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  1. Electrics set up inc. incinerator toilet!

    I agree (must be an upbringing on a farm). For me its the chemicals I like less than the effluent itself! However his lordship won't have a composter either and this seemed like a catch-all solution, which is why I'm pushing it. Also, we tested one in an eco-toilet shop in the uk and they aren't too hot. Like a warm radiator to touch on the outside base of the toilet for a few minutes. I'm on the hunt for solar panels and inverters today too. Choices choices choices!!
  2. Electrics set up inc. incinerator toilet!

    I was under the impression it did have a flue from speaking to the Cinderella salesman/the guy at lee sanitation, and I think that's what they're calling a ventilation fan. Thanks for this - does this sound heavy on electrics then or just heavy on gas? (again apologies I know the numbers are right there in front of me, but it might as well stay in dutch for as much sense as it makes to my tiny head) We've worked out we would probably use the toilet approximately 5-7 times a day so based on this... ...we would be paying approximately only just a bit more than a pump out just for gas surely? Maybe £10-£15 a month more. I'm not saying for definite, but to me it might be worth this to not have to have a pump out/more water/waste tank etc. - I know the other similar and cheaper option is cassette, but the OH just will not have this at all.
  3. Electrics set up inc. incinerator toilet!

    Yes - so this is the version I should have directed to. 12v for the fan and propane gas. This is the link I should have directed to: http://www.cinderella-toilet.nl/cinderella-motion/ One burn = one flush. From what I understand people haven't taken them up yet as they're still expensive. I spoke to the chap at lee sanitation (forgotten his name) and he said they were a great option, he just wasn't stocking them at the minute as they are still too pricey in comparison to pump outs/cassettes at the minute. Ohhhh I would so like to find a way to make the incinerator toilet work! It seems like such a perfect solution! And we will be on a boat obviously, but unfortunately modern life and work requires us to have more electrical stuff than we might wish (environmentally more than anything). We're not energy wasters by any means but we do need power. I'd been considering the big alternator big inverter option so we don't have to go and turn a gennie on - and if it's only the washing machine/iron that sounds a stretch then is it possible to only use those when the engine is on? Does that help or is that stupid? Apologies as always for my electrical stupidity. This REALLY is not my specialist subject.
  4. We're at that stage of our widebeam fit out where we need to get all our electrical ducks in order. I'm a technological nightmare so I'm really trying to understand everything but might be a little slow... We're continuous cruising and so won't be hooked up to shoreline power. I definitely want solar so recommendations there are really welcome. We'll be working and living aboard and would like to make our set up as beefy as we can to cover as many ills as possible. As I've said elsewhere for us that means: 12v fridge, pumps, horn, head lamps, led's throughout, speakers, phone charging, laptop charging, tool charging, hoover charging, anything else that fancies charging, printer, toasty grill thing, the occasional iron (highly rare). We're going to have a washing machine and only use it when we cruise (mother in law in kindly excited about the idea of doing our laundry and that is too good to pass up). I've been trying to find out what this equates to usage wise but can't find a calculator. The main thing that makes us tricky is I'm really rather keen on the idea of an incinerator toilet. I know they are more expensive, but if it saves having to have another cassette vs. pump out debate it might just be worth the money...and the benefit of it solving the waste disposal issue of course. They are just so electric hungry! I fancy this one, although their english version website is down at the moment so apologies for the dutch - http://www.cinderella-toilet.nl/comfort/ I suppose in many ways what I'm asking is does anyone else have an incinerator toilet or even heard of someone attempting to use one on continuous cruise? And if you could set up a robust and excellent electrical set up from scratch what would you turn to?? I want to think big and work down from there... Thanks in advance
  5. Peppers the widebeam

    The boat is now on hardstanding - and my partner has been doing well fitting locks on the boat which has take SUCH a surprisingly long time. We're now just about to sort some final bits before doing the first fix electrics (which we're having an electrician come and do). I'm trying to write a shopping list now for this and realising how little I know all over again! I have so many questions to ask that I'm currently scouring the thread for answers...oh dear - such a long way to go!
  6. Door desperation

