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  1. But as you know, they always say good things in the adverts. But I did see a sign outside a pub once saying something like bad beer crap food, unfriendly staff .............Dave
  2. Best is 2 pack but these Must have a shot blast first, and are probably best put on by a boatyard though DIY is possible. If you are using ordinary blacking then what you use Must be compatible with what is already on there, some do Not mix and match. Red oxide is surprisingly counter productive, though there are special primers available. Blacking is designed to stick to bare rough steel and will not stick nearly so well to a primer. Scrape all the loose old stuff and loose rust off but you do not need to go right back to shiny steel, if you do use an angle grinder etc aim to leave a rough surface. ..............Dave
  3. CRT and continuous cruising

    Really can't answer that on a public forum, pm sent. ...........Dave
  4. CRT and continuous cruising

    Yup you could be right. Red Lion is all a bit trendy and arty but Saturday night is more of a rough locals night event with full on Karaoke. Now maybe it was the beer but it did appear to be Karaoke like I have never witnessed before because everybody who sang could actually sing and sing well. Highlight for me was a stereotypical old northern bloke, right down to the flat cap, doing a splendid job of "born to be wild". ..............Dave
  5. CRT and continuous cruising

    Vegan cheese is available and it actually tastes ok, though nothing like cheese, dunno how its made. The slimy bit at the top of the burger is, I suspect, a lump of semi melted pure gluten!. My daughters boyfriend is vegan and I have been pleasantly surprised by the food that he produces, in fact I could easily become vegan myself if only they produced a decent proper cheddar (and a Stilton, and a smoked Wensleydale and ......) ............Dave
  6. March of the Wide Beams

    You are correct, we are getting upset about a small problem on a very small part of the system so its probably not worth worrying about it (worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere ) Of more concern is the many many miles of wide canals that are full of widebeams (handled by inexperienced or just selfish owners) where lack of dredging, vegetation, or just a large number of moored boats are no longer really suitable for widebeams. Thats a bigger problem and much harder to fix. There are lots and lots of places on the K&A where I can not safely pass a bigger widebeam. I suspect that some of the wide canals where not built to allow two widebeams to pass and a load of widebeams to be moored. And there are both a Heron and a Kingfisher moored on adjacent trees right outside my window. ...............Dave
  7. CRT and continuous cruising

    Yeah, I did suspect, I was not looking at the forum last night as it was open mic night at the Red Lion, some seriously talented people up at Winsford. But really, I was just looking for a reason to use the Gluten Burger photo, just like you had to wait for months to use that piano picture . ............Dave
  8. CRT and continuous cruising

    Good grief is calling somebody a vegan now a personal insult?? Vegans are ordinary people just the same as everybody else, and even enjoy a bit of junk food. Very unhealthy vegan burger from a fast food place in Picton Street, Bristol (where else could this happen ). ................Dave
  9. CRT and continuous cruising

    They don't move often but when they do it can be big trouble. There is a small fleet of the things for hire on the K&A and they certainly move. A widebeam hotel boat, possibly late to pick up guests, past at serious speed a few years ago, that was not good. Last winter I stopped to open a Swing Bridge, secured the boat to a mooring bollard on the centre line (with hindsight a foolish move) and an approaching wide beam, rather than waiting for me, decided to make an almighty dash to get through. My boat dropped several inches as he pulled all the water away then rose up as he passed instantly snapping the centre line. But as you have suggested, its not really about speed or tickover, its down to canal width and depth, and the way to do it is to watch the boats you are passing to see how much they move and adjust speed accordingly. Nobody slows down on the Bridgewater, but then again Bridgewater boats don't slow down when they are not on the bridgewater! Wish the forum would stop moaning about widebeams never moving, it really is best that they don't ............Dave
  10. CRT and continuous cruising

    So are you saying that a boat will be disturbed less by passing boats if its on moored on rings rather than pins? Have you ever actually been on a (correctly) moored boat on a typical canal when a large widebeam goes past at 4 mph ??? Many canals have a saucer profile, they were made that way, so its not really a case of dredging to the edge, more like reprofiling and maybe relining and building a new edge. Many boats display a "sow down or pass at tickover" notice. Maybe you should "put your money where your mouth is" and whenever you moor erect a notice saying "Please pass at normal maximum cruising speed"
  11. This is very true, do you want to risk your home and sanity based upon legal advice given to you by a bloke on a forum with no legal expertise whatsoever?. If you have the time to investigate you will find a few court judgements in canal cases which did not turn out quite as the legal "experts" here were 100% certain they would. CaRT really do NOT like the idea that having a home mooring lets you behave like a bad continuous cruiser somewhere else, and do you blame them?. ............Dave
  12. CRT and continuous cruising

    I see lots of problems with this though it would be a very good thing for a small number of people. It would be complicated and time consuming to administer. CaRT do not have the legal powers to implement or properly control it so it would be abused, with court cases from "the usual suspects" challenging exactly how much work they have done. Quite a few of the people who want to remain in one place want to freeload (and believe it their right to do so) and quite a few have lost their work ethic to drink and drugs (oooh the truth is sometimes harsh), so will just continue to freeload by not really working thus creating more bad feeling and divisions. The canal would benefit hugely from more younger boaters and families who genuinely want to live on and love the waterways. It really does not need people with no interest in the cut moving here in search of cheap housing. There is already an option to sign on and get the licence paid, and even mooring and boat refurbishment, for those on no income. I also suspect that most of the people who would benefit from this scheme would actually find work to pay for a mooring in the usual way. If it did work then bits of London and Bradford on Avon would be really really clean, whilst the rest of the system got even more neglected. ..............Dave
  13. CRT and continuous cruising

    Not sure that this is still true. A few years ago I gave potential new boaters the advice "if you keep your boat clean and tidy and speak pleasantly to the enforcement officer then you can get away with almost anything". I think things have changed. Numbers are now written down by an anonymous data recorders and fed into a computers that makes impartial decisions that are then acted upon by a person in an office who has probably not even seen the boat in question. In your observations it might be that the recorder is on a specific mission to record certain boats that are already of interest, and also some of them are in the habit of walking past the boats they are recording, memorising the number, and stopping a few yards later to enter that number into the little computer. ..............Dave
  14. Its a difficult one but I do like to give an honest and balanced view. This forum does get a bit bogged down on debating the rules and regulations, and the legal background to these, so as a real long term continuous cruiser who travels extensively (and knows the K&A well) I feel I should give a view of what its really like. For a newcomer to the waterways its very difficult to get a view of what its really like just by reading stuff. I should have added that if you bend the rules and get unlucky or bend just a bit too far then you can get into very serious trouble very quickly, and once on this mythical CaRT Radar its hard to get off, and that the accepted level of rule bending can change from time to time and place to place. On your speeding analogy, I would have given the advice "many people regard 80 as an informal speed limit on the motorways and feel they are unlikely to get into trouble driving at this speed". That does not mean that I am condoning or recommending it. When the OP first drives on the motorway we don't want him to conclude "everybody is driving at 80, those people on that forum talk a load of rubbish". ...............Dave
  15. To be fair to the OP I would say that 30 miles would be safer and it is the Range, not distance, and that just 4 mooring spots is sailing close to the wind. Also this bloke on the omnibus might well say this is woefully inadequate. I think CaRT do not say that this is adequate to be bone fide, just that at present they are unlikely to take action over this cruising pattern. If congestion continues to worsen at some locations then this guidance might well change in future. Actually I think the distance is not so much 20 miles or 30 miles but a distance that just exceeds that distance between Bath and the bottom of Devizes flight. .............Dave