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  1. The Canals Before the 1990s

    We hired our first boat in 1976 from Stone (via Hoseasons). It was an attractive wooden boat, quite short (we often shared narrow locks with other hire boats), and wheel steering from the centre well. We wanted to do a complete ring but the Harecastle tunnel was closed, so we turned at Chester. The Shroppie was fantastic, eerie cuttings! And the junction with the S&W at Wolverhampton was like a graveyard. It must have been an Olympics year because we hired a tiny B&W tv. Not sure if I remember correctly but I think the loo emptied into the cut ....
  2. Apollo Duck

    Haha, my favourite acronym!
  3. Stroudwater Navigation - when?

    Steamboats on the Stroudwater today; rope wrapped round prop!
  4. Chorley, what to do?

    Ah, my wife taught at a Blackburn school. She got slapped on the bum by a Bolton player. He said he thought she was someone else...
  5. Sold the boat

    It's official, today our boat has been sold. So after 9 years here, 1,541 posts, 30 greenies, 8k profile views (why?), and a handful of "friends" it is over. But I expect I will loiter because this forum has been bl**dy brilliant! There have been times when it's been bad, pathetic, childish - but mostly just brilliant (see the Chorley thread for a really good example). Good on the mods. And if you see Kwaheri (Swahili for "go well") out and about then give them a wave!
  6. Chorley, what to do?

    I told you Blackburn was exciting. I lived there once (but once was enough).
  7. Barges on the Stroudwater Canal

    It might be worth contacting the Stroud Valleys Canal Company. I believe they do have archives. Also Ken Burgin has some historical info, for example see http://www.pikelock.co.uk/canal/canals.htm Hope you find some pictures; PM me if you need help on the ground as I live in the area.
  8. Chorley, what to do?

  9. Chorley, what to do?

    You could take a trip to Blackburn?
  10. Cattle Heads Up

    Why (would one suspect that)?
  11. Calling Alan Fincher

    What were you thinking?!
  12. safety on the water

    Ah yes, I just found out this week that falling in isn't the only danger.While crewing a tug I went forward to fend off when the tug went skew in a bridge hole. I rapidly found out that the gap in front of me was narrowing FAST, so had to retreat quickly. Result a badly bruised cheek bone, but could have been much worse. Moral: do not try to stop the boat with your body. Easy to forget!
  13. Eco fan strange behaviour

    Did that work?
  14. Ouch, the bid for £15 million to join up Saul on the G&S to the restored section at Stonehouse has failed. CCT are optimistic though: http://www.cotswoldcanals.com/pages/posts/stroudwater-navigation-funding-bid-fails-854.php and http://www.cotswoldcanals.com/media/news_pics/Questions%20%20Answers%20Table.pdf Going to be a few dejected volunteers ....
  15. Thanks Paul. That website is way more informative than CCT's.