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  1. Severn, Mersey and Ribble

    I've moved it to cruise diaries and pinned it I'm now planning the refurbishment of Juno so she could make a voyage like this (Lutine's hull is fundamentally unsuitable for estuarine passage)
  2. Severn, Mersey and Ribble

    What a brilliant suggestion - I'd never thought of taking the most direct route up the Western side of the system from south to north! Now I have I might have to make plans... Edited to add - request noted Matty, just pondering the best place to pin this: Waterway Holidays or General Boating?
  3. retired skipper looking to crew

    I'm guessing because he was mistakenly flagged as a spammer which blocks the member. We're trying to straighten it out
  4. retired skipper looking to crew

    Following a report I've had a look at this, and it has been before the mods for a little time - the link is a new forum that is canal related and doesn't flag any warning bells from AVAST (my anti-virus software) so the post stands. Posting this as an informative and to bump it up again Patrick
  5. Trailable narrow boats?

    Juno is a viking 23 and if you take your luggage and the outboard off weighs about 950kg - designed to be trailed but probably not by my 20 year old VW Golf 1.4. There are plenty of smaller vessels that offer sleeping accommodation and can be trailed too. I quite fancy a Norman Conquest, which somehow manages to squeeze a centre cockpit into it's 20 foot length...
  6. Road and Canal atlas

    I will admit I find the best back up for my diary is my brain
  7. Road and Canal atlas

    The biggest problem I've had was whilst trying to fix the gearbox using an online manual - oily fingers and touch screens really do not mix!
  8. Old sayings.

    "Wouldn't take the skin off a rice pudding" - a weak effort, usually on the football field...
  9. Limping Home

    It was firing when we left Aynho, who did their best to patch the engine up and had it running very sweetly but still leaking diesel into the oil, it was injecting fuel (but probably misfiring) at Reading. Heaven knows what it's up to now... Edited to add - the Oysterband quote in my signature seems very pertinent at the moment!
  10. Yank - Locked in For Hire from Chirk

    Can't help on accommodation but I'd say Llangollen first - I think it would work to spend all day Monday in Llangollen and all day Thursday in Ellesmere, giving you two days to get from one to the other which is plenty. Others may have different views. I can see merits in doing it the other way round too
  11. Limping Home

    Thanks Arthur, that's roughly what I'm doing - and I too overheated in Harecastle, although that seems a long time ago now! Thanks Dave, it has taken determination and ingenuity in roughly equal measure! It has probably depended to some extent on ignorance as well, if I'd known once the trouble started just how bad it might get I might not have done it!
  12. Limping Home

    MtB has it about right on the "oil" and in any event I have loads of the stuff and am doing regular full changes Bizzard may be right, I suspect the front pot is not firing properly if at all This morning she was really struggling - it is load related, I realised that as I piled on the revs when aground. The engine starts to struggle when she is moving freely and the stern digs in, if the prop is cavitating then no problem. I found a sweet spot on the throttle where she didn't stall through low revs and also didn't dig in deep either, and just dropped out of gear past moored boats. However when I moored I found she had been busy chewing up the alternator drive belt. It is still a complete loop, but looks very very ragged... as if it has been slipping badly, I wonder if that's been part of the load problem
  13. Limping Home

    Thanks Mike: that makes sense, and if keeping the lubricant level down solves the problem it almost doesn't matter why
  14. Am I throwing away my nest egg?

    "Am I throwing away my nest-egg" Look at it from the other perspective - how else would you use this sum of money. If it is enough for the deposit on a house or a flat then you can buy with a mortgage, but you must then service the mortgage and pay all the bills. However this route will mean that your investment will keep pace with house prices (which is far more significant than depreciation) I can't imagine any safe investment vehicle other than property that will keep pace with property prices, unless these are set to stall and crash for ten years. If you buy a boat with it, you get the use of the boat for as long as you own it - whilst your "investment" won't keep pace with property values, it will at least be serving a practical purpose. Also, where do you mean by "Oxford"? Central, and thus need to travel by bus, bike or train? Or somewhere out of town like Begbrooke or Headington where you will more likely use a car?
  15. Limping Home

    Richard, thanks for the gearbox advice, as 5 of the 15 hours will be Devizes where the revs are unlikely to upset anyone but the boat will have to stop and start at least 29 times (once for each lock) it's good to know A tow or punting will be the last resort when easy start isn't enough Overall I can make the journey, low revs past anglers and moored boats will make me more popular... any suggestions...? Today I kept speed down by slipping out of gear (which made me realise that the engine noise alone is enough to get me shouted at for going too fast) - that will be difficult past a long line of boats or anglers