really mean to take up the whole floor of a boat, you'll have to remove most of the interior. You'll then be dissatisfied with what you took out and want to replace with new. Then you might as well redecorate and have a nice new bed and kitchen. Oh, and maybe rewire and fit LED lights, solar panels, an inverter would be nice... Meanwhile you are struggling for time to work on the boat, paying for a mooring and the license and insurance on a boat you can't use Spend more on a useable boat and go boating Richard