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  1. CRT 'boating strategy and engagement manager'. What the hell does that mean in English? I'd love to see the job description - and his extra large business card for that matter.
  2. Which Emergency Knife?

    I have all sorts of tools and knives to get stuff off the prop except bolt croppers - so guess what I needed when I got a child's tent wrapped round it! I now have a small Wilco set of croppers too.
  3. Somewhere for winter

    I like the Nene but can't find any info about winter closures there - we'd like to be able to get a bit of cruising down if poss. Thanks - I'll investigate.
  4. Somewhere for winter

    I'm looking for somewhere to tuck tug Harry away over the winter, ideally vaguely around Northampton area so we can minimise the A14-M6 trudge from Suffolk and get some bits of winter cruising in too. Also a place I can do a bit of work on it without being excommunicated. I know the obvious sources to look but maybe someone knows somewhere I don't.... Thanks for any tips.
  5. Insurance covering use on tidal waters

    Clearly you're neither Grumpy or Old ;-)
  6. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I guess the problem with your approach is that you don't know the extent and hence cost of overplating until you've committed to an out of water survey. I think my first step would be to find when and where previous plating had been done and investigate the yard's reputation. Streethay is another yard with years of experience in the work who'd be worth a visit if you're near Lichfield. PS agree with what you say about many 90s fitouts - I think 80s ones with more t&g and mixed woods are much nicer. But even pale oak can be transformed by painting.
  7. Insurance covering use on tidal waters

    Sorry to sound like a GOM but isn't this one of those issues that's quickly resolved by phoning the insurance company rather than having a forum debate? In the internet era people seem to have forgotten the phone. FWIW we are with Craftinsure and I called them before doing the Wash and the Severn Estuary - I recall they wanted a few extra quid and use of a pilot. It was sorted in minutes.
  8. Yes the main channel is generally fine but standing on the front depth gauging with my marked shaft some of the downstream exits of bridgeholes are very silted or shoaled either side of a narrow channel. But we did it with no more problems than we've had on other shallow canals so we're happy! Sorry - didn't spot your comment. Yes it was - we asked everyone who looked like they were on a deep boat.
  9. Contrary to popular view, the journey back is so far proving a lot worse than the journey there! All went fine until after the English side of Chirk Aqueduct and then we went comprehensively aground exiting Bridge 19W (Poachers Pocket). We had to be pulled through from the bank – the usable channel is very narrow and was partially blocked by a boat on the visitor moorings. That set the tone - a lot of passing traffic put us off course 2-3 times and left us poling out of bridge exits before we stopped at Maestermyn. This morning we were comprehensively stuffed again exiting Bridge 3W and we took 20 mins of poling and pulling to get ourselves through; bridge 68 wasn't a lot better. Finally tried to moor on the VMs opposite the water points at Ellesmere and found myself stuck two feet off the edge. Now in the Arm, tired and damp. At none of these spots were we seriously stuck going up. Yes, the boat does follow the channel if left to track its own route but the channel sometimes barely exists and a foot off line sees you stuck. (That's even with us using a boat draught marked shaft as a depth sounder). I think the levels may be a couple of inches down and that's clearly made a lot of difference. Bring on the dredgers.
  10. Friday when we arrived the Llangollen basin was half empty; by last night virtually every slot there and up the towpath was full. Several 'party boats' - 'French' with berets, striped tops and onions; 'Mexicans' and 'Bavarians' (the girls in a nice line of white stockings and blowing trumpets). A boat of Aussies too with inflatable crocs and snakes - and a great pile of empty tinnies and bottles on deck this morning. All good fun and all of them pretty well behaved (in public anyway!) You don't get that up Tardebigge :-)
  11. Only problem up here is the Sunday rush hour traffic in and out of Llangollen. We left at 7 and were the head of a line - facing another line coming in once we'd crossed the Ponty.
  12. First thing we did when we arrived - and a brilliant breakfast it was too!
  13. We got some good advice from you at Whitchurch during the boat rally if you recall. The trip hasn't been as hard as we feared but I wouldn't fancy doing it as regularly as you - some of those silted up bridge holes are hard going. Hope to to see you on the return trip.
  14. We have yet to get back of course!!