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  1. Most beautifull waterway

    Also soon to have the equivelent of the Denham west Dreyton gravel run! The Peak Forest in parts has to be my favourite, it reminds me of the Hovis advert and the shroppie with its lovely coloured rocks lining the cut.
  2. Unusual boats.

    I like it, its got character
  3. Spate of thefts recently

    The worst that was stolen, was one of our neighbours dog, a terrier, he went missing from outside his boat along Gunpowder Wharf on the 8th Feb obviously the owner is gutted, who would do such a thing. Things stolen from Langford Lane moorings have been. A Honda Generator, Pumpout toilet waste tank and a Flogas Gas bottle full and just delivered. Around a month ago I saw a white truck in the BW compound next to our car park, there were 3 or 4 hoodied lads and a older guy milling around in there, when they saw us, they got back in the truck and drove off. I did contact BW as the padlock had been taken off the gate but they didn't seem to worried about it, the padlock has not been replaced.

    Bones, you could always borrow Bob's electric pump he got it from Lee Sanitation, good length of hose, and then you could see what you think of it. Wendy
  5. Gas locker wanted

    Thankyou both, will give the marina a ring.
  6. Gas locker wanted

    Anybody know where you can get a locker fabricated for gas bottle to go on the back deck of a Dutch Barge? Preferably in the Lee and Stort area? Thankyou
  7. Safe distance between moored boats

    Was that real then, when the gas bottles were taking off like rockets?
  8. Selling stuff from towpath - legal?

    12 years ago I asked the local BWB Manager if I needed to get a licence to sell plants from my boat. He said as long as I did not earn over £25,000 pa there was no need to get a licence and that he would send me a letter of dispensation. A couple of years ago, I phoned Watford as I needed a gold licence and at the same time asked if I needed a low intensity licence to sell my plants. The lady replied, if your only selling a few plants from the roof of your boat, I would'nt bother. Hope this helps, Wendy
  9. Safe distance between moored boats

    Did anyone see an episode of "Londons Burning" When a load of gas bottle went up like fireworks flying all over the place,
  10. Safe distance between moored boats

    I remember a while back, 3 boats were breasted up, one boats gas went up and took the other 2 with it
  11. Safe distance between moored boats

    It depends where they are
  12. Talking to the fire brigade about safe distances between residential boats. We were told that the regulations for caravans was three m basically because of having gas on board and thought that boats would be the same. BW say 1m, what do you recon? Wendy
  13. I bought the 2.5 x 4 now I am wondering if I should get some biger ones as well, when I go to Midland Chandlers in Braunston tomorrow, as I noticed yesterday that mine has 6 in all and not 4 as I thought. If after say 7 or 8 years they still look in good nick does that mean there is a problem, as the one in the middle of the boat I saw yesterday looked in good shape (through the water anyway) ? Wendy
  14. Help needed, how to set up wifi connection

    Thankyou both for the info, we will try the suggestions, Wendy