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  1. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    I really have no idea, nor am I interested. I am English, I live in The UK and am bound by our laws.
  2. Thank you Crowthers

    That's why I asked the question, in fifty years of boating I've only heavily whacked a proper prop properly, probably. An angle grinder put that to rights two years later at docking. I did smash an aluminium one on an Enfield Z leg, which was nice.
  3. Data Protection - You couldn't make it up!

    I first heard TLA used 20 years ago in a management meeting. Everyone roared except the Chair, he, however was heard to use it himself a week later.
  4. Thank you Crowthers

    How do you keep bending your prop?
  5. The longest sentence is 32 words, still too long I grant you.
  6. Seized Mushroom Vents

    Don't force it, just try a bigger hammer. and for gawd's sake don't annoy mross's wife.
  7. Don't be a moron chap ..... be a goon.
  8. When I had "Rigal" she appeared on the front cover of Canal & Riverboat. Both Rigal & Marcellus were on TV AM when we did the Fly Run, and I learnt that a big mural (photo) of Little Venice with Rigal in the background was on the wall of the Hairdresser's owned by Glynn Edwards (actor of Minder fame) Sounds like I'm back on the tenuous thread we had a while back.
  9. River class butty 'Yeo'

    Why not fill the hold with neatly stacked steel barrels welded into place. Then with a gas axe crawl in underneath them and hollow out the space you want? From the outside you'll have a boat that looks as if it's loaded with cargo even though the depth in the water will look odd. Inside however you'll have a dark gloomy cabin with so many jagged edges that you'll need to carry a complete blood transfusion unit in the back cabin. Another idea might be to revert to a horse drawn version. Only have a specially made tent in the shape of a horse. Then at the end of the day you erect your horse and sleep in that. Being a fan of hydraulics I've always wanted to buy a Thames Sailing Barge and insert piano lid hinges stem and stern. Then using hydraulic rams I'd pull the sides in so I could get to the top of Napton. At that point I'd shove them back out again and leave everybody scratching their heads. Imagine the fun when you turned up at Banbury and asked to use Tooley's? However a genuinely historical version would be to go the Harbour Master route. I'm sure standing next to a clattering multi cylinder diesel engine just over head height all day has a lot of merit in it.
  10. In 1998 I thought I'd turned my back on meaningless management babble when I was made redundant from The Railways. Then I worked for a Government Agency and instead of helping disabled people obtain sustainable employment. I found myself ..... Attending Monday morning "Huddles" to agree our "Committed Outcomes" for the forthcoming Friday = Get in before you're starting time Monday to promise your impossible achievements for this week. If you fail to get them we'll accuse you of failing in your promise to the board! "Parking discussions while we took a more helicopter view of our options" = Don't bother me with your troubles, just agree to what I want you to do! "Touching base off line to secure a 24 Carat feeling before the grass grew too long on this one." = Stuff protocol, just go see them and get the deal done regardless of how much damage it does to future relations. So perhaps Richard Parry might explain exactly what ........ “These changes are about re-focussing and simplifying the organisation so that we enable everyone across the Trust to make their greatest possible contribution, to serve our customers and support local communities to enjoy their local waterway." First of all anyone putting 36 words into a single sentence has simply no interest in being clear. 15 -20 maximum. Secondly, his quote only means two things. 1) We failed miserably when we recruited our management team. We gave jobs to decision makers who in turn aren't inspirational leaders and can't motivate. 2) We aren't committed to Training or Development of our people in order to improve. It's easier to simplify the structure so we can point the finger of blame quicker. That covers the first part of his sentence. However what the hell ".... to serve our customers and support local communities to enjoy their local waterway." means, is anyone's guess. That is meaningless twaddle. Any customer based organisation that feels the need to point out the most basic principle of satisfying customers is desperate. I don't approve of C&RT bashing just because! However this should be insulting a lot of people's intelligence. I for one would be so more impressed if he'd said something like ...... "The role of canals and rivers has changed enormously in just 100 years. I want our staff to feel authorised to help further the enjoyment of everyone they meet out there today. To do this we must change our structure, our communication and attitude. We have ways to do this and I welcome all suggestions to achieve early success."
  11. Canalworld - Fundraising

