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  1. I guessed they were counting boat traffic, when I saw them.
  2. Shoppie fishing competition

    Bring a boater an angler and cyclist to the same place at the same time and the old expression "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" leaps into action, until one of them departs.
  3. Oxford Canal around Brinklow, pre-1830s route map

    I know this doesn't add anything but still worth a butcher's ....... Side by side modern and ancient maps LINK
  4. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    One should always be awake to the issues concerning drinking water. Although there are sterilisation tablets available, people forget that water is what fish pee and poo into before swimming around in it. Another reason for not eating fish! Most corner shops and all supermarkets sell a perfectly good alternative for slaking thirst. My preference is Chivas Regal
  5. If you are near a tv transmitter

    A few years back I read about a farmer that was prosecuted after it was discovered he had built a large coil in the roof his barn and was leeching power from the pylon cables that passed over the roof. This induced electricity was being taken quite invisibly but they traced it to him within a few months.
  6. Old pictures in a box

    It's on The Erewash, the lock is just before the junction with the Derby Canal. And the boatman is Ike Argent who came in breasted up and picked up a bladeful. Curiously he later lived his last years in a house below that lock with his boat Amy the Pup tied up to his garden, and was able to see the site of his accident every day.
  7. Coventry Canal Society today 19/08/17

    Do I need to take them twice then?
  8. Today at the Coventry Canal Society we had our At Home Day. This is where we lower the submarine nets at the mouth of The Wyken Basin just short of Hawkesbury and uncover the hidden road entrance to our HQ. Interested parties are bussed in from far and near as well as closer places too. Today's event was opened by the marching of the massed military bands which was smashing. And the Pole Dancing, Sub Aqua Synchronised Swimming Team performing in the basin was an inspired idea. I hope it becomes a regular event. An all day BBQ and a cheap bar complimented all sorts of frivolity and entertainment like "Bouncy Castles for adults" and "Canoeing up a creek without a paddle". A Bric-a-Brac stall did roaring trade in Bolinder spares and Bolinger by the case. For me one of the highlights of the day, apart from arranging for the event to be opened by Rosie & Jim ( now talking to each other again after the messy divorce and Jim finishing with Rehab.) it was great to see the terrible Josher twins back together ...... Panther & Python. It was simply smashing to meet and talk with Python's crew, the never forgettable good old "What's her name" and "Bloke" both of whom I've never met before, but shall now make every attempt to keep in touch with for ever more. Having Bloke explain to me that both boats left the Yarwood's Showroom together with the same boat number! I in turn was able to explain the reason for the diagonal striped guards on Panther's front end. As many already know Panther was originally to be named Zebra. The name was changed after The Josher Giraffe got stuck under the first bridge out of Limehouse Basin. Both boats were looking splendid following their trip fully loaded from the "Dicky Mint Treacle Wells". A memorable achievement in its own right but even more astounding when you realise they completed the entire journey breasted up as shown yet passed through the narrow Rabbitcastle Tunnel and not to mention the Rupert Brooke staircase locks on The Ashby. Blast I just said not to mention it and then immediately did! Congrats to Python's crew for being awarded the CCS Diploma for travelling The Coventry Canal from here to there. zenataomm ps Sorry for the poor quality photos I only had my tripod and cloak over my head oak camera with me, and everyone refused to watch the birdy.
  9. Shoppie fishing competition

    Just out of interest, I'm struggling to think of any time or reason that boating has ever imposed such a restriction on anglers.
  10. NB Aye

    I remember them, isn't one them Admiral Class Grenville? BWB use to use it on maintenance up on The Caldon in the 80s? Don't be insulted Dave, but the last thing I'd want to have happen is a "conversion".
  11. Thoughts on this boat?

    Make an offer £3K below their asking subject to satisfactory survey, if accepted then be led by your surveyor on the costs of any work he finds outstanding.
  12. Can you use a coolbox in the water as a fridge?

    The very nature of a cool box is that it is insulated, therefore it insulates the contents from the outside. So it wouldn't really matter whether it is dunked in the cut, left on the bank or on board your boat your dairy and meat products would stay at approximately the temperature they were when you put them in. Plus if not totally waterproof, do you really want canal water with its risk of Leptospirosis sloshing around amongst your butter, cheese and lamb chops? I know I wouldn't.
  13. Canal art...beware

    Since when has someone needed a qualification in order to have an opinion?
  14. Shoppie fishing competition

    Typical C&RT, half think something through, see what happens and then change or add to it next time around. What's wrong with giving something two or three coats of looking at in the first place. Thus recognising issues before they become problems. No signs, unless they are printed and bear the correct C&RT logo will be or need to be given attention to. C&RT themselves have said as much regarding "No Mooring" signs etc. I spoke about this to a fishing club bailiff recently, he had been doing this for over 25 years and was ignorant of the fact. He thought he was entitled to put up restrictions to mooring wherever he wanted. Consequently he was permanently disappointed with boaters' attitudes to his poorly spelt hand written signs demanding compliance with his wishes. Wake up C&RT, you are the stewards of a resource that in turn you have invited all and sundry to come and enjoy. Your responsibility is to ensure all parties comply with your rules, do not assume any rights for themselves when it comes to changing those rules and only your signage and style to be displayed with permission from you, complete with a serial/reference number displayed. C&RT haven't time to do these things properly, yet always have time to do it again.
  15. Canal art...beware

    It's the bit of Stoke Bruerne where the mooring rings are in the middle of the towpath and the houses on t'other side have gigantic front doors in comparison to the boats moored there.