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  1. Boat stretch

    Look forward to it Tim
  2. Boat stretch

    Streethay did one for me many moons ago, used to advertise as harry the stretcher at streethay Rick
  3. How do I build a Perspex window in a side hatch?

    These people cut to size and deliver next day... http://www.plasticsheets.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1JbPBRCrARIsAOKj2PmV_8VmFQ-fQ8gLkigA9M6OpCl3RS0rDsA5_o3f49FClB36KnRA0uIaAmoaEALw_wcB Rick
  4. Oh dear

    Agree totally ... a lot of people know narrowboats as barges from the carrying days ... And obviously the film the bargee with harry h corbett would never have worked if it was titled the narrowboatee Rick
  5. What do you wish I already knew?

    Oh another one ... dont moor up on a water point! ... once your tank is full move on .... had a group last year i had to move on who thought it a good idea to have lunch as they had stopped for water ... most annoying! Rick
  6. What do you wish I already knew?

    Easy really ... simplest things are to slow down when passing moored boats, try not to hit anyone and just have lots of fun and enjoy the experience. ... oh and welcome! Rick
  7. Drive belt

    As i said i would give Engines Plus in gloucester a call (number in my previous post) .... what is the part number of the belt ? is it a v belt or multi ribbed? Rick If you have a gates part number any good local motor factors will either stock or be able to get you one overnight ... just have a phone round ... will also be far cheaper than a swindlery chandlery
  8. Drive belt

    If you know the belt number they are abundant on ebay , mine cost under £7 each delivered for a gates branded belt, so i guess yours wont be a lot different. for isuzu specific parts obviously its canaline or you could try engines plus in gloucester tel. 01452 729707 Rick
  9. For my 2 penneth worth as the boat in question is fitted with an older motor they generally require less cooling than a modern engine, i know if i was to replace my 4 cylinder lister alpha with an isuzu or beta my skin tanks would be totally inadequate, as for Martin, top guy and definitely knows his stuff,he made me new doors and a hatch last year and once he has 5 minutes have more fabricating for him to do and i wholly recommend him to everyone i speak to. Rick
  10. Lombardini engine woes !

    I agree to a certain extent was just thinking along the lines of a bike pump where a valve closing can make the seal and as it opens it releases pressure ... obviously its purely speculative on the information given ... and makes assumptions the pressure is top end rather than sump and coming up the oil feeds in which case i would expect the breathers to do their job if they have been cleared and showing no signs of oil. Rick
  11. Lombardini engine woes !

    Bit of a strange one , the engine is obviously pressurising its just what route that pressure is taking to get oil into the air cleaner ... if it isnt via the breathers and the pressure isnt in the crankcase the only other way i can figure is via the valve stem seals or the valve seats themselves the only way of checking further is with a compression tester ... if your anywhere near the midlands i have one Rick
  12. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Nowt Tim ... you just need a nice pram hood cover to finish it off!!!
  13. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Think this has got to be the only thing me and Tim have ever disagreed on As has been said they are useful in so many ways .... I am currently in the process of re ringing my engine and have a dry comfortable workspace to do it in undercover with heat coming from the cabin, so invaluable, but in normal use as i have a large cruiser stern i love it , i am changing to new this year going to canvas ... there is a local company in staffordshire that i am waiting for a quote from that are apparently far cheaper than kinver etc. so will let you know ... My current one clears some bridges not others , i have cruised with it up and jut lowered the central loop on low bridges, but it currently has about 7 1/2 ' of headroom in the middle ... gong to get the new one made to the same airdraught as my chimney as that goes under everything and will still give me over 6'3 also going to go for a zip out front screen. Rick
  14. March of the Wide Beams

    Couldnt agree more ... if the system was built to accommodate widebeams whatever their shape, i am sure me and more than a few others on here would have them without a second thought, just like if all the canals could accommodate a full length narrowboat, 57'-60' would never be the preferred size Rick
  15. Has anyone lit their stove yet?

    Not sure i will use the stove at all this year ... have a new Lab pup thats a bit of a liability so i will rely on the ebby when it starts getting cold. Rick