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  1. Winter Moorings Prices ?

    For storage maybe yes but not residential they only take 8 boats and we got the last residential place for this winter in March!! thats unless a lot have given back word!
  2. Sharpness to Bristol

    Aint the internet wonderfull!!!
  3. Sharpness to Bristol

    Perhaps the date of Carols OP
  4. Sharpness to Bristol

    Kyp & Carol did the trip this June 2014 So that wont work sorry!
  5. I Have been Deemed Not to Be A Continuous Cruiser

    We have a traders licence My wife is a commission artist I am an RYA Instructor and we are Ccer's we have taken BW/CRT winter moorings without problems for the last 8 years. We got our email telling us that winter moorings would go on sale 1st October this year and that we were eligible as per usual! As it happens we are going into the Saltersford arm this winter so will not be taking up their kind offer.
  6. That will be me then!! Its actually Oasis Too the share boat that we used to be on The one that nearly got swept into the Pershore sluice stream on the Avon in 2007 and made the six O Clock news! Anyway great to meet Cheshire Rose and we really enjoyed the Chesterfield.
  7. Green River

    Selby canal in same state so thick in basin did not need fenders down!
  8. Standedge tunnel clearance gauge

    Could be if you want someone steering the butty a hotel pair had all kinds of problems i believe and ended up strapping the tiller straight as Bw did not appear to have H&S paperwork for this!
  9. Standedge tunnel clearance gauge

    You will definitely have a CRT guy on the boat with you all through the passage Its an experience we are about to repeat in about a fortnight.
  10. Guests are all fine gutted but fine. Martin from Pennine is back in the morning to change oil in engine and have second go at getting it started! Boat is fully booked!!!!
  11. Its up and out of the lock engine may be ok but inside looks to be a write off!!
  12. Did not spot that until I had hit post!!
  13. Currently being floated by the guys from Pennine Cruisers
  14. Hire boat down in Highland lock currently being pumped out! Apparently stuck on a stone when washed back into the corner of gates bwhilst coming up!