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  1. Electrician required

    Try Matty40s of this parish. He is very good. He will travel to you.
  2. MV Chica

    How about RAF Sculthorpe and these boats? Photos taken by me April 2016
  3. Nairn about Britain

    This TV programme from 1972 is now available on iplayer. It is one of a series of three programmes.https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwfkm/nairn-across-britain-2-transpennine-canal It is a 30minute film of a journey along the Leeds and Liverpool canal. I've not yet found time to watch it so can make no comment on the quality!!
  4. Other possibles are Mr and Mrs Trackman, Chazzy and Rene, Ally and Marc.
  5. We were happy with Caley Cruisers when we hired this year. We had a very old boat (understood it was to be retired at the end of the saeson) it was in good order evreything worked on it. The briefing from them was very good, time was spent explaining the boat and then on how to manage it. Found that Le Boat boats looked like Christmas trees with about 20fenders permanently hanging from every available point. Inverness was fine to get to. We stayed the night before in the Premier Inn which is about a mile away, shopping was easy as there was a choice of supermarket, excellent second hand book shop in the city centre etc. We found that the cruising is just over 2 days each way so we had time to take a rail trip to Mallaig from Banavie and stopped early some days and went for walks. Caley staff were very friendly and helpful. Caley would get our vote.
  6. Handing over the cash tomorrow!!!

    Our boat is Colecraft/Rugby Boats but from 1988. Look for original painting on side and rear doors as it may be by Ron Hough - our side doors are. Good luck with your boat - you will have a steep learning curve looking after it. Don't be afraid to ask questions on this forum no matter how stupid they seem - we are all here to help.
  7. Wharf Kingston On Soar

    Whilst browsing the NLS maps site I came across a wharf at Kingston on Soar which I had not realised existed. It was served by the mineral railway which connected Kegworth station goods yard and Kingston gypsum. The wharf can be seen on this extract from the NLS maps. The link is http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=15&lat=52.8456&lon=-1.2686&layers=168&right=BingHyb I can remember and have the attached photographs of the line in use with an 0-4-0 Pecket saddle tank loco. These were taken circa 1965. The wharf would not have been in use then. I have been unable to find any references to this wharf. Can anyone help? Its remains were destroyed when flood prevention work was carried out some years ago and a flood bank built, the Kingston Brook discharges through a head wall with gates to prevent the Soar in flood passing through them.
  8. GU Leicester Line closed from 27th Sept UFN

    Just had a notice from CRT come through - they want advance warning of any proposed passage on 25th. You need to email to this address enquiries.eastmidlands@canalrivertrust.org.uk.
  9. The Paget is now booked for Saturday 30th from about 6pm I did say I would try and give some idea of numbers a couple of wekks before. More information can be found here http://www.steamin-billy.co.uk/ourpubs/paget.php The food is good the beer is even better!!
  10. Surveyor Recommendation Please

    Chris Williams is Gas Safe registered more information here http://www.ovationboatsafetyandsurvey.co.uk/
  11. Surveyor Recommendation Please

    Chris Williams has just done Tyto and we were happy with what he said about the boat.
  12. Cooking pot

    We bought a square alloy pot from Wilkos - not cheap but does the job. Being square makes better use of the stove top. http://www.wilko.com/casserole+stockpots/wilko-die-cast-casserole-square-aluminium-28cm/invt/0328823 It comes in two sizes 28 and 20cm.
  13. insurance question

    Remember that you really do need insurance to cover salvage costs if it does sink!!It also ought to cover repairs following sinking.
  14. I've Just Winterised the Boat

    It was nice boating weather this weekend. We only did our usual Sileby Thurmaston Sileby run with me cycling to do some dinghy sailing at Syston. The wind was nice for sailing and afterwards we went for a pint in the Gate Hangs Well. We ended up mooring at Thurmaston just as it was getting dark. The run back to Sileby this morning was good with very few boats on the move.
  15. GU Leicester Line closed from 27th Sept UFN

    CRT have announced thatb it will open on Saturday 4th and Saturday 25th November from 9am with no stopping and last passage to begin before noon. There may be dates in December depending on demand. Still screws up our cruising plans for November!!