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  1. Where’s the water

    Perhaps Pownall's idea of a new Grand Contour Canal to supply the dry south east from the wet north west wasn't a bad suggestion. Continental style barges for freight, lessening motorway traffic, an effective water distribution network, what's not to like?
  2. The Boating Season

    It'll be even better come January 8th, when several locks in the Napton flight are closed for about ten weeks. I can then pootle along and birdwatch without constantly looking over my shoulder for something pushing a huge bow wave. Also none of those hire-boats-just-set-off-to-do-a-ring-but-still-learning-how-to-steer to avoid. Luxury!
  3. The Boating Season

    Out on the South Oxford summit today for three hours. Didn't see one other moving boat in all that time. That's got to be a record!
  4. New menace on the L&L

    All canal boats should be fitted with what my old dad had on his boat during WW2. An Oerlikon gun. That'll stop 'em.
  5. Tripadvisor

    Good to hear of volockies on the Claydon flight, when I saw it at the weekend someone had almost drained the pound between the two bottom locks.
  6. New Marina at North Kilworth

    And no widebeams!
  7. Incident at Fenny Marina

    Two guys reversing their narrowboat into the diagonal pontoons opposite me in Fenny Marina. One guy on tiller, one with warps to secure. They disappear behind other boats. Couple of minutes later desperate cries of HELP! HELP! I look up, see nothing. Another boater on the opposite pontoons looks out. We both scan the marina. He clocks the problem first and runs toward it. By the time I had legged it around half the perimeter of the basin, tiller guy and the other boater had just managed to get warps guy half onto dry land. He had missed his footing, and gone in, severely gashing his head as he did so. He was bleeding profusely, confused, delirious and flailing wildly. Luckily the ambulance arrived pretty quickly. I hope he's gonna be OK....... As a mostly solo boater myself this brought home the thought- If he had been on his own he would have stood ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF GETTING OUT. Stay safe - Happy boating.
  8. Spiders

    Thanks for that Mtb, I will look out for some. Couldn't believe that someone is selling Cornish conkers as a spider repellent on ebay for something like 10p each! Hand picked though...... Err, How else would you ?
  9. Spiders

    Having been inundated with the pesky things for sometime now, I thought I would give this a try. So off I sauntered to the nearest Horse Chestnut tree, ignoring the local kids' call to 'leave some for us'. As most of my spiders seem to congregate in the windows/curtains, I came up with the bright idea of dangling a couple of strings of conkers in each window, three or four on each string. I duly drilled them out, threaded them up, cor, it was like going back sixty years, [only then I used a skewer]. Right, I thought, that'll stop the little blighters, Aesculus Hippocastanum versus Arachnid Horribulus. Let the battle begin. It might take a little while though, as now I am wondering whether I should have used old conkers or new ones. After a while, on returning to the boat, I was sure I could hear a 'clacking', coming from inside. On entering, there in the corner was the usual amount of spiders, presumably discussing the merits of soaking in vinegar or baking in the oven. Only time will tell I suppose - if it does not work I might try mangling some up [conkers that is, not spiders] and arranging them in pot- pourri fashion spread around the boat Seriously though folk's - Has anybody EVER come up with a surefire way to stop 'em ?
  10. ID this hardwood :)

    It is probably Teak. Sapele and Utile are very similar to each other with that stripey alternating grain, and, as a joinery apprentice back in the late sixties when we were using a lot of Utile for shopfitting, I always thought that Utile seemed harder to work. Mind you, we did only have a standard circular saw blade complete with it's complement of blue spots, due to the gaffer not wanting to fork out for a decent tungsten tipped jobbie! I can still smell it now- a combination of burning Utile, burning/slipping drive belt and the puffs of pipe smoke from the old fella's briar.......
  11. ID this hardwood :)

    Concur absolutely, also, when using the correctly sharpened and set up smoothing plane, to use a circular motion and take a very fine cut.
  12. Ribble Link. Draft 2 feet six

    Now now, no fighting on the Ribble link!
  13. Union Canal and Cyclists

    Speaking as a boater, a cyclist, and also a walker, whatever particular hat I am wearing at the time I always try to show deference to the other two.......
  14. Ting ting...

    I have the old fashioned Briiiing Briiing bell on my bike. If they don't hear that, a light application of the brakes results in the most awful honking noise of which a flock Canada Geese would be proud.
  15. GU Leicester Arm - Bomb Craters?

    In the middle of a field approximately half way between bridge 34 Leicester Arm and Stanford Hall to the west, are three ponds in a dead straight line. Are they water- filled remnants of the Lufwaffe's attempt to bomb Stanford Hall, or the canal, and, mercifully failed ?