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  1. Cleaner for Plastic

    I used "Grunt" for the first time recently and was quite impressed how it dealt with the really stubborn marks and stains. I will likely use this again. https://gruntboatcleaner.co.uk/
  2. Norman 24 windscreen

    There is a lad on the Norfolk Broads forum calls himself "Woodwose" and has a Norman 23 at Womack Water. He has converted his screen to drop down which enables him to get under Potter Heigham Bridge. I'm sure he would tell you about it if you sent him a pm on the site or asked on the forum itself. It would mean signing up of course. http://the-norfolk-broads.co.uk
  3. Boat moving cost

    Try actually ringing Tony Tugboat! He is out and about most days. I couldn't get him by email either. He will also give an even better price if he can make your shift a part of another move. Cost me £350'ish to shift a 25 foot Hampton from Norfolk to Thorne which is in the region of 320 miles.
  4. mooring up

    Ahhh, but a joke that those onboard do not always appreciate. Moored at Ranworth Staithe, I wanted to obtain lubrication in the hostelry but the rest of the crew were being anti- social. We had hired a dingy this time so I very gently let go of the ropes and towed the boat out into the middle of the Broad, Slipped the mud weight in and went to the pub. As I landed I could hear a voice wailing that the TV ariel needed moving! I was not very popular for a few days!
  5. Tim & Pru New Series

    I enjoyed the program! Impressed that Pru should be concerned that, when the Bish was performing his annual visit to St Benets, it didn't pi*s it down with rain!
  6. People with names similar to famous people

    Some years ago now at Leeds Half Marathon the winner was one Elvis Parsley!
  7. Old sayings.

    "Muscles as big as sparrows kneecaps"!
  8. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Likely to be a tad more expensive but I think the Aquafibre Pearls/38 would be well worth looking at. Having hired both models frequently, the Aquafibre seems the more versatile in terms of space. When it comes to looking it might also be worth talking to Richardsons to see what they are parting with. A lot of boats of this age have been both re- engined and refitted.
  9. Share your other interests

    Snap Ian! Although I don't have the space to set up the layout any more sadly! I have boxes and boxes of locos and carriages and wagons plus all the layout accessories. I spend more time looking at other peoples layouts than my own models and always look out for the exhibitions.
  10. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    I have hired the Alpha 35 a few times from different yards. The worst one was from Alphacraft themselves. They have the engine under the mid cabin double bed and it does not make for a pleasant sleeping environment! Some yards did fit these out with the engine under the stern deck which is a much more comfortable option for whoever uses that cabin.
  11. Help. Broken window on Aire & Calder

    I realise this comes after the event but, for future reference, these folk in Leeds make and will refurbish/repair windows. They actually made the original windows for Norman Boats. They are a plant window company basically who also put their skills to other applications! http://www.kellettwindows.co.uk/
  12. Ouse in October - mad or not?

    Oh indeed I have and stood nest to the mark on the wall sipping a pint. Doesn't happen as often as some folk seem to think! I was not dismissing the fact that the Ouse is subject to rise and fall above Naburn, simply that I don't think this is as troublesome!
  13. Plastic boats

    A better bet could be a look up at Richardsons. They are continually selling hire boats as they build new ones. For the Broads area, they are good prices as well. Added the advantage of regular maintainance and, in some cases, have been recently re-engined.
  14. Ouse in October - mad or not?

    Not an expert by any means but I was under the impression that the levels up to York and beyond were controlled in some measure by Naburn Lock? I have been considering this very same trip form a bit further along on the Calder & Hebble. My main concern was the tidal section out of Selby Lock.
  15. Old sayings.

    In days of old when we were not allowed to be choosey about our fodder! "Eat what you don't like first"!