    Ah, ok...invisible from the inside - I like that a lot! so this threading insert nut + coach bolt with thread lock on it? I'll pass this on to the other half so he can enjoy another trip to screwfix in the morning
  7. Door desperation

    It's the black on black on black photo as well...not the easiest! I'm not sure of the black paint (grrr) but hey ho. I'm trying to work out the coach bolt scenario also - because does the bolt come through your ply, and so essentially down into your ceiling? I'm trying to think of a solution like a coach bolt but that would go into the ply, maybe from the front and back of the hatch - almost like a nail, but through wood and steel...I don't really want to see it from the inside, but I don't want anyone being able to fiddle with it from the outside either... It's like a riddle. You're right...these are the bits we lost our patience with and will come back to
  8. Door desperation

    We do have the clearance - we can fit an 18mm sheet in there with some space left, it's probably about 20mm in total I'm just on the phone to the other half who is worrying about it just being glue because it's quite a big block of wood, so coach bolts could be a half decent solution to supplement the adhesive / keep him quiet...
  9. Door desperation

    Some more pictures that have just been sent to me in case it helps...
  10. Door desperation

    Our doors are going quite well, thanks for all the advice so far. Our doors do open outwards @BWM and it is a right pain! Enfield garage door locks are a good idea though, thanks for that. We've just hit a bit of a hurdle in that we can't quite work out the roof hatch...How do we attach the ply to this? Surely glue won't be enough, but where would screws go? My other half has been walking round trying to look at how others in the marina have done their hatches, but everyones is so different we just can't get a decent enough understanding of it. He has sent me a picture of our hatch, as it has a sort of lip on it that seems to rest on top of the doors when they're all closed, so it can always just slide back and forth, rather than the lift up sort (sorry for my lack of appropriate terminology!!!) Anyone got any roof hatch inspiration?
  11. Peppers the widebeam

    Firstly, that's super super kind - thanks Folly! We'll be a bit north of London for a while, as we're going to put the boat on hardstanding to try and get a decent chunk of work done in the next couple of months so we can be in the best position possible for CCing as we head into winter - but if you're interested to look (or hold up a wall for example) and happen to be ever in the Milton Keynes-ish area then great! As for sprayfoam, I would definitely have rather have paid someone properly to do it, I wouldn't have liked to do it myself and imagine it's actually more cost effective to get someone with the proper equipment to just do it in one go - but alternatively... ...as Jono said he wishes he'd been there to oversee and I would feel the same.
  12. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    I'm working away at the minute, with the other half focusing on the boat so I can neither measure the foam exactly or get the paperwork - when I'm home in a couple of weeks I'll try to DM you my agreement @Folly As for insulation foam all I can say was it was bloody loads, easily more than 15mm!! It was in most places about 200mm away from the battens in massive bulges and we had to absolutely hack it off. It took us 4 days and was a real pig of a job.
  13. Peppers the widebeam

    Thanks Alan - It was very remiss of me to forget to update the other thread, so thank you for prompting me to do so.
  14. Controversial widebeam continuous cruiser

    Sorry! Yes this really is inconsiderate of me, I'm totally sorry! With one hectic thing and another I forgot that I did not mention on this thread. I really didn't mean to cause any inconvenience to anyone - please do accept my sincere apologies... Yes, I can only speak for new and used boats but I was satisfied, as it shows that they state they are liable for their compliance with HMRC on my invoice, and that they have signed to say the boat is compliant with HMRC's qualifying ship issue - and I have signed to say that I am compliant (and therefore liable) for my status as a liveaboard.
  15. Peppers the widebeam

    Ah - yes - we each signed something to say that it's my responsibility that I liveaboard and theirs if its a qualifying ship query. And on my final invoice it states that the vessel is in compliance of HMRC rules, therefore placing the liability with them for stating this. I was satisfied at least. I just realised as this is my build blog, I should probably upload a picture! It's not a good one, but hints towards the messy boring bit that we're currently at...