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  1. A few months back I had a slow speed collision with a bridge that jumped out on me , apart from losing a fender I didn't really pay much attention to it, just visited the boat to winterize it and now that its gone a bit green and mouldy I can see that the gel coat has cracked and has crazing around the impact area, what is the best way to repair this?? Not the best pic but if you zoom in you can see the damage just below the cleat and above the ball fender
  2. Black Water meadow

    Anybody moor at Blackwater Meadow ,Ellesmere?? Just wondering about the height of the bridge at the entrance to the marina, I'm moving my boat there in the next few weeks and was wondering if I could fit through with the canopy up, its a proper faff to take it down so hoping I can get it through when its up,
  3. Gel coat repair

    OK thanks ,anything I can do as a temporary measure over the winter or am I worrying about nothing, worried about moisture getting in and freezing and making the damage worse..
  4. Black Water meadow

    I will drop the canopy for the tunnels, just rather keep it up if I'm only going out for a few hours to take the father out for a bit of fishing, its a proper stupid design and takes ages to take off
  5. Black Water meadow

    A touch less than eight foot,which other bridges are lower??, excuse the ignorance but it was a bit of a last minute decision to move it here and we have not really researched it too much despite it being pretty close to home..
  6. Fibreglass boat refit

    Mike when you eventually get it finished I can recommend Andrew from Brazel narrowboats to do the Bsc he is only 10 minutes up the road from the marina https://www.brayzelnarrowboats.com He is coming back to recheck mine this weekend after it failed spectacularly on the first attempt..
  7. Fibreglass boat refit

    http://www.prestonmarina.co.uk/core_pages/MTSTransport.htm Probably about 3 or 4 weeks ago, couldn't get through by phone and email wasn't answered, I know he's up and down everywhere and guessed he may have been out of the country that's why I emailed him also..
  8. Fibreglass boat refit

    Try Gary Lancaster from Preston marine, he is based down the road from Moonsbridge ,he is moving mine which is moored just behind yours in a couple of weeks from there to Wales, no idea if he would do IOM but worth giving him a ring, he is charging £250 to move mine, Tony tug boat never got back to me with a quote ..
  9. Fibreglass boat refit

    Who told you it was a Viking?? Is that still in Moonsbridge or have you moved it now??
  10. Boat moving cost

    Thanks ,all sorted now ,found someone that was recommended by the marina, he's doing it for £250 which is less than I was expecting so pretty happy with that..
  11. Boat moving cost

    Just after a rough idea of moving a 24ft boat by road from the Lancaster to closer to home ,possibly the Llangollen,Shropie,or Bridgewater, as I don't have a confirmed mooring/location yet I can't get an exact quote but just wondering a ball park figure??, the couple of companies I have asked for a quote to the Llangollen have yet to reply, I've never done this before so no idea of costs involved, any idea of a rough price or any recommended moving firms would be a great help..
  12. Boat moving cost

    Right I've found a mooring on the Llangollen so now just looking for somebody who can move it for us, slipway both ends so should make things easier
  13. Boat moving cost

    Its in Moons bridge at the moment, they usually have a few empty places but you might struggle if you have a long boat, Barton Grange is probably better if that's the case
  14. Boat moving cost

    Slip way at the home mooring is no problem, I'm two berths down from one and the marina has the facilities to lift the boat.
  15. Boat moving cost

    Blimey didn't think it would be that much, distance would be a lot less in my case though, was that slipways both ends?
  16. Boat moving cost

    Thanks Tony was one who I emailed, im hoping wherever it ends up has a slipway or there is one not too far away to save on crane costs
  17. Where and why

    We have looked into that but not sure if I would have the time to commit to the club, just want a marina berth with a few hours lock free cruising,its proving a difficult search at the moment, have emailed Blackwater meadow but had no reply, also emailed a couple of boat moving company's and had no reply from either, really want to get something sorted before spring next year..
  18. Where and why

    Not so much a question more of advice needed, I currently have a boat moored up on the Lancaster canal, it suits us pretty much OK at the moment, its an hour and a half drive but don't mind that as it makes us feel as we are actually going away, as my wife's MS is getting worse I am thinking something closer to home would be better, we live about 5 miles from the Llangollen canal , so the travelling would be much reduced, thing is I/we have no real urge to travel great distances and don't mind just a few hours cruising a day , we have never navigated a lock and have no desire to, we are looking for somewhere to move our boat too that has a few hours cruising that involves no locks, is there anywhere north wales,Cheshire that would allow us a few hours afloat that has a a couple of hours cruising without going through a lock??
  19. Where and why

    Don't know if it makes much difference but current boat is a Viking 23 narrow beam, may well be changing this for something like a 275 or something similar with a rear access door
  20. Where and why

    That was one we had short listed, website seems non existent though so may call in there on the way up to the boat next week, cheers That looks interesting , thanks
  21. Where and why

    Thanks for all the advice ,sorry for not quoting you all individually but all the suggestions have been noted and we are currently researching each area, we do really need a marina mooring though with at least basic facilities which I am struggling to find..
  22. Where and why

    Thanks that sounds like it could work ,I'll have a Google Floating pontoons are a no no unfortunately ,already checked that out as its pretty close to us, needs to be reasonably wheelchair friendly which Chirk is not, shame really as that would be perfect for us
  23. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with any of the comments so far just posting my experiences with an outboard, mine has a 13 ltr tank and I've been out from dawn to dusk and never emptied it, its a Honda 9.9, I carry a 10ltr can with me and have always found it ample to top up if I'm out for more than a few days, I'm up on the Lancaster and its easy to get fuel as the A6 is never too far away, I hear no end of stories from the steel boaters that fuel availability is an issue up here, I'm on the look out for a larger boat but it will have an outboard or an inboard petrol, never had an issue with battery power and I only have two 110aph batteries but I do have two large solar panels on the roof , that's with eberspacher running every night , usual phone, vape chargers, TV ,radio on all night plus the usually water /shower pumps..
  24. Myself and the wife are looking for some help up on the Lancaster ,as relative newbies to the canals we are hoping to take a trip down to Glasson dock, I have never worked a lock in my life so wondered if there was anybody up that way that could meet up with us and spend the day taking us down and back up either the same day or the following day, I would gladly cover any traveling costs and would also buy lunch and refreshments en route or down in Glasson, I have asked everyone in our marina and nobody seems to venture down there, my wife is disabled so I am pretty much single handed so a bit wary to try it on my own, bit of a long shot I know but if anyone is local or heading up that way anytime soon any help or advice would be most welcome , by the way its a viking 23 so not the usual nb if that makes any difference..