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  1. Thoughts on this boat?

    Is there some unwritten rule about how long the front well should be?
  2. Canal art...beware

    Actually it looks like there is about to be a mightly large shouting match as the green boat slams into the bank and then bounces back into the channel, the blue boat will slam his tiller over and go into reverse and will swing into the brown boat moored on the bank.... potentially leading to Fisticuffs.
  3. Which Marina

    Revamped Tom's moorings at Market Drayton (Now called Ladybird for some reason - suspect its a misnaming from LadyLine who used to have the boat yard there) are pretty good
  4. Which Marina

    Any reason for a marina over a good linear mooring?
  5. Gate Paddles

    I've been outside Limehouse waiting and they've emptied it by opening the middle - its pretty impressive.
  6. Overwater to Leeds

    There are some good moorings below Henhurst Lock and its only a few minutes walk from there into the Town Centre where there are some pretty good Pubs. Detouring into Liverpool is really worth it - but you'll need to book your passage in and out - and has been pointed out on another thread the canal between Wigan and Liverpool is really rather pretty (and there is the Rufford Branch too).
  7. CRT sites down?

    CRT up for me - watersidemoorings is sulking (not even returning a message)
  8. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    We used to moor at what is now Crooke Marina and we went back there last year ... we'd forgotten just how tranquil the whole stretch is.... admittedly its a bit run down in places but that almost adds to the charm. There are lots of good canalside (or near canalside) pubs too.
  9. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    What's a cheque book? I don't have one - so unless Sonny carries a card reader then its going to be "send me an invoice"
  10. Wolverhampton mooring?

    We went in there when we were picking our boat up after some work - it was quite pleasant locals were friendly, drank rather a lot of bottled beer but it was pretty good value.
  11. Thetford Spinflo Aspire cooker

    Gas mark 4 is gas mark 4 ... OK it possibly won't be as big as one at home and it might take longer to get up to temperature but.... According to the specs I can find the oven burner is 1.5Kw (1000 BTU)
  12. Pillings Lock Marina Liquidation Update

    Wasn't it over 180K?
  13. Marie Stranded on the Trent

    But you did say: My bolding... So you said that anyone using a river should be qualified and have VHF training.... Unless you meant tidal coastal and tidal river (is there such a thing as non tidal coastal?)
  14. Marie Stranded on the Trent

    But not when you responded to Graham
  15. Marie Stranded on the Trent

    But you said this : in response to : Therefore that implies that you expect any river user to be licensed...