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  1. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Were have i implied that they have no rules of course they have rules but they will not be the same as cart all i can find is their Commercial vessel registration charges.
  2. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    but the boat is on ea waters it has nothing to do with cart.
  3. I own Shropshire Lass 1 it was built by stoke boats Longport same as Shropshire lass two ,you could also speak to Dave at Grahams boats Hillmorton he`s built one and is building anther next year.
  4. ISUZU Head Gasket work

    Are you sure they need re-tightened thought they had stretch bolts.
  5. CART connection charge

    there is something already on these lines its called a rod licence.
  6. Dispute at Pillings

    go to street view
  7. Two men dead, one on towpath?

    would you realay, is that from personal experience,having had 3 heart attacks before 39 years old fitted with 3 stents and still suffer from unstable angina is not much fun ether it can also be a long painful death for some with no cure.
  8. which inverter

    never tried running a hover or washing machine from a composting toilet does the methane run a generator.
  9. which inverter

    thanks for reply biggles i posted after your post might have to have a re-think.
  10. which inverter

    thanks for replies my have to change my mind to mastervolt, ely chandlers are doing a good price on them was looking at the http://www.ebcmarineandleisure.co.uk/combi-inverter-and-charger/mastervolt-mass-combi-12v/2000w-100a but is 2000w 2000w or 2000va.
  11. which inverter

    looking at buying a sterling pro-s 2500w combi or would i be better spending my money on a mastervolt or victron. cheers jim
  12. Moorings on the great ouse

    you could try daylock or hartford marina near huntingdon
  13. Wheelchair accessible boat

    new boat looks good dave like the layout.
  14. US Battery XC2200

    my batts from this place http://trojan-batteries-online.co.uk/index.php?main_page=shopping_cart buy four for a discount