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  1. Thank you, if all goes well we will be regulars as its not too far from our home marina ,we just need the initial instruction and a helping hand to guide us through the first time, I wouldn't attempt this with out help from Richard as its all new to us and I really wouldn't want to put myself or my wife at any risk due to being new to locks, I know this may seem a big panic for no reason for most people but to us its a first and I would rather have the help of an experienced boater for our first time down there ,so laugh all you like but to us I would rather be safe and follow instruction from someone that knows what they are doing rather than risk attempting it on our own ..
  2. Yep Richard has very kindly offered to help us out, very good of him to give up some of his spare time to assist and give us advice, I am going up to the boat on Wednesday to change all the ropes and replace a fender that we lost last time out, the bss is being done this week so then we will be ready to go, I will work around Richards free time so as not to inconvenience him too much, looking forward to it now, didn't think there would be anyone willing to help, so made up that someone has come forward and is willing to help out a couple of nervous lock virgins...
  3. Myself and the wife are looking for some help up on the Lancaster ,as relative newbies to the canals we are hoping to take a trip down to Glasson dock, I have never worked a lock in my life so wondered if there was anybody up that way that could meet up with us and spend the day taking us down and back up either the same day or the following day, I would gladly cover any traveling costs and would also buy lunch and refreshments en route or down in Glasson, I have asked everyone in our marina and nobody seems to venture down there, my wife is disabled so I am pretty much single handed so a bit wary to try it on my own, bit of a long shot I know but if anyone is local or heading up that way anytime soon any help or advice would be most welcome , by the way its a viking 23 so not the usual nb if that makes any difference..
  4. No idea what it sold for, just checked out the website it was listed on and its now marked as sold https://bwml.co.uk/brokerage/sm-9458-kathleen/
  5. Looks like Kathleen has sold so they can move on now and put that experience behind them, hope the next purchase has a happier ending and they find exactly what they want and can finally get out and enjoy what they have been dreaming about.
  6. Prop fouling

    Think I've solved the issue, I've removed the twin bladed rudder safe and replaced it with a simple single rudder extension, been out a number of times since with no problems at all, think it was the design of the twin blade contraption that just seemed to catch hold of anything and everything..
  7. Flexible water tank questions

    Just checked the inner one is £36 so worth sticking a new one in while you have the old one removed.
  8. Flexible water tank questions

    The plastimo v shaped bladder is about £60 from force4 but you can just buy the inner bag ,so cheap enough to replace..
  9. Prop fouling

    I do try and avoid the floating stuff, hoping its not a regular occurance as it could well get tiresome pretty quickly .
  10. Prop fouling

    Just wondering if prop fouling is a normal thing ?, as a relative new boater ,only been out and about for a couple of months my days seem to be spoiled by getting tangled up in various discarded crap or just various floating vegetation, maybe it just the Lancaster that has this problem , I should point out that I have an outboard powered boat so untangling stuff is not a major problem but due to the design of the boat I am unable to tilt the engine totally out of the water, on Thursday we went up to the boat with the intention of a short one hour cruise to visit a pub for lunch , five mins in we are getting shouts and pointing from the tow path ,wife checks behind and says we a dragging half a tree around, five minutes later all sorted and on our way again , no sooner as I had settled down again the engine slowed reved up again and finally stalled, half an hour later the remains of what looked like a fertiliser bag was removed from the prop, reaching our mooring I was manovering into position when the boat started shaking and the outboard was jumping up and down ,looking behind a large reed/weed thing was tangled up in the rudder, on our journey home we encountered three more tangles that were solved with a burst of reverse, back at the marina I lifted the engine again to find various bits of blue rope tangled around the rudder and prop, now this is spoiling my boating up to now so I'm hoping this is not the norm and I've just been unlucky..
  11. Honda Outboard Motor Lock

    It slides over the transom clamps and stops them from being undone, I had to remove mine with an angle grinder as the lock was rusted up, its been replaced with a cheaper one from my local chandlers but its far better made than the Honda one ..
  12. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Great stuff ,guess you have purchased Cloudy Bay then.....
  13. Is a vee berth not suitable as a bed for Paola even if it is just for rest time during the day ? It takes two minutes to put in the insert and plonk the cushion on top..when we stay on our 23 if its just the two of us we mostly use the dinette berth as the wife finds it easier to get in and out of it , again its a two minute job to drop the table and rearrange the cushions.
  14. A 295 also
  15. I was just thinking for ease of access, no point having a 32ft boat if Paola can't get on it.