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    Wine, women and song.
    Ok then wine, wife and boats (can't sing)

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    nb Bluemoon
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    Hopefully floating on the South Stratford

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  1. Mikuni MK40 issue

    Very true, try removing and replacing the fuses, disconnect and reconnect the main plug that the Mikuni connects to the boat wiring this will clean the contacts
  2. Mikuni MK40 issue

    I agree with David, they can end up costing a fortune, parts are costly. But be careful, in my experience the flash codes can be misleading, can you hear or feel the air pump running?
  3. Carrying spares

    Or wherever the boat decides that you have to...I my case under Spaghetti junction in September. Thats when you’re glad that you carry spares..
  4. RCD

    On Bluemoon we have a step built into the rudder which I feel slightly more confident with as it’s about foot beneath the surface. Whereas the step fitted to the swim on some boats are just beneath the surface, haven’t go a clue how you’re supposed to get a foot on it.
  5. Tardebigge Times

    Tardebigge locks are well designed, going up you can just “whack” both ground paddles and the boat will hardly move (not like the locks on the T&M round heartbreak hill).
  6. Tardebigge Times

    Depends if you are counting the boats with teams who set every lock ahead, then probably sub two hours. But back in reality two up we can do a good sub three hours.
  7. Inverter choice - peak power

    By far the biggest user is the washing machines heater, we have a thermostatic mixer valve (set to 42 degrees) to feed the cold fill water input. Using a 40degree cycle the heater doesn’t come on. having said that, we have a 3,000watt PSW inverter to cover all eventualities, but it’s much cheaper electrically wise to use hot water generated when were travelling.
  8. Fuel on Shropshire Union

    Absolutely, one of the best chats I’ve ever had when filling up.
  9. Quoisley Lock Gentleman

    He was there a couple years ago, we bought some kindling off him and talked about chickens.
  10. Problem with inverter

    From memory my Sterling 2500 MSW had a number of blade fuses inside
  11. Diesel Thieves & Speed Boats

    Can't see that working on our tank, and a lot of narrowboats I think, the fuel cap is directly on the top of the tank, I.e. No pipe.
  12. Solar panel mounting (on roof)

    I used rubber bobbins tapped into the roof to mount ours
  13. Wolverhampton 21

    A bit of a detour then if you're heading up the Shroppie towards the T&M
  14. Side fenders deployed permanently

    While I don't cruise with my fenders down I am happy for others to leave their rope fenders down as I haven't had to buy new ones for years, normally manage to get two or three new fenders a year out of the cut .
  15. 240 volt to 24 volt

    How about on of these. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Converter-Regulator-12V-Step-Up-to-24V-Car-Power-Supply-Adapter-Waterproof-/252603618431?hash=item3ad059547f:g:RksAAOSwnbZYDxjy