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  1. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Think I've seen enough of what this forum has to offer. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  2. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Wow not sure if your taking the Michael or you are seriously that pedantic. Before you started typing did you not stop to consider that the auto spell checker might have done its job on this tablet also I thought it would have been pretty obvious what canal i was refering to because of the way I termed it I.E. Bridgwater to Taunton.
  3. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Thanks for all the replies, loads of good info. Does anybody by chance know how available is fuel (petrol or diesel) on the bridgewater to taunton canal? There seems to be very little information about this canal generally.
  4. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    That's usefull info ex brummie. Have not got a boat yet but after numerous nb holidays on various rivers/canals we have finally made the decision to buy a boat so are waying up all options so hopefully make the right choice first time.
  5. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Thanks for the reply, presumably a much lighter grp boat should use quite a bit less.
  6. Hello all This is my first post so please forgive me if this subject is covered elsewhere within the forum. My question is, what is the average fuel comsumption of an outboard motor of around 10hp on a 24' grp cruiser on canals? I understand that there are many variables but am hoping I can get an idea based on members own experience. Thanks in advance for any replys
  7. Adeandlou