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  1. Engine Porn

    The J3 in our boat was a petrol start as originally configured. The idea was to allow hand starting with no more effort than starting a car with a handle. We had a starter ring fitted to the flywheel and used a starter motor from the beginning. Magneto problems, with expensive solutions, prompted the conversion to diesel start using glow plugs fitted to the air intake. Dick Goble, the Kelvin guru, gave much advice with this. To be honest, I'm not sorry to be without the petrol start. Dave
  2. Engine Porn

    Here is Resolute's J3. A modest bit of grunt...
  3. Volockies

    One does not drive narrowboats...one steers. And no, he doesn't.
  4. Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    Thanks Mark. I'd almost forgotten Bodmin. It was, wasn't it???
  5. Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    The maroon could well be Masons Mercedes Red but it's only a suggestion.....
  6. Nb Tay and the dream!

    Long ago Malcolm Braine converted a wooden ice breaker named Shackleton at Norton Canes. This may well be the same boat. The original cabin side was, and could well be, hanging on the wall of the Navigation pub at Bugsworth. I saw it several years ago, surprised to see Ted Chetwyn's original lettering on there. He was my inspiration back in the 60s. Dave
  7. Boat painter

    I work with a good few painters. You could speak to Richard Corbett at Warwick Fly John Sanderson at Dadfords Wharf Mike Looby at Heyford Fields Marina Sarah Edgson at Glascote Basin Tamworth Matt Cooper at CTS, Norton Canes Martin Brookes at Prestwood, Stourbridge Good luck. Dave
  8. Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    No.....that was put on by me under sedation during it!!
  9. Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    Thanks Alan. Im more inclined to call them " Grotesque Grot " myself. Bill Hodgson would be mortified to have any association with them, I'm sure. What saddens is the number that I see on modern craft, owners unaware of the abomination that they are. What hope for the future? Friend and colleague Graham Edgson's words seem appropriate here....." Kid....they doe know! "
  10. Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    Hi all I had rather hoped that the photos had generated a tad more interest, though I suspect that many forum members have little interest in traditional ways. A few days ago I stripped the can back to bare metal, primed then base coated and applied decoration for the owner. This is it prior to varnishing. I always put decoration on to undercoat and then varnish, this gives a better key than varnishing gloss paint. Dave
  11. Who is the painter of this can?

    I've just had another look at the can and something stirred in the memory bank. It could, and that's as far as I'll go, be the work of a Derbyshire painter called Sue Merrick. I had correspondence with her years ago when I was involved with the Waterways Craft Guild. Laurence, I do have contact details if you want to pursue this. Phil and I thought her a promising painter then but I've had no dealings for years now. I could be wrong....
  12. Forum folk who frequent this section will probably be aware of my interest in and passion for preserving decent standards in traditional painting and signwriting. Friend and colleague Phil Speight, fellow dinosaur in this respect, is another. The attached pictures show what happens when market forces take over. Made and painted in China, I believe, some distance from our canal system, they are offered for sale at very budget prices around our network. The painting is clumsy with little resemblance to old dockyard styles, dashed on with indecent haste. Hopefully no one will use it to base their own painting on, though I fear I could be wrong. On a more optimistic note, fellow painter Jane Marshall, probably better known as one half of Day Star Theatre, has recently produced a book entitled " Roses and Castles " , a practical guide to traditional painting with sections on historic background, past and present painters too. It's lavishly illustrated with photos of historic and contemporary examples and should inspire new painters to progress in the right direction. Available from the Hustoric Boat Club shop and Audlem Mill. The book was the brainchild of Peter, the proprietor, its involved Jane in much research and writing for the last 18 months at least. A welcome addition to the limited books available. Dave
  13. Braunston Historic Boat Gathering - This Weekend

    Good for Mike!
  14. Braunston Historic Boat Gathering - This Weekend

    I'm afraid I'll be giving this a miss this year. I can't drive for another 2 weeks yet following surgery so I'm home based for a little while still. No boating either! Dave