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  1. I believe Oxbow Red is, if not the same, then near identical to Winterblaze although I think the marina you're currently in doesn't sell it. You could try the local coal boats maybe? I know KG Smiths supply it.
  2. I've recently started stocking Oxbow Newheat (from the same manufacturers of Excel) and I've had lots of good feedback about it with many die hard Excel users now swapping over to the new stuff. It's slightly cheaper too which always goes down well with customers
  3. Really annoyed the fishermen today...

    I had a run in with a fisherman today. He saw me coming on a long straight but didn't get off his arse until the last minute to pull the 4 fishing rods that he had in. As usual I slowed down but the speed he was moving at a snag was inevitable. The last line got caught on the boat resulting in the fisherman jumping up and down shouting alow down. By this point I was in tick over out of gear and just drifting slowly. I would have been very cooperative if the fisherman hadn't of jumped up and down shouting and swearing, generally being abusive and threatening. Because of the way he was acting, I put the boat into gear and accelerated back up to cruising speed. He followed me for several hundred feet until he cut his line with scissors. Unfortunately I now have lots of braided fishing line tight around the shaft and no weed hatch in which to use to remove it :/
  4. Historic Boats for sale online

    As far as I am aware yes and will probably remain so, knowing the new custodian.
  5. Historic Boats for sale online

    Yes Pete, it is now based at Lorenz's Bedford Basin, Leigh on the Bridgewater.
  6. The naughty Peel Group

    I know the games and underhanded tactics can't go on forever but it would be brilliant if both Salford and Trafford councils both announced that no more planning applications would even be considered never mind approved until Peel took responsiblity solidity for their own bridge.
  7. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    Give Martin a call... 07491149149
  8. Stiff tiller/rudder

    It will most likely free up with a bit of use, once you get underway properly
  9. The naughty Peel Group

    I've had this sent to me via Facebook, and although not directly connected to the canal, with the publicity over the Bridgewater Canal recently I thought it may be of interest. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-biggest-company-youve-never-heard-of-lifting-the-lid-on-peel-group-the-property-firm-owned-by-8890201.html
  10. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    I'm trying to think of the stops en-route I took but only seem to remember Hack Green to Brewood on the way out and Great Haywood to the Broughton Arms on my return. I probably should write this stuff down.
  11. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    Where did you overnight on the way up? It's a route I've done a few times but going via the scenic route (Shroppie!)
  12. Ideal size boat?

    Ideal size of boat? Many years ago I found a website that allowed you to plan your own narrowboat, with a choice of exterior styles and interior fit out. It turns out my ideal boat was 120ft long!
  13. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    It opens very regularly Steve, on our trip to Liverpool from the Bridgewater in July or was opened for the Manchester Ship Canal cruise... I've just checked the Mersey Ferry schedule and it's only showing October as it's the end of the season now but here's the dates... It shows 2 trips a week, so fairly regularly as we can't forget the other traffic it gets swung for.
  14. Morso v The Rest

    Has anybody actually managed to claim against a damaged stove, within warranty, or whatever? I've always heard that the stove manufacturers installation guidelines were impossible to adhere to, due to the amount of space being limited on a boat. Also, the "what you can and cannot burn" in new stoves is a list longer than the boat! Only HETAS approved fuels are covered so if you burnt a bag of, for example, semi smokeless fuel such as Oxbow Glow or Oxbow Red then your warranty or any other similar cover is void.
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    Apologies, misread that as I'm on my phone. I cant even manage to spell properly on this thing