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  1. Springwood haven marina FS

    I was going by my own experience Richard. Playing the piano in a brothel sure put me off.
  2. Springwood haven marina FS

    Turn your hobby into your business and you lose your hobby.
  3. Caldon canal

    Laurie ..... pray do explain.
  4. Caldon canal

    One of my bestest ever canals indeed, if I'm going near Stoke I'm always saddened if I haven't time to pop up there and do both arms. No it's not worth doing at all and the sooner more people stop going up there the better, so far as I'm concerned.
  5. Shardlow to nottingham

    If the flood lock at Sawley is in action I'd think again. Only because if the river is rising you might end up punching the narrows on the bend below Cranfleet Lock on your return, also when it rises they put the gates on at the top of Cranfleet under the railway bridge. Which leaves you with an enjoyable, long trek to recover your car. Sadly the weather in the Derby area is not always an indicator of what the river will be doing. Since the flood alleviation work was completed umpty years ago everyone in your area learnt that "alleviate" doesn't mean it reduces or makes it easier. It means hurry it down line, get it out of your area and let those further along the river deal with it. Consequently someone peeing into The Trent from behind a bush in Burton or a geezer washing his car on his drive up near Matlock seems to result in a sunny day rip tide at Sawley followed the next day by a Tsunami in Newark. Curiously the next day while the inhabitants of Cleethorpes are stacking sand bags against their front doors the EA will have announced a hosepipe ban spanning the area between Stoke on Trent and Leeds. That's how unpredictable it can be. I once poddled down from Shardlow to charge my batteries. The intention was to have a quick lunchtime pint at The Steamboat and be back in time for early doors at The Malt Shovel that evening. However in the meantime some irresponsible person watered his garden in Staffordshire and I became a temporary resident on The Erewash for over a week. So just check Sawley flood lock and if both gates are pinned back you'll be fine.
  6. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    If you're talking about the OP photo, I don't think it's an action shot at all. It looks posed to me. There's a distinct lack of movement happening there, no water splashing about, no ice flying, ooddles of standing around on the towpath and even the lads on board are gazing at the cameraman.
  7. Then and Now

    Alan, what's the story of Sickle's disappearing and then reappearing top guard?
  8. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Hell's Teeth! You were lucky. I take it you have raised the issue? Glad you were OK.
  9. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    The only missing bridge I can find near there is an old Tramway whose march across the fields can still be seen. As this is between 1888/1913 it's probably not far back enough. Clicky
  10. 1/8th ...... I said 1/8th ....... Who said quarter? I didn't say quarter, not me. No sir not me.
  11. Sunflower? I think it should be called Swan. Not because it's elegant and graceful 'cos it looks like a bluddy match box. A boat needs to look like a boat in order to have a soul, if it costs a fiver then it's a £5 boat. If it looks like a breeze block and costs a quarter of a million then it's a £125,000 breeze block. How much anti greenness is caused by the manufacturing process of those panels and batteries? Or if being green isn't their motivation and they're really passionate about free energy then it's a good job all those batteries etc. are free eh?
  12. Email from cart

    I'm always astonished when peeps think that Consultation means outcomes are open to negotiation. They're not always, more often it's a case of "This is what's going to happen, this is how and when, we're telling you this so you have the opportunity to get used to it and if you have a more sensible business alternative, we'll welcome it, otherwise it happens!"
  13. Lift out fee

    Company's that own a resource like a crane which is not their core activity are likely to manage that as an independent business for tax purposes. If someone phones up wanting to hire the crane, for example at a building site then I imagine £540 would be a sensible daily rate including operator. There would be no discount for part day booking as it would tie that day up. It's like booking a safety certificate bod to come along to do your 4 yearly, it's cheaper per boat on the same day as you can share his travelling and time to get to you between all the boats concerned. Tell them what you want from them and they'll charge accordingly, ask them if there are any bookings already made that you can piggy back in on, and I expect the answer to be different.
  14. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    It could be oxen or horses with horns because their bells didn't ........... oh alright I'll just get my coat then
  15. Lift out fee

    At my home mooring we're not charged for the hard standing and retain the mooring at the same time. So it costs no different to be in or out. However the dates in and out aren't flexible and fixed in stone (unless your boat suits a trailer) A mobile crane is brought in and the cost split between all the boats coming out. It averages about £35, the same happens when all of the boats are put back 4 months later, and another £35. The advantage of being part of a society with private moorings, but you can't go back in any earlier, and I've not known anyone staying out longer. The funny thing is although everyone has 4 months to do the work, it's hilarious how many of them are down there a week before the crane's due back. Scenes of frantic scraping and slapping bitumen on are the order of the day.