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  1. Inundated with emails - why?

    Happened to me too. Go into your account settings and switch all notifications off!
  2. Twin pack or Bitumen

    I think that's a sound decision. You don't know how long the blacking will last (1) in you home water and (2) with the amount of use you get from the boat. These both affect the periods between applications. Another aspect is that periodic blacking isn't the only reason for dry-docking/slipping the boat. For one thing, the anodes may need replacing but you can't tell, if the boat is still in the water.
  3. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    Our are called " 'andles ".
  4. sound deadening

    That's why they use it -- you would get a different answer subjectively than you would mathematically, because the human hearing response to a change in levels is non-linear. The answer could be anything between 3dB (only just discernible) and 10dB (definite improvement).
  5. Day time Tv

    Is there any TV during the day?
  6. Brexit 2017

    Why close the door in the first place, though, and what evidence is there that EU membership inhibits trade with countries we do not currently trade with? You know, all the ones that are queuing up to do business with us? That doesn't mean we are better off without any of it. Bigger percentages of a much smaller total. I'd rather have a small slice of a big cake than most of a solitary bun all to myself.
  7. Brexit 2017

    I suggest the above. Have you forgotten how much UK trade is with other EU countries? Peter knows a bloke who has seen the effects of our perceived dislike of foreigners, so that proves it. Not.
  8. Brexit 2017

    For the avoidance of doubt I don't live by finance alone, but I do recognise that the consequences (mainly the benefits) of international trade between nations are inescapable. So too are the benefits of a level playing field in terms of workers' rights, safety and heath standards, mutual cooperation and support, legal systems, research and education. Please explain (1) how membership of the EU encourages that, and (2) how leaving the EU will stop it?
  9. Brexit 2017

    He certainly isn't a typical leaver - he doesn't care about the consequences but there will be droves of leave voters moaning about the high costs of everything -- you know, all the stuff that is traded through the EU that we apparently don't need anyway? I don't remember seeing any 'leave' publicity that said we were going to lose all the old "Common Market" benefits when we regained our imaginary but vital sovereignty.
  10. Music in Pubs

    Piped music should be quiet enough to ignore without any effort. In a decent pub the hubbub of quiet conversation drowns it out anyway!
  11. Red Diesel...At last the facts!

    You must have been in the wrong business, or employed the wrong people!
  12. Trump

    Beat me to it! Nothing has not been done. The Chinese have been trying to calm things down for a long while. The USA should just accept that they are seen as the bad guys, rise above it, and (whisper) behave like christians for a change.
  13. Brexit 2017

    Dead right, but it suits the right-wing meejah to have a scapegoat. I wonder who it will be if we eventually leave? I forecast that it will still be the nasty old EU, at least until the Daily Hatemail readers have all died off.
  14. I don't doubt it, but I wouldn't want to do a 500 mile round trip to Scotland in a day in one of those. Does it return 55mpg?
  15. Red Diesel...At last the facts!

    I thought the whole point was that it was a matter of faith? No need for any proof at all.