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  1. Looking at google maps it looks OK. If you follow the path up to the right of the tunnel mouth it should lead you to stoke road. Where i went wrong is i saw ventalation shafts for the tunnel to the left of the path and walked across to them rather than following the path. Stoke Road looks fine to walk on at night as I guess it's not too busy so as long as you carry a light I can't see that you'll have a problem. On google maps the footpath back onto the canal at the north end has a small white "canal" sign fixed to the footpath sign so i am sure you will find this OK Just follow the path and don't stray off it like I did!. Good luck
  2. Jesus had the advantage of being able to walk on water! Would have been a doddle for Him! Thanks for finding the time to post Marc even when you have everything else to think about. I once spent a night in a pill box on The Kennet and Avon when I was too tired to pitch a tent having covered 40 miles in a canoe, surprisingly comfortable!
  3. I once got a bit lost trying to walk over the top of Blisworth Tunnel, I hope you find your way OK when you get there,
  4. Good luck and keep posting when you can. What an adventure and I have the pleasure of doing it with you from the comfort of my computer chair.
  5. Broken paddle...

    Oh Horace this causes further confusion in my brain. Your argument would hold true for ground paddles or gate paddles which are fully submerged on both sides but I was thinking more of gate paddles discharging into a deep empty lock and so discharging into air not water .... then we need one set of ratios for discharge into air and one for discharge into water further complicated by the fact that as the lock fill the paddles will then be discharging underwater and we revert to the situation you describe. My answer to the OP therefore is "I don't know ... too confusing"
  6. Broken paddle...

    But Horace I would argue that H will be less if you are drawing from two paddles as the drop in water level that occurs just above the top gates of a lock when you open the paddles will be greater if two paddles are being used at once.
  7. Broken paddle...

    Mike asked how long to fill the lock not how long to transit it! If a paddle is say 1m below water level I can't see that the rate at which water goes through it will be affected by whether another paddle is open a few metres away....... but then again if the water level just above the top gates dropped a bit may be it would make a difference ..........?
  8. Best speed and course on a river

    I would have thought travel through the water at a speed that the boat is comfortable at, likely to be 4 to 5mph in a NB. If you are going upstream you will travel over the ground a bit slower and if going down you will be a bit faster. If the current is up at 3mph or more your main consideration would be safety not economy but you would certainly have to be careful not to overheat your engine and that depends on your individual boat so as others have said ... too many variables!
  9. Sounds like an adventure, please let us know how you get on by porting on here. Good luck!
  10. Loughborough Breach

    I do remember that, I think it was mid 80's and I was a volunteer on The Peter Le Marchant Boat Symphony which I think was in her first season. When the level started dropping the full time skipper managed to get her the 100 yds from her mooring (where it was then) to Loughborough Lock and so the boat was able to run for a season from The Plough at Normanton. From what I remember the breach was into the culvert where the Wood Brook runs under the canal ... see link below https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.7775546,-1.2137301,127a,35y,301.78h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3 At The time the Peter Le Marchant Moorings were where the cars are parked right by the canal North West of the bridge.
  11. Wolverhampton Locks

    I must admit i was thinking of Northern Handcuff locks, it's a while since I have done The Wolverhampton 21! I can also confirm that I have carried out a scientific test to see if a handcuff key floats, ..... I discovered that it doesn't so hopefully that will save any one else trying the same test!
  12. Wolverhampton Locks

    I don't know how many "crew" you have but you really need a handcuff key for each person lock wheeling plus one for whoever is steering, otherwise you spend your whole time passing it back and forwards.
  13. Hard aground

    Ah yes , I see it! Thank you! I will bear that in mind next time I am lucky enough to be on the HNC!
  14. Hard aground

    Lock landing on The Huddersfield Narrow! Where? I have never seen one!