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  1. The green spot mystery

    Sounds an interesting way to earn a crust - psychologist, special needs teacher, copper...I wonder. And, yes, we came into Braunston and managed to bag the last mooring, just by the marina exit. The place was heaving.
  2. Yank - Llangollen Canal Questions

    We had a drink there and admired the restored bridge - the dog just had water and looked bored.
  3. The green spot mystery

    You take the star prize! I emailed CRT and this was their impressively quick response: 'Thank you for your enquiry regarding the dayglo dot you have seen. These dots have been put there by our contractors to show that they have been and carried out the vegetation removal from that area... ...as they are water based they will not stain the listed structures.'
  4. Mooring rings - how far apart?

    And I always thought the spacing was originally planned for you big boys. You should be so lucky - we could rarely even get our bow close to the bank. When we were there with a mate he often found himself mooring a plank's distance out and then we breasted up on him.
  5. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    I look forward to reading about the trip as well - we are contemplating an autumn hol with the grand kids and maybe even basing our boating on the Broads when we are even more decrepit :-( I can't say that the lack of locks appeals - I'll need something other than boating from pub to pub.
  6. Is there a custom and practice for how far apart mooring rings should be spaced? i only ask because I've moored on the recently installed rings at Rugby. The moorings are virtually full but there's hardly a boat of any length which has managed to rope up correctly. It's not a big issue - all praise to CRT for installing so many rings. It's just amusing.
  7. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    I think beginners also tend to watch the front of the boat rather than look ahead at the course they want to take (when you drive a car you don't look at the end of the bonnet but at the road ahead. At least if you're vaguely competent you do.) Look ahead and your unconscious brain will process the data better than you can. Also you notice nervous boaters looking from side to side in bridges or entering locks - and usually wagging the tiller accidentally. Look at where you want the boat to be.
  8. The green spot mystery

    That sounds plausible and as for the Coventry being a 'ditch' I couldn't agree more - except most useful ditches would have a lot less sludge than the Coventry which is in a shocking state in places.
  9. The green spot mystery

    Too neat and regular to be kids; too small to be high viz warning signs. I'm baffled.
  10. Yank - Llangollen Canal Questions

    The last bit Trevor to Llangollen is perfectly fine - we managed it in our 36" draught tug in September. The last stretch of narrows before Llangollen is the only really long one but get a crew member to walk ahead. Most people are fearful of meeting someone so are cautious. The Basin is a good mooring (past the horse boat hire then turn right into it.) Celebrate arrival with a superb fried breakfast in the Horse boat cafe. Walk up to Horseshoe Weir, try the steam railway if you have time and at Trevor it's worth a walk down to the river to see the aqueduct from below. The tunnels, narrows and aqueducts are slow - revving hard is counter productive. Enjoy!
  11. The green spot mystery

    That's not a bad thought! We will look out for orange and red.
  12. The green spot mystery

    Yes and all pretty much the same - some sort of marker.
  13. The green spot mystery

    Coming down the Coventry every bridge from Tamworth (or maybe earlier) and on to Hartshill where we are now is marked with a green fluorescent dot on either face. The volockies at Atherstone have no idea and neither do I. Does anyone?
  14. Somewhere for winter

    I reckon we will be Nene bound this winter so will certainly join FOTRN.
  15. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    Any diesel boats in the Stoke/Cheshire Locks area? We are heading south from Wheelock.