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  1. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    Ledgard boats. Don't know about their narrowboats but friends of mine live on a 15m x 4m (approx) 'replica barge' in France, have done for more than 10 years. They like it but bought what they could afford at the time. As stated above they are medium quality and the barges are not the best looking. Probably a barge adaptation of a narrowboat, slab sided with a wheelhouse. My friends' boat is underpowered though and they have to pick and choose times for river cruising. (max about 6 kph). This may be just an undersized engine but equally likely, hull shape. Depends whether you're after a NB or barge type and where you want to cruise. Overall OK and no more I would suggest.
  2. Counterfeit stamp

    You missed the 'place stamp here' box so a scan couldn't pick it up. Perhaps there should be a 'do not place stamp here' box
  3. ID this hardwood :)

    Have a scroll through this lot, may give you an idea. Red Oak? http://piecesofwood.com/woods.html
  4. Contact the RYA, they may be able to help? Legal Team Tel: 023 8060 4223 Email: legal@rya.org.uk.
  5. Boat legal advice

    This may help http://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/legal/buying-a-boat/Pages/hub.aspx
  6. Trojan batteries Hydrolink watering system

    Gravity. This is similar to the system I had.
  7. Trojan batteries Hydrolink watering system

    Not sure about the specific one you're looking at but we had something similar to this... http://www.bfsgmbh.de/en/system.html Water was supplied by a 20 L reservoir via tubes and float valves to each cell. One of the valves stuck and flooded the battery, which overflowed, thankfully into the steel battery container (bund) which I could flush out. I took the whole thing out and resorted to checking and topping up manually.
  8. Problem with SF stove

    Possibly..... the blanking plate has 2 or 3 lugs to twist it into place (probably 2 as the bunny is a small stove). Perhaps the plate is simply not fully twisted into place and needs re-seating. Whether you need additional sealer (cement / high-temp silicone??) I'm not sure. Perhaps give these guys a call....... http://www.aarrow-stove-specialist.co.uk/
  9. Z drive disaster, help needed.

    If you're still struggling I may know someone who can help. PM me and I'll see if I can put you in touch.
  10. Kabola old dutch diesel stove

    Yellow = poor / incomplete combustion causing inefficiency, sooting and possible dangerous gasses. Could be a number of things but there's a thread here that may give you some pointers. http://www.waterwaysworld.com/questionspost.cgi?post=674
  11. Chimney clearance of gunk.

    We used to stick to a few self-imposed 'rules'. Firstly use decent fuel - good quality smokeless or seasoned wood. Never use petroleum coke / petcoke (too hot), brown coal (filthy, cheap sweepings up), house coal (too hot and mucky) or green wood. Never have the fire on 'tick-over' for too long. In other words give it a really hot burn at least once a day to burn off residues. I also made an external twin-wall exterior section (1.5 metre?) which may have helped. I regularly checked the flue but didn't sweep it once during our last 5 / 6 years boating although I did clean the throat / baffle plate periodically.
  12. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    Our sincere condolences, very sad. Jo and Jan
  13. Belgium or Holland?

    Just a bit more......I only saw Le Boats in the area though there may be alternative companies. What you should get, as you say, is a well-run company with a wide variety of boat to choose from. Don't know how many of you there will be but my advise wold be to choose something comfortably big enough for you all if funds allow. The battlefields and memorials are incredibly moving whether or not you have relatives who were involved. It will give you and your children the chance to begin to understand the scale of the war and number of nationalities involved, including your country men and women. My wife's uncle died on the Somme fighting along side the Newfoundland Regiment. He's buried in Hawthorne Ridge cemetery located in the Newfoundland Memorial Park. When we visited a few years ago the visitors centre was staffed (respectfully) by Canadian college students, and presumably still is. Don't go to Flanders for the scenery, stay where you are for that! But the towns are interesting and you'll have chance to reflect while cruising the small river and canals in between. And there are a couple of locks (there aren't many because it's so flat) including one of the oldest in Belgium (I believe) at the junction of the Ijzer and Lo Canal at Fintele where there is a locally renowned fish restaurant where you can sample paling (eel) in a variety of disguises (if that takes your fancy). If I can help any further feel free to PM me rather than boring everyone else.
  14. Belgium or Holland?

    OK, here's one quick idea. Le Boat have a base in Nieuwpoort, Flanders, an interesting town in itself. There is a ring you can do. Go up the River Ijzer via Diksmuide, Ypres, Veurne and back to Nieuwpoort. All are interesting places with Diksmuide and Ypres particularly influenced by military memorials. Ypres is down a branch canal and an evening visit to The Menin Gate is memorable in addition to the main square in the town which houses the incredible Cloth Hall. If you want to take in Bruges too, doing that on a boat within the week could be a push unless you choose it as an exclusive trip, and a 'there and back' journey from near Nieuwpoort. But there is a railway station in Diksmuide (about 1 km walk / taxi from the well-run and friendly port). Trains run regularly to Bruges (about 40 mins I think) and not expensive. You could get a full day there without much problem. We saw Le Boat boats pass by fairly regularly when we moored at Diksmuide so inexperience really shouldn't be a problem. If it's rained excessively the river may flow somewhat but normally in summer it's benign with barely any flow. So if it's been wet you could take the Bruges only option - interesting in itself. Regarding Holland, we have more experience of the more northerly regions and probably our favourite boating area was Friesland with it's myriad of lakes, canals and towns BUT, from memory, during holiday season it can get very busy with a tsunami of private boats. Out of season it's a joy. There's a link here which includes a map of Flanders.... http://www.leboat.co.uk/holidays/destinations/belgium