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  1. Hi, We have a Miele washer dryer that works fine on shore,victron 3000, and 5kw travelpower also works on the Honda 2 genset via the victron with power assist Ray
  2. Webasto Heating

    Hi we have a Web 90s in our 57x10 works 9rads plus hot water has worked perfectly for 8 years with no attention or service Started to be hard to start last October so stripped down and gave it a de coke back in service now and working 100% We had a 5.2kw fitted on delivery and found it would not provide enough heat for the system as fitted aproximity 10 kW of rads As I had queried the suitably of 5.2kw for a 10kw system prior to delivery the builder replaced the heater with the 9kw unit We use it for hot water only in summer and as we have both room and cylinder stats the unit always runs at full chat so no problems with short cycling and sorting up Do the maths the heater must match the heat required by the rads Ray
  3. One for Mike

    Only remember getting an extra rum ration with navy cake
  4. One for Mike

    Yellow tail Shiraz £5.50 at Morrisons this week
  5. The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

    Thanks just purchased the last one Ray Edit to say the seller marinescene price on their website is £47 long live ebay
  6. The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

    Alan can you please point me to the £30 for Lalizas "Safe Up" MOB 5-Step Safety Ladder I can not get below £50 ish Thanks Ray
  7. Peel Holdings

    It may be that the existing bridge does not fit in with Peels housebuilding plans in this area Ray
  8. Buying new lounge seats

    If you go for stressless look on ebay lots for sale at a fraction of the new ie £££££££££ cost We purchased two never used for £250 green leather recliners and in as new condition Ray
  9. Bridgewater Canal permanent mooring

    http://www.stretfordmarine.com/ Try the above they may have a mooring available Ray
  10. We spent the night moored to the above timber structure 3 years ago with a few glasses of wine and a wonderfull sunset but did not chance walking on the timber as it looks completely rotten As we will be using marsh lock twice early next year I for one am peased to see its restoration is underway but must check when due for completion Ray
  11. Lightship Advertised for Sale

    Can someone advise where the closest canal and river trust berth to Liverpool for a boat of this size would be Ray
  12. Installing a stove

    Not needed as stove conforms to latest bs and it's granite on top of 25mm board as sold by midland chandlers and the frame has the required lip all round For info when the stove is in use I can hold my hand on the underside of the stove as it's fitted with a heat shield as standard We like the way it turned out looks kind of right Regards Ray
  13. Installing a stove

  14. Lightship Advertised for Sale

    Do cart own or rent the dock area that the none paying boat owner occupied whilst trading Just a thought as it would explain the removal
  15. http://www.hanson-plywood.co.uk/pages/specialcoated The link above may help Ray