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  1. Open Canal Map ANDROID app Beta testers

    You'd need to talk to Nick about that - if you want to do that then its probably worth starting a thread on the little forum we have on Canalplan for discussing things..... I do think that if we're not careful we're going to end up with multiple incompatible data sets which are all out of date.... We did have this "feature request" https://canalplan.eu/bugtrack/view.php?id=31
  2. Any recommended canal guide book

    You mean the solid glue binding ones with white pages and a blue wobbly line along the page, sometimes with big gaps (with joining arc line) where the canal bends..... and sod all else on the page?
  3. Which camera

    Dad used to have one of those - I used it quite a bit and got some good photos from it.
  4. Which camera

    I've got a Canon Rebel T5 which is a great SLR but as you rightly say - cameras like that are a bit OTT for just snapping shots (although its sports mode auto shoot is very good for catching canal wildlife on the move as the attached pics show.. and yes I know the head is missing on one... but that's what happens using an SLR on the move when you are steering ). Otherwise I use a small Coolpix which I can slip into my pocket ... but sometimes it does take too long to wake up.
  5. Middlewich Narrowboats - ceased trading?

    Andersen boats, just round the corner below the locks still seem to be going strong, as are Chas Hardern's.... we're forever meeting their boats on the Shroppie... So the hire market seems to be doing OK...
  6. Canal Maps

    Well that was a rather unexpected deviation from the topic in question...
  7. Leaky stem gland

    Wouldn't that count as biological/chemical warfare
  8. The good old days?

    Oh God... I remember those...... Then there there the electric powered vacuum pump ones.....
  9. The good old days?

    I must say our very old BMC is still chugging along - still starts after 20 seconds of heaters in January when its not been run for several months....
  10. The good old days?

    and 24 years later "electric power-flush toilets" haven't changed much at all, and neither has the storage...
  11. Where’s the water

    I meant the bit from the article about which valve it was....
  12. Where’s the water

    This bit doesn't make sense: . So that implies its not the regular flow valve.....
  13. Where’s the water

    Doesn't stop them in Continental Europe.....
  14. Logistics of a journey

    Canalplan uses some network traversing algorithms with weightings for each waterway type and for things like locks, swingbridges and tunnels.
  15. RCD

    No but a lot of canal banks aren't like the side of a narrowboat sitting in the middle of a canal..... The embankment at Norbury has escape ladders - does anyone know anyone who has actually used them?