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  1. GU Leicester Arm - Bomb Craters?

    In the middle of a field approximately half way between bridge 34 Leicester Arm and Stanford Hall to the west, are three ponds in a dead straight line. Are they water- filled remnants of the Lufwaffe's attempt to bomb Stanford Hall, or the canal, and, mercifully failed ?
  2. Just cycled up the towpath through Cropredy en -route to my boat, all was calm and serene again. YIPPEE! Us locals have got our CROPPERDY back ! Saw TROJAN - resplendent in purple, securely tied to her moorings despite quite a stiff breeze, you'll be pleased to know Athy. PS I'll bet my house -to- boat commute is more picture-skew than yours!
  3. HS2 - Wormleighton loop maintenance yard

    Ah! All is revealed! Thanks for that Graham. It appears that most of the maintenance activity is down the line at Calvert. I was having this nightmare vision of something akin to Clapham Junction being dumped in the middle of this rural idyll!
  4. So, It is apparent that HS2 is going to happen. This will impact somewhat on my favourite stomping ground around Wormleighton. From what I have gleaned so far, it will emerge from a cutting in the high ground to the south east of Willisons bridge [28], cut through between the hairpin bend and the lone brick barn in the field, then cross the canal on a new bridge adjacent to Willisons and then continue across the flat plain to the north west. If this is the case, then we should be grateful it is of fairly minimal impact. However, I have heard mention of something called the 'Wormleighton loop maintenance yard' - sounds ominous to me. Does anyone on here know anything about it ?
  5. AINTREE BEETLE...advice sought, owner opinions etc

    Hi all, My name is Mike and this is my first post so bear with me..... Regarding the Aintree Beetle, I have owned one since January, the first 30 foot model they produced in March 2015. Not the standard layout as it was built to the original owners design [ two berth with larger galley]. I must say it does everything it says on the tin. It floats, it goes forward, it goes backwards [well sort of], you can do pirouettes in a winding hole. I've just taken her from Fenny to Marston Doles and back, she drew many admiring glances, one bloke asked if she was for sale , another asked if she was electric. Construction seems pretty robust , interior fitout passes muster for the price [I am a Joiner]. Good little Japanese digger engine working fairly hard under my feet. Highly maneuverable when a hire boat comes charging out of a bridge hole on your side of the canal and you have to pass him on the left........ All in all, yes, I'm pretty pleased with it, especially the extra five foot in length. The standard 25 footer with four berths might be a little, shall we say 'cosy' though!
  6. Tunnelman51