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  1. Winter moorings question

    Again with the passive aggressive comments. I don’t know what the other place is I’m afraid and certainly never been here before.
  2. Winter moorings question

    I rest my case, out of all the points I made you picked up on the ‘WE’ It may come to your surprise people do talk and sit on each other’s boats and share the judgements that are being made by internet cowards and bullies. Its like who the f is Mike to judge my reasons and call them feeble then call me a pretend CCer ? WE are all in agreement on that one...
  3. Winter moorings question

    Post your log and lets see how much you have cruised and I will post mine then let’s see who the ‘boater’ is. Should have bought a caravan Mike as having a mooring is no excuse to think you are lord of the manor and are free to bridge hop to your hearts content. Come on let’s see that log mouthy boy;))
  4. Winter moorings question

    Aggressive tone? Im telling it like it is plain and simple, I’m not here for this cock and ball. People like Mike and Arthur are passive aggressive they hide on Internet forums and spout this nonsense when on the tow path they will say nothing because they know they will be told where to run and jump. If the reality of that tone offends you hurry up because I only have two ends to that middle finger as frankly I’m not assed and will not tolerate double standards from plastic boaters who are the biggest p takers themselves. ‘Reasonable in the circumstances’ you’ll get there in the end love if only you would stop with the double standards, yeah we know who you are and your game.
  5. Winter moorings question

    Because I’m not here to explain myself to people who simply have no place or authority to question me, it’s simply none of their business, its like seriously get a bloody life or move back in a house with your land based attitudes, real boaters don’t give a stuff they know what’s what and get on with it end of they dont talk down and judge others on a ‘canal forum’ holier than thou.
  6. Winter moorings question

    I have travelled to London and back and my license period has 3 months to go I am a boater, you on the other hand linger around the north of England while talking shite on this forum pretending to be a boater, simply leave me alone. If I need to stay put because I deem the weather foul then I will do so, if there are no locks there are still slippy gunwhales and decks which the law recognises as reasonable,you can lick my middle finger if you don’t like it and CRT will not be mithered either. I don’t have an agreement with CRT I have a license to cruise, having a license and agreeing to terms and conditions are worlds apart, and before you go on with more diretribe save it the law couldn’t give two hoots and neither can I.
  7. Winter moorings question

    Reasonable in the circumstances get over it sunshine...
  8. Winter moorings question

    It’s none of your business what anyone else does whatsoever with their boat. I have clocked up more miles than most in the last 12 months so go figure.
  9. Winter moorings question

    So I’m selfish for not wanting to move my boat in foul weather and crack my head open on icy locks? well I’ll tell you now I may be fairly new with only a few years ccing but there are several boaters who have literally dug the canal out and hold the same opinion so perhaps stay on your mooring and brown nose CRT because frankly your not welcome with the constant let’s tell boats without a mooring what they can and can’t do and what the rules are, again from a boater who is time served . bloody internet clowns. Well I’m on the Mac
  10. Auto throttle

    Ohhh bloody hell lol
  11. Winter moorings question

    I’m not interested in Internet theory Arthur born from bored boaters sat on their backsides on a mooring bitching about continuous cruisers with little to no real life boating experience , slippy locks and decks due to frost and ice are more than reasonable reasons not to move and are the main differences from wet decks in summer. Frankly if you come it with that on the towpath you would be told to F off as CRT have no issue with safety.
  12. Winter moorings question

    Actually if it’s reasonable in the circumstances not to move due to it being cold or snowing no you don’t have to move, been done to death also and I’m sure if you think about it long enough the reasonable reasons would be extensive. If it’s snowing it’s cold enough for locks and boat surfaces to be very slippy and icy so my answer to anyone including yourself who think I or anyone else should move in such conditions would be much to the point of sod off. Frankly if someone pays for a towpath mooring and they are happy doing that then that’s fine for them while others think it’s laughable and simply tell CRT to whistle and do just fine, such is life.
  13. Winter moorings question

    Some boaters will say it’s not a mooring it’s just a made up idea that does not exist and will simply laugh at you for paying for a so called ‘winter mooring’ If it’s for winter is it offering shelter, convenience and comfort from the ‘winter’ if there is foul weather it’s reasonable in the circumstances not to move ta dahhh no winter mooring required. It beggars belief why people go to great lengths to excuse CRT to take the mick with such nonsense but will play hell on Earth at customer services in their favourite supermarket over a pack of buscuits or ring up sky to ask them why they should continue being a customer.
  14. Auto throttle

    So when my engine is reving what kind of voltage charge should be good ? 14.5 ?
  15. Auto throttle

    I’m wondering if it would just be better spending on a couple of new alternators instead?