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  1. my gunwhales are full of foam and metal i could posibly get a fixing on the one side to a batton,but how can i make a secure fixing for water and gas ect? thanks
  2. selftapping screws?

    not 100 persent what to do think the 6mm will possibly be a little much for selftappers or maybe not? I do have a tap and die set but its draper and has only one tap per size so i think its for re cutting the worse senario is a snapped tap right at the bottom said bottom think i might buy a set from julynians link still theres no room for swingin so will have to be in the cordless thanks guys..........and bones also many more questions like gas pipe how is this normally done is it ok to cut holes on the gas locker some sort of protective gromit through the hull with copper pipe into the galley into hob and cooker using the least amount of fittings,with a gas tap on the pointy end so i can isolate so i dont blow up (i do have some gas and plumbing experience)are solderd fitings more risky due to vibration? thanks
  3. hi all i want to screw down my water tank filling thing my boat has fine long screws to screw down the mushroom vents where do i get these? thanks
  4. Dog Poo Bags

    have to say people moaning about dog poo caused this problem,people should be encouraged to chuck the poo in the hedge,or chuck the dog in the canal,or just crap every where..........
  5. sailaway questions

    thanks guys
  6. i have a few fit out questions,my diesel tank currently has 10 litres of fuel in it as i leave it in a rural location and have no locking cap,but judging by the ammout of water from condensation in the water tank i must presume,i have some in the diesel there is a seperator on the engine but how much can this remove and do i have to drain it? Also where in birmingham can i get quality faced ply thanks

    scary my boats just arround the bend from there,and have to say i saw a similar coloured boat just outside whittington 2 weekends ago just before the sunken boat hope its just overdue and just left somewhere
  8. Major disaster

    think you like mast debates to much
  9. Uprating my boats security system

    so cute it doesnt look real,bet its a bugger gettin the batterys in

    hellooo, Iam awating completion of my sailaway and am looking for stuff as you do ,iam considering a 24 volt electics to save on cable are these batteries on ebay as good as they sound, and how would i check if there ok? thanks http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/12VOLT-76-APH-SEALED...A1%7C240%3A1318
  11. Converting windows to portholes

    ureka i think i have it.....................simply over plate the whole side with 3mm and weld ???????? would this work ?there would be minimal distorsion and heat might take some patching inside
  12. Cranfleet Cut theft

    look on ebay they did have a mesh insert like for a sink but simply will not allow a hose down the tanks hole,you could silicone it in to reduce the chance of stuff falling in the tank
  13. 30 meter Narrowboat

    garys boat is called Christine
  14. Freezers

    in the spec its lists power cut out time 17 hours ,does this mean it will be ok with no power for 17 hours,?? ie if i used a generator when i got home for say four hours would it get down to temp then i could leave it over night and the following day and return and do the same again ice cream would me nice? thanks
  15. Disaster

    you could mark your nuts ie a drop of paint at 12 oclock,not the time..........although doing it at 12 could balance the chi