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  1. BMC engine expert?

    Hi No water loss. I,m sure it is diesel smoke. cheers Paul
  2. BMC engine expert?

    Hi Is there anyone out there in the Ratcliffe on Soar area who is a bit of an expert on BMC 1.5 engines. My engine starts and runs fine but I cannot get rid of white (diesel smoke)(not excessive but enough to be annoying) during normal cruising 1600-1800rpm. I think the dynamic timing is out. I have fitted service exchange diesel pump and re-con injectors. This is beyond my limited tinkering knowledge. Have cleaned filter in lift pump and changed diesel filter. cheers Paul Jackson
  3. Canaline Engines

    Hi Keith (and all) Thank you for your usefull feedback. It is very re-assurring. I certainly cannot find any negative comments about these engines up to now. cheers Paul Jackson
  4. Canaline Engines

    Hi Can anyone give me any owners feed back on Canaline 38 engines? I am considering buying one to replace my BMC 1.5. It would just be interesting to know of someones real world experiences. cheers Paul Jackson
  5. BMC 1.5 Oil Loss

    Hi Mike I'm afraid I did put seals on all the valve stems! Your advice to rectify this would be appreciated. This sounds like a logical explanation to the symptoms to me. cheers Paul
  6. BMC 1.5 Oil Loss

    Hi My BMC 1.5 Diesel narrowboat engine has started to lose oil via the exhaust main outlet pipe 4 hole flange gasket. Once the enigine is up to temp the oil almost sprays out! If i remove the oil fill cap the flow is reduced and also the breather pipe from the push rod cover. However it does not stop altogether. The engine runs and starts very well and the head gasket is ok. It is also not apparently burning any oil. I did a top end overhaul about a year ago as it was burning oil due to the valve stem seals. Any suggestions welcome please. cheers Paul Jackson
  7. Hi Is there anything special about the steel plate used to build (overplate) narrowboats? Will HR mild steel plate suffice? regards Paul Jackson
  8. BMC Engine Problem

    Hi folks Thanks for your replies. It is definitely white smoke. The fuel pump was not disturbed during the strip down process, nor were the injectors at first. To clean the injectors they were boiled in caustic solution for an hour. I checked that the small bypass holes were clear (two were definitely blocked before I started! All the injector parts were cleaned with carb cleaner and paper towel before careful re-assembly. The spring pressure noted on dissembly was half a full turn plus around 5 degrees more. Just thought I ought to clarify what has been done. cheers Paul
  9. BMC Engine Problem

    Hi any engine experts out there I recently did a top end overhaul on my BMC 1.5 diesel engine. This was primarily to overcome a serious oil burning problem which developed over a 7 day cruise in late summer. I identified this as most likely being the seals on the valve stems failing. On strip down these seals had obviously detiorated. I replaced the seals, ground in the valves which were not too bad and took the oportunity to drill out a sheared glow plug stem. Re-sssembly went well with a new head gasket etc. Apart from the blue oil smoke the engine ran pretty well prior my efforts. On re-start I was delighted there was no sign of the dreaded blue smoke. However I am now faced with much more smoke of the unburnt diesel variety. I decided to check the injectors and having read up on it cleaned them in caustic soda solution and thought i had made a big improvement. However on re-assembly the deisel smoke is just as bad. The engine appears to be firing on all four cylinders because if I loosen the injector nut on any cylinder the engine will become lumpy and change tone. As the engine ran OK before my strip down, I feel I must have caused the problem. Any ideas or tests I could try please. cheers Paul Jackson Redhill
  10. hexagrip resin board

    Hi http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showuser=51 was a great help to me when I wanted some of this wood cheers Paul Jackson
  11. Fitting a Calorifier

    Hi Robin Having located and removed the plug in the BMC block I am struggling to identify what thread size this is. Do you know? If so are there any standard fittings that I could obtain or do you have to make something special to adapt to a 5/8" hose? regards Paul Jackson
  12. Fitting a Calorifier

    Hi Robin Thank you for your advice. I am going to give this a try. Will let you know of outcome. cheers Paul J
  13. Fitting a Calorifier

    Hi I would like some advice on the correct way of piping in my new calorifier to my 1.5L BMC Diesel (Keel Cooled) powered narrowboat. I have connected the single coil calorifier in series with the keel tank but don't get any flow through of coolant. Can anyone advise me on how and where the pipes should be connected to the header tank / engine / water pump please. thank you Paul Jackson
  14. Water,water everywhere (inside my engine!)

    Hi Thanks for your advice. I think that rainwater from the outlet may well be a strong possibility. The exhaust system does slope back by 4.5" overal to the manifold connection. At present the boat is stern moored with the outlet very close to a pontoon. Last week there was some serious rain and the bilge had collected 4". I suppose it is possible that water running off the pontoon boarding could possible enter the outlet pipe. (Murphys law!) The quantity of water in the system would suggest to me that the engine would not have run at all last week and the water was clear. Also the header tank level has not dropped at all and there must have been 3 pints in the system. cheers Paul Jackson
  15. Hi I recently bought a 40ft narrowboat powered by a BMC 1.5L diesel with standard marinisation using dry exhaust. The original engine had been trashed by mechanics unknown and proved a basket case. I obtained a second hand engine which looked pretty good. I fitted this engine and initially it ran well. After about twenty hours normal running the following occured. The boat was moored up while I was carrying out renovation work. Having flattened the batteries somewhat I ran the engine on tickover in order to recharge the batteries for about twenty minutes. I then noticed white smoke from the oil filler cap and immediately shut the engine off. Examination of the rocker cover and dip stick showed water emulsification of the engine oil. However the engine had not overheated and there was no significant visible water loss from the main coolant header tank. Having been scratching my head for a few days to try and work out if this was a simple head gasket failure although there was no usual build up to this. Today I removed the exhaust pipe connection from the manifold. To my surprise there was about 3 pints of clean, clear water inside the exhaust system. The outlet to the exhaust is well above water line and I can see no reason how water could have entered from the outside. The level of the outlet is about 4.5 inches above the height of the manifold connection. Is this OK, normal? Can anyone advise me on this failure as I am a bit puzzled. thank you Paul Jackson