    I think some are thinking too much into this. We use the forum, we have the chance to contribute and the owner and team wish to register their gratitude. It allows the contributor to confirm that the money has landed and as such acts like an electronic thank you. I have to admit when I contribute to The Poppy Appeal I don't take one as it costs money even though it may be only a fraction of a penny. I once stopped a monthly banker's order because although I told them I didn't want the welcome pack, nor the regular letter from the recipient updating their progress and definitely not the fluffy toy. They ignored my wishes and flooded me with the lot. All I wanted was my money to make the maximum impact and not pay for frivolous give aways ..... I cancelled. A Gold Star costs nothing ..... it's a thank you and if it encourages others to follow suit when they realise how many do then get on with it I say.
  12. Belmont butty

    No more easier than "Meals on Wheels" "Care for the Elderly" "Mental Health Services" "Libraries" "Social Services" "Emergency Services", "NHS" and a mass of other essentials that the greedy so]]ing bankers stole from us nearly ten years ago.
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    Jim must have done some soul searching, and it's totally to his credit that Elizabeth is still the boat I first saw in 1974.
  14. Self driving boat?

    I think finding ducks hiding under your table is a sure sign the wildlife has decided if you can't beat driverless boats then join them.
  15. Self driving boat?

    About thirty years ago I met a family who were pioneers in this subject of self driving boats. I was walking along the towpath somewhere South of Knowle towards Hatton, when I heard a boat coming up behind me. The engine was set at a fair chatter and it soon caught up with me. I turned to see it was a hire boat from Birmingham, it was bowling along quite merrily, especially considering there was nobody at the back minding the waving about stick. I remember regretting that mobile phones with cameras hadn't been invented yet, surely there was a subject flailing around in the water somewhere, where could he be? I soon saw him, he wasn't drowning, he wasn't even wet. I could see him through the window as he slid past me sideways at over 4 mph happily munching his lunch. He certainly appeared to have mastered his knife and fork even if he needed more tuition in the bleedin' obvious when it came to navigation. Let's be clear though, no way was he endangering his life, he also had his wife and three young children sitting around him at the table. There were two generations here bound for the Pearly Gates. They hadn't gone far past me when fate stepped aboard and deposited the next lesson in canal boat management. "Unattended Boats Become Bored and Will Go Berry Picking". Almost on cue "Brummagem Ballistic" gently kissed the off side, and then brutally tried to climb a tree. Contra to this the back end displayed a fondness for the lumpy stone coping and demonstrating Tony Blair's First Law of Activity "If you're decided on action make sure it's spectacular in its effect on everybody". The back end jumped out of the water as the propeller's ears chewed on lumps of mineral towpath side. A loud bang from the under the water thrashing bit was followed by a deafening silence from t'engine. However an equally impressive display of female expression emanated from the cabin. It sounded as if Maria Callas herself had just deposited a saucepan of boiling gravy over her lap. By the time I caught up with them the Mister had surfaced from below and quite understandably wore an expression of total puzzlement as he slid down the thirty degree angled deck. Seeing me he shrugged his shoulders and asked me if I saw that? I held my hands out palm up, shrugged my shoulders and tutted. I commented that maybe his arms were too short for steering while eating his lunch inside. He thought about it, but defended his decision with "It was for only 5 minutes while I ate lunch, after all where could it go?" "Up a tree?" I observed. While food stained and crying children were being hauled onto the towpath by their Mother who was sporting a very fashionable ensemble of jumper, jeans, spaghetti and orange juice, it became obvious she had no desire to acknowledge me or even less the persistent whining of her husband. He was begging everyone in earshot to agree with him that the last few minutes were anything other than unexplainable. I continued my walk, and about half an hour later when I returned, they were no longer diagonally across the cut, the freshly scrubbed kiddies were hanging up to dry, she was ferociously reading a book and he was staring down at the running engine that was producing plenty of graunching from its drive train and oodles of nothing from under the counter. I whistled jauntily as I didn't stop.