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  1. throttle control spare parts

    Thankyou your a star
  2. throttle control spare parts

    hello all ive been having trouble with my throttle cable i thought it was just sticking but it turns out the u shaped clip holding the cable in place has broke does any of you kind people know where i can get spares from the clip goes in the grove on the red housing any help much appreciated cheers kev
  3. Elsan points near willington

    Thankyou much appreciated
  4. Elsan points near willington

    Hello all. Is there any Elsan and water points near willington/ stenson bubble area
  5. (Why is there a search button it never works ) I've been trying to find a boat safety check list for a pre inspection Is there anything around for me to look at Thanks for any info
  6. how to register a boat

    Update I rang Newark office Monday morning Gave my boat details and 20 quid Recived my reg number this morning Nice and simple:)
  7. how to register a boat

    thank you this all makes sense
  8. how to register a boat

    very help full thank you very much
  9. how to register a boat

    its on a fitout pontoon im not effecting anybodys boat the boat has had a pre bss and is fully insured
  10. how to register a boat

    ive just purchased {12 months ago } a 12 year old boat from a friend who bought a sailaway moved it to a mooring then fitted it out {boats never moved} this took 12 years and in all this time no bsc has been aquired or has the boat never been registered i want to get a bsc but without reg plates i carnt ive tried google and been to the gov site which says you must register but then gives a link to licence the boat can any of you friendly people put me in the correct direction please
  11. sterling marina power

    big thanks for this info very helpfull {not sure how to set charger just yet still working on it
  12. sterling marina power

    thank you for the number all information rearly appreciated thank you im hoping to identify what type my is once i can find a manual
  13. sterling marina power

    thank you for your reply i will bell them later
  14. sterling marina power

    Good morning all ive bought my self a boat and need a bit of information about my inverter if anybody can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated i live on board {just over a year now} im in a marina so i have shore power, but its time for me to get out on the cut im looking at getting some leisure batteries my problem is i carnt find any information about the inverter i have does anybody know where i can download the instruction manual for my model {i carnt see any product numbers on it} i have attached a pic