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  1. Yank - Locked in For Hire from Chirk

    Sainsbury's have one hour slots which may make it easier ... I don't know if they deliver to Chirk!
  2. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    The amount of cruising you are doing batteries really should not be an issue! I hope you get it sorted.
  3. Going through tunnels

    I absolutely agree, the real effort in Standedge is concentrating that hard for that long, I was mentally exhausted after I steered through.
  4. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    There's an interesting thatched church just across the fields if that sort of thing interests you. Quite a pleasant walk.
  5. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Isn't nether Locke a forum member?
  6. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Excellent News I have a holiday booked for next week ... the same week as Naughty-Cal!
  7. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    I spent a night moored at The Bell Inn in St Olaves in May, I found it very noisy with the traffic going over the bridge all night but I guess you will be better sound insulated than we were. I also remember quite a big tidal drop there, well over a metre which is a lot for someone more used to canals and rivers, but I guess that's small for you. It was certainly a bit tricky when you find the bank higher than the top of the tent in the morning" sorry I can't seem to get rid of the upside down photo at the bottom of this post
  8. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    I'll let you know by PM when I get back.
  9. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Have a great trip , I look forward to reading about it, where do you plan to go on the broads or are you going to make it up as you go along...... you won't know what to do with all that space after Naughty Cal! I am off for a week on this but I think that's rather outside the brief of this forum!
  10. What do you wish I already knew?

    My tip is more a personal preference for me but hire a boat that is big enough to take you all without having to convert the table to a bed every night. It's a pain to do and inevitably the people using that bed want to go to bed first and get up last! When I see novices struggling to handle a boat it is generally because they have failed to realise that the back of the boat will go to the left as you turn right and vice versa, and one final tip is if in doubt slow down then of you hit anything it won't hurt! Welcome to England / Wales and bring your wet weather gear, it rains over here!
  11. Birmingham canals

    Sorry perhaps I wasn't clear I was meaning you get to do Farmers Bridge when traveling between the B and F and Gas Street which you would need to do to complete The Warwick Ring when using the North Stratford.
  12. Birmingham canals

    Referring back to the OPs original comment, The Warwick ring barely touches Birmingham as you come in on the Birmingham and Fazeley and go straight out again up Camp Hill on The Grand Union. If you have a fortnight I would strongly recommend using the North Stratford and the top end of the Worcester and Birmingham as your route into / out of Birmingham rather than The Grand Union via Camp Hill. That way you get to see Gas Street Basin and Farmers Bridge Locks which alt least give a bit more flavour of what Birmingham is like. If you have time to spare you could do a day out and back from Gas Street to explore the Old main line and back via the new main line plus one or two loops if you want! Whatever you do, have a great trip and if you have a Nicholson or Pearson guide you won't get lost!
  13. They may not like it but in fact they are not allowed to try and influence your choice of Pharmacy and you can change as often as you like. That said you also want to try and keep a good relationship with you surgery so I can see that is a tricky one. You could always ask the pharmacy near the canal to change your registration on the NHS spine, it doesn't have to be the surgery that does the work.
  14. Yank looking for trip ideas.

    It is off google maps, but yes it is a bit weird, in fact the blonde woman who is cut off at the legs appears in full on the other side of the path!
  15. Stratford upon Avon to Tonbridge

    It's a long boat to take by road, can you put 71ft on a lorry?