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  1. Engine stalling at low revs

    Problem solved. Diesel bug. Changed filters, cleaned out tanks and pipes, heavy dose of bug killing additive. Engine running like a dream. Left Harleyford Marina, Cookham yesterday lunchtime arrived Grand Union this evening. Lovely trip. Went through Teddington 3 hours before high water and motored down to Richmond Barrage, picked up a buoy and had lunch. Watched barrage raise and then on to Brentford. Measured incoming tide at about 3 mph sot trip around to Thames Lock took about 30 mins. Must compliment staff at Espa Marine for sorting issue out. Martin
  2. Engine stalling at low revs

    Thats an interesting idea as the tank is only 1/4 full.
  3. Why is my mobile broadband so cr*p?

    I had connection problems using Orange 3G. Crap connection even when showing 5 bars signal strength. I purchased an external antenna from Panorama http://www.panorama.co.uk/uk/products/mobile_broadband_directional.html and this made an amazing improvement. Set up on roof about on a 1 meter pole and pointed at local mast. You can locate the local mast using where am i on Google maps but first switch off GPS. You then get a fix on your position shown as 'withing x meters of' the mast you are connected to. Works a treat. Martin
  4. Engine stalling at low revs

    Coolant levels ok and temp gauge reading in normal range. I would think that if it were engine mounts it would happen every time you go to low revs which is not the case here.
  5. I have a Nanny 150HE engine which has worked well for years. Today as we went down the Thames all was fine at 1800rpm but when I dropped engine speed to moor it stalled. Not just cutting out but sudden erratic shaking as if it were only firing on some cylinders then stopping. After a few minutes it would start and run fine and idling in neutral. Think it might be the flue filters but dosen't quite fit as when running under load it seems fine. Problem seems to happen after engine has been under load. Anyone have any ideas? Martin
  6. Barge Horses

    In days of old did bargees have there own horse or was there a commercial operation hiring horses along the Kennet. My wife thinks they all had their own much cherished nag, I think there were staging posts where you picked up a fresh horse that was managed by local companies who would feed stable and shoe them. Surprisingly can find no reference to the management of horses at any of the heritage centres along our trip from Reading to Bristol. Martin
  7. G3 access from baot

    Have an Orange 3g dongle but found it very unreliable on trip down Kennet to Bath. In Bath it is fine but just about everywhere else it just kept dropping out even when showing 3g and 5 bars. Dongle is on a 5 meter lead which i place on pole in the hope of improved reception. On side of dongle is an external antenna socket, does anyone have any experience in improved reception using a booster antenna? Martin
  8. Electrical problem-need some advice

    One problem with battery isolators is that people often use them as switches rather than isolators! If you switch a load you will get momentary arching between the contacts proportionate to the current being drawn. This arcing causes pitting and oxidation of the contact surface which increases the resistance of the contact. As the resistance increases so does the heat generated leading to melting or even a fire. The stud type contacts are prone to this more than a wiping contact. As with battery contacts they should be clean and free of any grease, do not try to clean the contact with a squirt of WD40 as this will burn and further damage the contact.
  9. tv AERIAL

    Would like to have a portable TV antenna for picking up freeview tv on my boat. Don't want an ugle looking household antenna but have notcied that some boats seem to be using a small flat unit about 4 inches square during a recent trip on the Oxford canal. Any ideas please. Martin
  10. Fungle growth in water tank

    Interesting. What does it do for the taste or does it make it undrinkable. On the advoce of another boater I have just tipped a bottle of Domestos in to be left overnight before flushing through.#
  11. End of season maintainace has thrown up a couple of problems. The Eberspacher heater seems dead. When normally turned on you hear a whire from the fan then a pause followed by the clicking of the pump and the fan coming full on. Now it does nothing, check fuses in controler which are ok and the light comes on on the on off swithch. Any ideas? Martin
  12. End of season maintainace has thrown up a couple of problems. Whilst changing the fresh water pump I find that the stariner is full of a soft grey putty like material :-( Any ideas on how to flush the sysytem which includes two 200 liter stainles steel tanks with no access covers? Martin
  13. River Thames Trip

    Just borrowing a radio is not a good idea. Do that course as the radio procedures are important. If the sh.. hits the propeller you need to be able to give clear consise details. A handheld GPS to give an exact position is also going to be a benifit. I would be more than happy to assist with anyone wanting to take their boat on the Thames, have experiance from Teddington down to Greenwich. Can bring hand portable and fixed radio. The fixed has a magnetic mounting antenna that stands on the roof and has a lot more power. I hold RYA Yachtmaster, Crusing Instructor, Powerboat and Inshores Instructors ticket as well as the radio licence. I use to teach offshore racing (3 Fastnets). No fees but I enjoy my food and drink......
  14. Trip to London

    Planning a trip to London during August in our much loved www.ladyantonia.co.uk . Will leave Reading and spand a couple of days to get down to Teddington. Then down to the Grand Union and around to Paddington / Camden for a few days before continuing to Limehouse and then back up the Thames to Reading. Questions? Where might I be able to moor overnight? What is the security situation. Where can one get a pump out. Are there any activities going at that time on the canal that might be of interest. Any thoughts appreciated. Regards Martin
  15. RCB inverter

    Good stuff. Thank you. Martin