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  1. Caen Hill Locks Sunday

    Lutine is now at Devizes Wharf - descent delayed until Tuesday due to lack of crew (I didn't fancy single handing all 29 locks, or even most of them, today!)
  2. Rexit

    The paradox is that we can, under EU rules, send non-british EU nationals away if they didn't work or have independent means. Now, the EU nationals are able to work here but they choose not to, we are no longer friendly so they look elsewhere. So we let people stay even though we didn't have to and now others stay away even though they don't have to, without a single law having yet changed Or someone who knows their Latin but is being obtuse!
  3. Rexit

    Rexit sounds more like Reading making a bid for independence, or perhaps a Technology Institute in Wrexham
  4. Caen Hill Locks Sunday

    Hi all. Lutine is at Horton, and tomorrow my intention in to move her to Devizes and probably down the first few locks. Sunday then the plan is to descend "the 16" and probably a few more. Time constraints, including daylight, a radio show, and effectively commuting from Frome limit the length of day. I know you CAN do Horton to the bottom lock in one day, but I'm not going to. If anyone would like to help, especially on Sunday, be much appreciated!
  5. FAO Carlt

    The Lynmouth one is water powered so it is probably let down faster in foul weather
  6. Norman Boats Website

    I think that posts in this forum area need to be approved - I'm not sure I've visited this bit of the forum before and was only dimly aware of it's existence With regard to the original query, the website domain belongs to the "Norman Boats Appreciation Society": I've just googled them and get the same response from their home page
  7. Broken paddle...

    I would suggest, yer 'onor, that this depends on the paddles. Two ground paddles where the outfall into the lock face each other I can see some small reduction when the second paddle opens. Two paddles feeding one culvert (some of the narrow Trent and Mersey locks) I can definitely see the second one not doubling the flow, but two top gate paddles, as at Towney Lock, where the outlets are several feet above lower water level? Not so much...
  8. A return to D&IWE areas or the beginning of the end of CRT??

    "Dainwex" in the good old telegraph days If they go back to that structure in full, the K&A will be split between two regions...
  9. Car engine running cool

    Nope! Carried onto Cwmbran and am now back in Frome This wasn't an my first encounter with the problem, just the longest run so far - most trips have been around 20 miles and I suspected I had a fault, Magor was fifty and I realised I definitely had a problem! I had noticed the fuel consumption is up about 10%, but had put this down to the car needing a service. Obviously not...
  10. Car engine running cool

    Car engine rather than boat. My car, T reg 1.4 petrol VW Golf with 117000 on the clock. I have recently felt the car is not getting that warm inside and also noticed that the engine temperature gauge is taking a long time to lift off the bottom, although of you stop, are slow in traffic or the engine works hard (up a hill). It climbs a bit further. I'm now sitting at Magor services, some fifty miles from home, as I arrived the gauge was almost at the bottom, it's now cl8mbed about a quarter of the way up, just out of "cold". Also I've had The car heater on full all the way, which should have the car unbearably hot, but it's "warm enough". The outside temp is above freezing so the day isn't so cold as to make a difference. Yet I've lifted the bonnet and the engine block is almost too hot to touch, which is what I'd expect. Coolant is half way between min and max I'm puzzled...
  11. Mud and darkness are poor companions, especially if carrying a load. I only did a few hundred yards in the dark tonight getting to the boat with my overnight bag and some shopping, but it was as slow as wading through treacle, even with a head torch. One problem is the mud often slopes towards the canal... Realistically you only have daylight hours for covering distance, and at the moment that's not much more than 8 hours a day.
  12. In ten days you could be in the Manchester area, which whilst not close is a lot closer than sharpness and with good rail services etc. If the situation still pertains come Easter, start moving again towards Ripon
  13. Advent Calendar (for your engine!)

    After we've exhausted the other options
  14. How Many Straws To Break The Camel’s Back ?

    The magic is there if one is open to it - and might even get a bit better if the grumpy ones depart the waters... I've gone from one end of the system to the other over the course of two years: in the time the cherished encounters with boaters and businesses and even, dare one say it, CRT staff far far outweigh the negatives.
  15. Self driving boat?

    Will a self driving boat be able to get the boat pole off the roof when a strong wind has blown it against the bank?