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  1. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    My Harry Neal No 2 windlass is heavily pitted, I acquired it in the late 60s, swapping a gas bottle for it, still use it at times .... cost.....priceless for me, where would I find another?? Follow your instincts, a lot of old stuff changes hands for prices that would have been eye stretching years ago.
  2. Idle Women

    No idea, but that might be Ray White steering....... Dave
  3. Spot Painting

    You may struggle to get suitable weather at this time of year, unless you can arrange some sort of cover. Is there a longish bridge handy? Out in the open, there’s a very short time window even on good days. Just a thought..... Dave
  4. Merry Hill

    Hi I live nearby and I’m often there. Nothing at all has happened thus far, unless they have sprung up overnight. I’m not aware of any plans to build anything soon.Hope this helps. Dave
  5. Boat Painted.

    I know your boat. I lettered it at Norbury some years ago when it was called Merry Pippin then later for Tim Yorke at Shebdon. Looks good now. Dave
  6. J2 - new owner - starting on diesel

    Bengo, I’m a painter, not an engineer, as you probably know. I can only say, hand on heart, that the leaded petrol we used for a while certainly made starting easier when we had the petrol start, Who was I to ignore advice from one of the illustrious engine manufacturing family? I appreciate your reasoning, makes sense to me, but I can only add my first hand experience. Dave
  7. J2 - new owner - starting on diesel

    I’ll happily provide glo plug details if required, we fitted 2 on Resolute by grazing threaded brass collars on to the air intake. We also had to provide power and a diesel supply to them. Many years later, they are still performing well. Dick Goble, the Kelvin guru, gave lots of helpful advice. We fitted them to get round magneto issues and like the op I was less happy with petrol start on safety grounds. While on the petrol subject, I was advised by one of the Gardner family that old fashioned leaded petrol would be better suited to use for starting, which we found to be true years ago. I was fortunate to have a local garage that sold it. Just a thought.....
  8. Water Cans and Handbowls

    Hi Pete Just seen your post. It certainly looks like one of Lester’s to me too. I’ve seen the painting before, though I can’t yet put a name to it. There is a strong suggestion to me of the influence of Ron Hough, especially in the landscape. Not long before I collect from Rose, now. Dave
  9. Painted Ware Question No.2

    I've painted many handbowl stuff over the years, it's your call whether tompaint the inside or not. I usually do, but most of my output is for the commemorative market. These days I use Upol etch primer, available from automotive paint suppliers. You could also look at Craftmaster etch primer.....strip, abraded and de-grease before spraying. Both come in handy aerosol cans. If I can help further, just ask. Dave
  10. -Bay Water Can Purchase

    Your call Alan. If I can help further, get in touch, but I’m not asking for work. Cheers Dave
  11. -Bay Water Can Purchase

    I’m fairly certain it’s a Lesters can, well done! They produced some with brass trim from the 70s/80s, I think. I’ve painted many over time, these days painting over the brass. Look after it.
  12. Hi on the forum Nick. Dave here. I'm still in regular touch with Keith and his wife Jan. He recently encountered Mike Wilkinson, who commissioned both Brunel and Gooch. Victor is still around Gas St, still steering boats. I replied earlier to your message. Dave
  13. Hiya Dave, I was just googling Brummagem for old times sake and found this forum.

    Hope all is well mate - I was 19 last you saw me, I'm a 46 year old now with a family! Dam time goes for sure.

    It's Nick, Glens sidekick who used to paint & do all the the mouses ears & flashes if you remember - almost put you out of work haha, but I was way too slow on lettering - I did actually sign-write 'Challenger' when you weren't available, I was so proud of that  :)

    It's late on a Saturday, let me get back in touch &  I have some pics from the late 80's including yourself - plus those weekend 'foreigners' me & Glen used to do & you finished the lettering.

    They were great days and I have superb memories of Brummagem, even when Victor skinned a bloody rabbit in the canteen.

    I'm trying to get back in touch with Glen. Last saw him maybe 9 years ago completely random when I was exhibiting at NEC and he was unloading a wagon.

    Cheers and all the best.


    PS - I no longer have a ponytail & shaved head, the corporate world beckoned after my degree, so I sort of toned it down ;)

  14. boat painter

    I doubt you've get much of a full repaint for £1500. All of the painters I work with charge somewhat more....somewhat..... Dave
  15. Does anyone know this ice breaker location

    As I understand it, a " bridge's length " was simply a boater's term for the distance between 2 bridges, regardless of the actual distance. " I heard him coming 3 bridges lengths away" for example. Hope that this helps. Dave