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  1. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    what would be handy is a list of the main hull builders with the best quality at the top of the list working down to the budget ones near the bottom.... I haven't discounted Springers as such. But generally the fit outs don't suit us and the majority of them are a bit er... Blunt or don't have a well deck... There were a couple of nice looking springers but they were out of our price range....
  2. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I had seen that article before and is another reason for buying a boat that hasn't been overplated... I can then make a decision to back fill any deep pits or plan and budget to have areas replated in the future and adopt a suitable maintenance program for the hull
  3. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I would love to do a cruise like that but said boat was down in Dorset or Devon and we'd be taking her to market Harborough.. And I have a small matter of work and time off ect...and its almost winter so there might be a stoppage or two along the way...
  4. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    she certainly is.. Worth a look I think..
  5. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    There has to be a bit of a limit on distance especially with 5year old in tow.. Then there would be the cost of getting a boat moved the 250 miles to our chosen marina.. It would have to be the perfect boat. Even using the works lorry and driving it myself I'd be looking at a fuel bill of close to 450 on that sort of distance plus craning at each end... All costs add up.. £20000 is big chunk of money for us.. As everyone says the right boat is out there..
  6. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    we were considering that one. Right size sleeping arrangement could work... Might be worth a cheeky offer..
  7. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I did see one on a website a few weeks ago.. 10 grand. Looked very nice. And stated that a full overplate was required costing 10 grand with some removal of internal fittings. Unfortunately the blooming thing is about 250 miles away else I would have had a punt on that. 20 grand and a boat with a new bottom. It was well kitted out to. Priced accordingly with an honest informative description.... Great.... But a boat slapped on the market and not been out of the water for years and years advertised at top money... There's going to have be some sort of agreement even if its half the survey and haul out costs. Sound fair enough to me. Its doing them a favour, they would at the least gave a half price survey that they could positivity act on... Or throw away and hope another dreamy eyed punter buys without a survey..
  8. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    We've got 5 to go look at.. I know given the choice of the perfect boat with an awkward vendor or less than perfect boat with a very helpful vendor with a good agreement... I'd work with the latter..
  9. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    That's ok if your selling price reflects the condition of the boat.. And after any work is done the boats value rises to meet its value... But if a boat made in the 70's by a known builder with wooden top is advertised at the top of its money and hasn't been out of the water or blacked in 8 to 12 years and the bottom turns out to rotten I'm out of pocket and the vendor puts it back and waits for the next mug to come along. If your selling one and you state the fact it has issues ad price accordingly fair enough. But to advertise one as " a great boat and well maintained" then put it on at its full market value why would any vendor refuse to enter and agreement. They are so confident its well maintained they would have nothing to loose would they?
  10. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    And that probably explains why some boats have been on the market for ages.. Wanting top dollar but refusing to enter an agreement. Its a lot of money top splash out having put an offer in, paid for haul out and then a survey only to find out its got the structural integrity of a pork scratching.. An the vendor then refuses to budge on the price...
  11. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I new to all this but was under the impression that an offer would be made on the boat subject to survey with and agreement in writing that the vendor would either pay to ave to work done or drop the price accordingly.....
  12. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    I suppose I feel better about buying a hull that requires overplating. Rather Than one that has already had it done 15years ago. I could keep an eye on the progress ect. Then look after it properly. It beggars belief the number of boats that have been plated but haven't been blacked in the 6 to 10 years since... and then asking top dollar for it!
  13. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    looking at boats in the 30 grand range... I couldn't live with those 90's interiors....nah.i.need to find a good old boat thats been loved and has a quirky 70's interior.. Its out there... Somewhere.... sorry been on the cider.... Typing is becomeing difficult.......
  14. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    It has to be a steel hull... I quite like les Allen, Harbrough,and liverpool boats.. It must have a flat bottom too... The springer type shape is no for me... I like i nice bit of space up front too. A nice well deck thingy... And the wife would prefer a cruiser stern but its not a deal breaker... Trad stern would be ok with nice front area..
  15. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    hmmm cheers for that... It would e a holiday and weekend boat..... And maintenance and general tinkering would be part if the fun. We like to spend 18 grand and on a 37 to 48 footer... And to be honest and extra 8 grand doesn't seem to improve the quality. From the intense research we've done age doesn't seem to be an issue. We've seen boats from the 70's that have no shore power and a basic 12volt leasure system that have no over playing and newer boats that were overplated 10 years ago...maintenance seems to be the biggest factor. But then a boat that never moves might not suffer from lack of blacking especially if its not plugged in...