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  1. Excited and slightly worried!!

    I have a dead and F#£@ed domestic battery as they were left on during the sales period.. I can pretty much blamed the wanky gas alarm for running it flat..... It would appear to have a split charge relay as the domestic side comes to life when the ignition is turned on... gonna sort it out tomorrow..
  2. Excited and slightly worried!!

    done loads of research about lock operations and side ponds and ground paddles and gate paddles... But hope to arrive when the lock keepers on duty.
  3. Excited and slightly worried!!

    Brilliant..... I spent 6 years rebuilding a 1950 scammell explorer... Its first trip out was a 120 mile round trip as our wedding transport.... I'm used to comedy pressure...
  4. Excited and slightly worried!!

    i have checked the tunnel light.. We have two! One inside the cratch and one that fits on the front.... Er... Somehow...
  5. Excited and slightly worried!!

    I did spot the pub when we went for a look...... ..hope the foods good...
  6. Excited and slightly worried!!

    Well I shall be popping down to our little boat tomorrow to make preparations for our maiden voyage.. Its currently at gayton marina and in about a week and a half we plan to make the trip to Welford to our mooring.. We've checked for stoppage's ect and all is good. Apparently there are 14 locks between gayton and Welford. And we'll have to do the flight near Watford... And quite a big tunnel... .. I worked 20 years on lumpy water boats.. But never set foot on a narrow boat till we bought this one!... Arrrgh!!!! scary excitement...
  7. Handing over the cash tomorrow!!!

    we now own a lovely coalcraft finished by rugby boats 1982.. And in just one day we met three lovely people.. A bloke called Dave who runs the marina we would love to stay at... A lovely woman who bought her boat the day before.. And the lovely folks at abc boat sales who said its ok to leave it there for a few weeks foc till we pootle off to our marina.... All.lovely really...
  8. Handing over the cash tomorrow!!!

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement....
  9. Handing over the cash tomorrow!!!

    Well we've bought a boat! Put in a stupidly cheeky offer and its was accepted!... Now to sort out a mooring and all the other bits an bobs then its our first ever boat journey to the marina....find out what's what with the boat and then organise the overplating probably for late next year... Unless it starts sinking....
  10. Boat security and thefts

    I read about a boat that was stolen from a marina and found a few days later on the Fozdyke..... How often does this sort of thing happen on the canals? I understand the need to be careful where you moor up incase of vandalism or break in, but actual boat theft? its not hard to make a lock for the gear shift leaver on the gearbox end it that still leaves it towable.... Are there tracking systems available or am.i just being paranoid....
  11. overplating

    Thankyou very much I shall get a quote off andycraft. It all depends on of the vendor accepts the very low offer I'm going to put to them.. Its a bit of strange situation.. A previous buyer had a survey started and halted it when the condition of hull was found to have issues... But there is no information as what those issues were or how bad... It could right on the insurable limit... It might only have areas of deep pitting, or it might be about to sink.. All it says on the bit of paper is a full overplate may be required.... But then the broker said "another surveyor might arrive at a different conclusion!...
  12. overplating

    oooops.... Auto correct strikes again...any such work done.. Such!....Has anybody had any overplating or fabrication work done there. And how was the experience? The communication during the work.. Was it done on time and did it Stay on budget? That sort of thing.. It seems like a nice little place and might enquire about some work.. And as our boat will be moored in the marina opposite it would be rather handy I say marina opposite... Big muddy puddle with a digger in it might be more accurate.. We did enquire at the warf but alas they had no room..
  13. overplating

    Just wondering if anyone has any suck work done at north kilworth warf... We're trying to sort out costs and logistics of having a potential purchase repaired.
  14. insurance question

    Hello.. One of the boats on our maybe list is known to have some hull issues. However we won't know to what extent the thickness has reduced to untill we have a survey done ( if we decide its the one for us ) Now here's the question. If said hull survey shows the hull to be reduced or pitted to say 3mm or a tad less would we be able to insure It third party with a view to using it for a few months while we organise the overplate work ect? Cheers everyone.
  15. looked at a few boats

    now this one did have a shower pump out and I'm sure it has well deck drains.. And there was a bulkhead between the engine and living area... What would you think a far price? 12,000 ish?