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  1. Ideal size boat?

    Ideal size of boat? Many years ago I found a website that allowed you to plan your own narrowboat, with a choice of exterior styles and interior fit out. It turns out my ideal boat was 120ft long!
  2. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    It opens very regularly Steve, on our trip to Liverpool from the Bridgewater in July or was opened for the Manchester Ship Canal cruise... I've just checked the Mersey Ferry schedule and it's only showing October as it's the end of the season now but here's the dates... It shows 2 trips a week, so fairly regularly as we can't forget the other traffic it gets swung for.
  3. Morso v The Rest

    Has anybody actually managed to claim against a damaged stove, within warranty, or whatever? I've always heard that the stove manufacturers installation guidelines were impossible to adhere to, due to the amount of space being limited on a boat. Also, the "what you can and cannot burn" in new stoves is a list longer than the boat! Only HETAS approved fuels are covered so if you burnt a bag of, for example, semi smokeless fuel such as Oxbow Glow or Oxbow Red then your warranty or any other similar cover is void.
  4. Historic Boats for sale online

    Apologies, misread that as I'm on my phone. I cant even manage to spell properly on this thing
  5. Historic Boats for sale online

    Badsey was re-engined a good few years ago. It now has the original engine (same serial number!l
  6. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    This water point is also not on the list, because it is a private water point and so should not be used. It is actually the water pointed used when pumping out so wouldnt use it anyway. It is isolated inside the arch when not in use (in use very very infrequently). The nearest water point to Sale is at The Old No 3 in Little Bollington or at Stretford as part of the marina services.
  7. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Yes it's the black door to the right of the barrels, under the guttering. There is also a handy (non Bridgewater Canal Company) elsan point just further down from you Peter, at Lloyds Bridge, Outrington.
  8. Bridgewater

    In the (paper) copy of the byelaws I have somewhere on my boat I strictly remember reading that it was against said byelaws to stay in any one spot on the towpath, excluding such places as Lymm, Castlefield and The No 3 where either 48 or 72 hrs are allowed. The recently introduced Platinum license which enables you to stay on your boat in any 1 spot (excluding places above) completely contradicts what it says in the byelaws. It will be interesting to find out what the score on this is. Liam
  9. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    If that's the case there'll be a fair few boaters asking for a refund. I hope they all do.
  10. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    To be fair the elsan point at Lymm is provided by the pub, so can't really be included, no excuse for not finding the Worsley services as it has a "Toilets" sign above!
  11. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    There's 2 bins! One is based in the car park between Midland Chandlers and Claymoore at Preston Brook, the other bin is at Stretford Marina. Both bins are provided by The Bridgewater Canal Company so available for boaters use. There is also the council waste disposal site in Stockton Heath available for use. Pedestrian access is restricted but you can pass your bag of refuse to an attendant who will dispose of it for you. There's less than half of the moorings in Castlefield designated for private moorings so there's plenty of space for you as a visitor. There's 6 easily accessible water points on the Bridgewater (7 in total but ones a bit difficult to reach). For a rundown of services... Butts Bridge: Toilets, water, elsan Worsley: Toilets, water, elsan Castlefield: Toilets, water x2, elsan Stretford: Toilets, water, elsan, rubbish disposal, shower Olde No 3: Water Lymm: Elsan Preston Brook: Toilets, water, elsan, laundry facilities (coming soon) Lloyds Bridge at Outrington also provided services, albeit privately and these include elsan, pump out, showers and laundry. The services are there you just need to know where to find them.
  12. Hire boat stuck at Castlefield

    This happens all the time. The Christmas / New Year floods caused a lot of silt to be washed down through the Medlock into the Bridgewater which has massively reduced the depth in that area. I now struggle to get Ariel anywhere near the sides and I struggle to wind at the end there.
  13. Bridgewater

    Lots of boats just passing through on their holidays have been charged over the past 12 months or so. There also seems to be a collection of people who continually pay the £40 per week so they're able to stay on the canal, often in the same location. Whilst this may be convenient for the boaters it does seem a fairly expensive way of doing things. It's an interesting comment about local businesses nose diving. I myself haven't noticed any decrease in traffic passing through the canal. Since the Boothstown stoppage ended at the end of May there's been a constant stream of CRT boats out and about. I'd probably say that the overall number of CRT boats hasn't decreased, I'd say they just don't seem to be hanging around for as long. The majority of my sales do come from the resident Bridgewater folk but in summer a fair amount of trade does come from CRT boats passing through and I've not really seen any noticeable decrease in this.
  14. Bridgwwater/Leigh Branch Moorings

    Not forgetting the fuel boat "Ariel" This weekend I'm carrying out deliveries from Sale through Stretford to Manchester Castlefield and Worsley.
  15. Manchester mooring on River Irwell

    Yes a very sad sight. Unfortunately the boat, well at least the front half has been burnt out with quite bad buckling of the steel on the cabin sides and cabin top. I believe the cause of thr boat fire is under suspicious circumstances. The owner spent a short time living alongside his wreck of a boat in a tent but sadly was found dead recently.