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  1. 240 volt socket location

    I fitted mains sockets with integral usb's, then just leave my inverter on and charge everything whilst on the move, I do also have a double 12volt fed usb socket on my panel but very rarely use it as i also have a home mooring with a E.H.U. My mains sockets are all one side of the boat on the wall just above the gunnel, they are fed fed from a plastic conduit under the gunnel, so should i want to add more its easy just to lift the lid off for access to the wiring and punch a hole up behind the panneling. Rick
  2. The true license evaders

    Exactly! and of those home moorers / marina dwellers there are far more than that in places like shardlow marina where licencing isnt necessary and there are many boats that never actually move. Every online marina i have been at has been fastidious in ensuring every boat is fully licenced/insured and held a current BSS just a shame it isnt so easy to police the CMers that seem to get away with flaunting the system. Rick
  3. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    couldnt agree more but very hard to visualise ... are the rads conected top to bottom or top to top ? ... not that thats going to make a world of difference, if you had a feed and return to each rad you could get the stove hot and "introduce " one rad at a time, but in your system obviously if you close a rad it stops the entire flow with the risk of the backboiler overheating, which is obviously also a risk if you have any kind of blockage .... Might be worth trying different fuels, last winter i used taybrite and it wouldnt heat the entire length of my boat (60' reverse layout) so i relied on my eberspacher as well, this year after trying a few i am using supertherm and the boat is like a sauna even the kitchen is comfortably warm and once its up to temperature i can fill it damp it down and get a good 12 hours out of it and it maintains the heat perfectly.... that is just the stove alone no backboiler or rads running. Rick
  4. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    And conversely i was sold on my cassette after being on a few boats over the years where the pumpout had leaked from the tank or a seal Rick
  5. RCD

    Its not just the weight of a fully clothed person its the fact the canal is very rarely anywhere near warm and when the cold hits and shock sets in, the blood supply goes to the organs , so the muscles are starved of oxygen leading to fatigue in a very short time if not hypothermia, so within minutes the effort to get out is lost.... there arent many summers go by when someone doesnt drown cooling off in a river, canal or lake not realising the effects of shock. Rick
  6. Lest we forget.....

    I come from a forces family, my two uncles were stokers in the navy during WW2 and my late father was a Sgt in the Army and served in N.I. when the troubles were at their worse. I followed the same path spending 27 years in the Paras and serving in almost every conflict and trouble spot since 1978 losing a number of friends along the way ... Today i marched as i do every year and will again tomorrow, Not just to remember the friends i lost but all those that have served this country, the biggest sense of pride i have though is marching alongside the WW2 survivors as i have the greatest respect in the world for them .... i chose to join up , a lot of them didnt have that choice and certainly werent prepared for the adversity they faced. And when those guys are no longer here i will still march every year whilst i have a breathe in me as i am sure those that have followed my path will as they too will know the values i hold. Rick Edited to add my respect also goes to the Merchant Navy and everyone from that era involved in the war effort ... i spoke at length to a guy today who lost his sweetheart in a munitions factory explosion
  7. Carrying spares

    Buy it! i will buy the spare engine off you ... i am not carrying one of them! Rick
  8. Touching Up Bodywork

    A bit of owatrol added to the paint will help get rid of bush marks and changes the drying characteristics and the way the paint flows also when you have applied the paint and it is still wet use a good quality dry brush to "lay it off" as in go over it in light sweeps both vertically and horizontally , the brush will pick up excess paint and stop runs. Rick
  9. Carrying spares

    Apart from the spanners sockets screwdriver knives hacksaw drill etc. and spares listed i carry a spare fresh water pump a spare shower drain pump, alternator and starter motor, jump leads and a jump pack and the most invaluable bit of kit is a decent head torch .... useful down the hole when you need both hands in failing light and useful for dog walking in the winter months. Rick
  10. Brittany Cruising

    This site gives a bit more information than the Le Boat one ... hope it helps http://www.cruisefrance.com/brittany/boat-holidays.htm Rick

    Hahaha!... horses for courses innit Tim , some go off the shelf in the swindlery, some have smaller wallets (or come from yorkshire) and have a bigger toolbox and plenty of imagination! Rick
  12. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    Spot on! thats the way i use to turn my boat on a very tight turn or when winding... I had a new rudder made last year with new bronze bearings all fully balanced and straight, but in practice to hold a straight line my tiller is always 5-15 degrees off centre depending on the canal and the speed i am travelling at. Rick
  13. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    Is that near Shugborough hall?! .... sorry couldnt resist! Rick
  14. Dave Clarke Boats

    I have known a couple of people with Dave Clarke Shells and also looked at a few for sale over the years and they have always looked really nice and well built to me and the resale values have always been good which to me is a good indication of how good they are. Rick
  15. Ideal size boat?

    You must have been out on those days but over the years i have visited the L+L often as i moored at Sawley and sShardlow for years and all but once when i did the huddersfield route have always gone up and down via Keadby ... have also turned left out of keadby several times as my ex came from market weighton so we often visited her family there. Rick