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    Food, umm... eating, er... eating food.<br />Cooking, cats, but not together.<br />Writing, especially about food.<br />Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Led Zep etc... etc.

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    Writer of all things foodie related
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    Would love to have a boat name :(
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  1. First Trip this weekend

    FYI Athy if it's Claydon Flight it would be 'is' because flight is singular but as you used locks,which is plural, you were correct in usin 'are' :-) Tullz givin supper a prod
  2. Why do they do it ...

    Although we've done several boaty hols, it wasn't until last week when we hired for a specific reason other than a holiday that it made me think, could I cope with livin in such a small space? Last week the answer would have been no; today it could be a possibility. It hasn't been plain sailin, various problems have cropped up. But all in all it has been a good experience but I'm not sure if I could do it as a fully ccr. Time will tell as we are only in the exploritory phase of gettin a nb. Tullz pourin a beer for Bogg
  3. Why do they do it ...

    Nah it's an old irc habit of not puttin' a g on the end I think I just might not bother with the apostrophe tho Tullz sippin a chilled glass of Aussie chard by the glow of the squirrel
  4. Under floor heating

    Is underfloor heating a sensible and cost effective way of heatin' a nb and is it practical? As I've not seen it mentioned in magazines or on boatbuilders' websites, I don't know if it's a feasible option. Tullz gettin' plum and apple crumble out of oven
  5. Why do they do it ...

    It never ceases to amaze me as to how naive (subsitute stupid) some people can be. We are nearin' the end of our two week hire to see if we could cope with livin' on a boat as the winter draws in and with each other in a confined space. Several folk have said how sensible and then proceed to tell us about couples who sell up lock, stock and hogshead to live on a nb without ever havin' spent more than a day on one, only to discover that they hate it! We also helped a couple through Bunbury locks on a share boat only to have the wife confide in me that she never wants to do it again (it was their first time out). So why do they do it? *puzzled look* We intend to spend another couple of weeks on a semi trad (we're on a trad at the mo) some time in either January or February. Makes sense to me of tryin' before buyin'; could save a lot of dosh and/or one's marriage! Tullz off to put cottage pie in oven!
  6. Well whatever floats ya boat Tullz just about to take homemade rolls out the oven
  7. Chester

    Thanks guys apart fron the winding hole before cow lane bridge where else can one wind? Tullz off to do pudding
  8. Chester

    Was thinkin of headin into Chester so where is a good place to moorin the heart of the city? Are the moorings at the mill hotel ok or are we headin into 'bandit territory' like other boaters have said to us? We didn't make audlem after all; next time. Hey ho! Tullz off to prod the pheasant casserole
  9. Which was your favourite flake advert?

    Should have had a flake afterwards Tullz
  10. Which was your favourite flake advert?

    Is that the one where her lips actually closed around the flake? Up until that point the girls never closed there mouths Tullz
  11. Which was your favourite flake advert?

    I remember two: the girl in a boat and another in a field of wheat Both very sensuous or is that sensual? but then again weren't they all? Tullz
  12. I have to thank Alan Fincher for this. So as the subject says ... Which was your favourite flake ad? Tullz
  13. What do you do ...

    I think I'll start a new topic as this one has gone way off subject *hoots with laughter* Tullz
  14. What do you do ...

    Neither. I prefer little artisan producers. This is made by Daniel's Delights and contains kentucky bourbon which I could smell as I opened the wrappin. Back in ediblah I buy my clever chocolate (that's what BOGG calls it) from the chocolate tree. It's all very yummy oh btw, as this thread is about what jobs people do from their boats, and as it was my question to start with -what do you do to keep the wolves from the door? Tullz lettin the chocolate melt on my tongue
  15. Missing Cat

    If memory serves me correctly (which isn't often these days) I think unsnipped toms have a territory of about 1sq mile Ours was a stray and we caught him, got him snipped and he now sleeps most of the day and brings us presents of mice alive, dead and partials! *yick* Tullz