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  1. Trad boat and old engines.

    The Kromhout I had was a total loss oil system (M1) The engine room always smelt of diesel/fumes. Going through a tunnel near Kings Norton ? it was particularly heavy on the lungs.
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    They are nice.ive been on a couple.The headroom is very limited in most of the hull.
  3. Who is the painter?

    I`ve looked closer and they could be transfers.
  4. Who is the painter?

    Can anyone identify the painter of this?
  5. Quietening a semi-diesel exhaust

    Yes I have heard of this happening. I`m not sure the rubber would survive and it could be a fire risk in the engine room. My expansion box had an inspection hatch in the bottom and I fitted a drain tap to get rid of the oily tar that built up. This wouldn't help with sooty solids though.
  6. Quietening a semi-diesel exhaust

    Cougar hose and hydraulics.0121 559 8787. internal diameter was 4" or 100mm. The image you have looks similar.
  7. Quietening a semi-diesel exhaust

    On the Kromhout I used 4" straight through from the expansion/scavenging box. Two things I did reduced the noise. A rubber section in the 4" pipe near to the expansion box and a longer external end pipe. I used a stove chimney.
  8. Fire service boat safety week.

    It is a national initiative. Check your local Fire service web site for any activity in your area.
  9. Week beginning 24th May is national boat safety week for the Fire service. On the 25th I will be in the area of Gas Street Basin , Birmingham offering free safety advice for things like cooking and escape plans for boat owners, including fitting free smoke alarms. If anyone would like us to come to your boat or you are passing through the area and would like this free service please let me know. Regards , Kevin.
  10. Nb Firefly

    It was Florence you did the repair on.The engine did come out shortly afrer.New owner.
  11. hmmm should i or ............;

    I agree. 20 k would seem a more realistic price. Was this moored at Stourport ?
  12. Sealing Threads

    On the fuel injection side. The fittings have a taper and are brass or bronze.
  13. Could anyone recommend something to seal threads on diesel fittings? PTFE tape seems to be broken down by diesel. Cheers.
  14. Tugs

    I've been on this boat, its fit out is basic but fantastic. Its a well engineered boat built by a knowledgeable owner. The engine is almost a sister to mine, brought into the UK by the same person.