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  1. RCD

    No but a lot of canal banks aren't like the side of a narrowboat sitting in the middle of a canal..... The embankment at Norbury has escape ladders - does anyone know anyone who has actually used them?
  2. RCD

    That's what I'm wondering - if getting out onto a canal bank is just about impossible then how on earth are people going to manage to drag themselves up a ladder by the rear deck of a boat?
  3. RCD

    you've still got to pull it down when you're in the water... and how far down does it need to go to make it easy to use. It does seem that getting to the bank and crawling "ashore" might be the easiest thing to do on a canal - but obviously that's less practical on a river...
  4. I've Just Winterised the Boat

    The embankments on the Shroppie are quite amazing in January
  5. RCD

    And when the rudder swings and slams your leg against the hull.........
  6. I've Just Winterised the Boat

    We drain off the domestic water from the calorifier, disconnect the water pump, top up the antifreeze in the engine and the central heating and that's basically it. So taking the boat out in the middle of winter is just a matter of taking some bottled water, start up the engine and off we go.
  7. BCN Moorons

    So they really should know better....
  8. Hit and run

    3 Tonnes? Really?
  9. Hit and run

    Its quite a deep sharp dent - looking at the photo closely it looks like the windows themselves might be recessed a bit in the frame, so its allowed the frame to get a deep dent in it without the window breaking.
  10. StephenA

  11. Hit and run

    Yes - the glass broke....... I'm fully aware of inertia and momentum thank you....
  12. Hit and run

    I'm surprised that a Fibreglass cruiser could do that to metal window frames without breaking the glass....
  13. Horninglow Basin T&M

  14. Horninglow Basin T&M

    "Tom's Moorings" at Market Drayton was similar.... we had to move jetty as the one we usually moored on silted up so much that a tyre lying on the bottom wasn't even fully submerged. Now its been dredged, jetties rebuilt, new power poles, lighting and water put in... and its now Ladybird moorings (Not sure why Ladybird... I would have thought Gingerbread would have been a more suitable name)
  15. Battery Voltage Dropping Quickly - Why ?

    silly question but what wattage is the immersion heater? We keep thinking about getting one for our twin coil tank.