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  1. lisbon treaty

    Me too, North Africa or the Indian Ocean!!
  2. What a waste.

    It always amazed me when I had to visit the local caravan/motorhome showrooms (ie, Brownhills & Lowdham Leisureworld) that they had these TV/DVD combos which ran off 12v at only £400, what's more it was a CRT TV too, so heavyish. The price sticker was liberally sprinkled with the words "Only" and "Just" and "Bargain price of". AND people paid it!!! Go to most Supermarkets and you will find a DVD player for about £15, and a 15"LCD TV for around £120-150, both of which generally have 12v mains adaptors!!! Silly!
  3. lisbon treaty

    Good for you Ireland!! Took the money and Ran!!! (England'd be too scared to do that, because someone in Government told us not to)
  4. When is a reward not a reward?

    It's a fact of life that you never get a free lunch, so to speak. It makes you wonder who is getting the reward! At present it isn't you Jan, but whoever you have to pay to get to Budapest!! There's always Ebay!!!!!
  5. So, you think you're a good driver?

    Saab did a similar thing for an advert in the 80s at the launch of the 900/9000/900000000000 or whatever. I think you'll find John that the film was sponsored, if not made, by Hyundai. So it wouldn't really matter how many were trashed before they got it right.
  6. Some awesome driving here, although there's a little bit of editing! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kv5d2mXy7dY&...feature=related It's quite long, but worth the wait.
  7. old one's

    Someones been to see Jimmy Carr! Brilliant!

    I'd PAY to see that in real life!!!
  9. What a Journey!

    America! Let them try and start something on a bus there and see what gets pointed at them!!
  10. For Cat lovers......

  11. For the ladies...

    How about a T-shirt with, Victor Says RELAX Or am I just showing my age and lack of taste?
  12. Joke

    And here we have another candidate for a quiz. We already have a music one, and a pub one, so this could be another, all we have to do is name the original quotee. I've guessed a few, and there's one definite Jimmy Carr, as I heard him say it. Yes, yes, alright, I'll get my coat................... Just like to say that in view of Mackpoint005s' comments about people not being able to choose etc, does that mean I can't tell a joke about a black Irish lesbian deaf one-eyed bald narrowboat owner?
  13. Anybody heard about this?

    Absolutely!! Taking a prop off underwater, at night? Lets face it, someone who can do that ain't gonna be working for BW The satellite tracking is a load of bulldust too, although it may have come in handy when Nb Holly went awol. As I said, the teller of this tale is not well acquainted with the truth, and therefore his nickname of 'Bullsh1t Brian' is well justified. But sometimes, you just never know!
  14. I shall try and be polite whilst recounting this, um, tale, but it will be difficult. However, a colleague at work was telling me of an encounter/conversation he had with an employee of BW (female) last weekend while he was in France. Allegedly, this employee was telling him about the section 8 auctions and how it may be possible to get a bargain of a confiscated boat, or it would be a bargain if the sealed bid system wasn't being abused by BW employees (allegedly) insofar as if you make the right approach to a BW employee (ie you either know them or you give them a 'gift' ) you can be sure of having the winning bid. With me so far? Good, it gets better. Also, according to this BW employee, there are teams from BW going about, at night no less, putting satellite tracking devices on non-licence-paying boats so that BW know where these boats are. Also, there's a another team thats going round, again at night, taking the props off non-payers too. The 'colleague' who has told me this is not known for letting the truth get in the way of a good story. For example, he declared that his son had been approached by MI5 to work for them (his son worked in a gaming arcade on the change counter) and his other son worked for Sony (he worked A Sony, a pc), so as you can imagine, it was all taken with a pinch of salt. The one bit I would tend to believe is the bit about the auction, that sounds about right. On the offchance there may be some substance to this, anyone heard anything similar?
  15. Any other forums about ?

    Er, No.