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  1. looking to try canal boating

    September is a very busy month, at least the first half of it, a lot of people avoid the summer holidays so go cruising once the schools are back and the days are still fairly long and warm, so it's a popular time to go. Early-mid October is a nice time to go; things have quietened down a bit usually, the daylight is still a reasonable length and you often get some pleasant weather around the time.
  2. Boat Prices

    It's enthusiasm for the canals which attracts me to the idea, but I'm wary about the whole canal life and experience becoming 'normal' and a chore if I was to go ahead with something like this. I don't currently have a mortgage or a house, so I'd be starting from scatch. Wouldn't be possible to CC, so it'd have to be a home liveaboard mooring in the North West. I thought about liveaboard moorings on the Bridgewater (which I'm guessing are cheaper?), are there many places available?
  3. Boat Prices

    I've thought about buying a brand new moderate size narrowboat (40-50ft) to live on, whilst retaining my fibreglass cruiser (my pride and joy) as a toy to go cruising with. I take it this would still be cheaper than buying a house (and retaining the cruiser)?
  4. Where's all the boats?

    There were more than six boats queuing for Stanthorne lock on the Middlewich Branch at one point yesterday afternoon, all heading towards Barbridge. This, to be fair, was aggravated by a couple of boaters faffing around like headless chickens with the ground paddles, so delaying everyone else. Surprisingly no boats passed going the other way in the hour we were waiting there.
  5. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    Thanks for your replies and help! I'm just going to do the northern half I think, booked to go down Saturday morning then back up Sunday lunchtime. It sounds as though 2 full days may be needed to do the whole thing there and back. Shame you can't work the locks by yourself!
  6. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    So assuming no hold ups at the locks, how long does it take to get from Anderton to Weston Point?
  7. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    I must have misinterpreted it then, I read the cost of booking being £10 return but below it read the cost of passage as being £30. If it's £10 then certainly seems worthwhile to guarantee passage. I'd like to go to the northern end (Weston Point), so I'd be prepared to leave the southern bit for another time if it's going to be tight.
  8. I'm thinking of taking a trip onto the Weaver next weekend, down Saturday and back up the lift on Sunday. I've looked at the passage arrangements and booking ahead looks a little pricey when you can turn up and go through for free on the day on the next available spot. Is it worth paying the fee considering the time of year of a weekend? Is it fairly common for freebies to have to wait until the next day or longer before a free spot is available? Also is the whole thing from Weston Point to Winsford doable by going down on the Saturday morning and coming off the river on late Sunday afternoon? My preference is to Weston Point if it's one way or the other. Any info would be appreciated, thanks. :-)
  9. four counties

    North portal area of Harecastle tunnel is the other place to avoid (for overnight), best to go through the first Red Bull lock if travelling northwards.
  10. four counties

    He's referring to the first bit of the Shropshire Union, between the boatyard and bridge 2 near the sewage works. The advice is not to moor along there because of the estate on the left hand (south) side. It's asking for problems stopping along there, especially because there are perfectly fine moorings within about a mile.
  11. Who goes first? - question on etiquette

    Wasn't referring to how the lock was operated, just the fact that you seem to think people in a hurry or going faster than you are doing it wrong.
  12. Who goes first? - question on etiquette

    You shouldn't think like that about people in a hurry. Some people, myself included, simply don't have the luxury of time to be able to spend weeks or months pottering around the system, due to other commitments. We still enjoy the canals nonetheless and want to see as much as we can in the little time we do have, so sometimes we have to get a move on. This is why it irritates me when leisurely private boaters frown upon hirers who are 'doing' the four counties ring in the week.
  13. So what's going on here?

    It's at Acton, between Nantwich and the Henhull moorings. It's been in that state for around 3 years now.
  14. Inboard engine on GRP cruiser - cooling options

    Can anyone help regarding my propeller question (difference between a 2-blade and a 3-blade prop in terms of performance and handling)?
  15. Inboard engine on GRP cruiser - cooling options

    Well the engine is in and having given it a 'wearing in' session, it seems very sound. Biggest difference compared to the Volvo is the lack of exhaust smoke! However a new prop with a smaller pitch is needed because of the higher higher rpm. I've gone for a 14x7 2-blade propeller. Are there any differences between a 2-blade and a 3-blade in terms of performance, handling, prop wash etc?