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  1. HS2 canal crossing points

    Carillion have been doing what all the large PFI mobs have been up to -- borrowing money from the banks, outsourcing all the low-paid jobs, often at several removes, creaming off a profit and trousering it for doing almost nothing. In other words, the lowest-paid are paying, instead of the government using its tax revenues responsibly for the good of everyone. PFI and austerity simply do not mix. Chickens have come home to roost -- Carillion directors have discovered that the banks are happy to lend you an umbrella when the sun shines, but always want it back when it rains.
  2. Brexit 2017

    BoJo has only ever voted for the benefit of BoJo himself. He'll be more than willing to change his tune whenever he sees an advantage.
  3. Brewing tea

    That's the key to it, I suspect! I have a theory that Yorkshire Tea (the brand) is formulated for soft Harrogate water, and this explains why it doesn't taste right in the chemical excuses that pass for water in other places. Have you tested this with a blind tasting? Just askin'.
  4. Foot operated water tap

    I'm sure the Ole Man's last caravan had an electric foot switch for the water tap -- and that was more than ten years ago.
  5. Brewing tea

    See my post no.8? Wonderful thing, an open mind.
  6. Brewing tea

    You might need to try Aldi gold tea bags - one per mug, as intended, leave for 5 minutes before adding milk. However I strongly suspect it's more to do with the water. We get a lovely brew in Manchester, courtesy of our soft water. Same in most of Yorkshire. Dahn in the decadent Sarf the water is already revolting before you put anything into it.
  7. Brexit 2017

    That's the NHS screwed then. Personally, I'm a proud European.
  8. Trump

    Because I couldn't do a 3% difference without going into decimal percentages!
  9. Lidl fire extinguishers

    Check the rating (contents weight) - you might need more of them (eg one more) but that's not a problem as BSS specifies the total capacity.
  10. Trump

    Electoral college with reps from each state. Big states have more electoral college votes. If a state votes 52/48 for a candidate, ALL the electoral college votes go to the 52. So yes, they can very easily.
  11. All Two-Year Olds Need One Of These

    Who needs a kit? What could be better than supervised firelighting (with the rules set out in advance)? That's what Grandads are for!
  12. Not forgetting that the R value is a measure of the resistance to heat transfer (higher is better) whereas the U value is a measure of the rate of heat transfer (lower is better).
  13. Trump

    Hillary Clinton - about 3 million more than Trump, ie 41%. Why do you ask?
  14. Trump

    Just like his Republican predecessor.
  15. The Rice Experiment

    Tee hee. Who shall we annoy next?